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Tara Thompson asked 2 weeks ago

How can I stop the auto-rotation on the testimonials carousel? Or can I slow it down? 
I tried using another plugin for a testimonials carousel using short code but it didn’t work. I’d like to work with the one there if possible but the testimonials are rotating too quickly.

aThemeArt Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hope ASAP you will get the options !

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Erin Seals answered 3 days ago

I bought a website template for you guys and it has never worked properly. A Developer told me that several plugins are out of date and I needed to get a license information from you and you still dont help or answer my emails. I need. A refund. Because my website template has so many developer probelms

aThemeArt Staff replied 10 hours ago

please send me wp-admin user name and password with site url so we can fixed within few min .. send me pirate ticket !