How to install Advanced Product Wishlist for Woocommerce plugin?

The primary question concern to all newcomers after installing WordPress is how to install a WordPress plugin. Plugins permit you to combine different styles and features to make the website stunning. We will demonstrate to you how to install a “Advanced Product Wishlist for Woocommerce ” WordPress plugin all three methods in this step-by-step guide.
Three methods to install plugin

  • Installing a WordPress plugin using search
  • Uploading a WordPress plugin
  • Manually installing a WordPress plugin using FTP.

Installing Advanced Product Wishlist for Woocommerce Plugin Using Search

The easiest way of installing plugin is by going to search Plugins as given in below screenshots.First go to your WordPress admin area and click on Plugins -> Add New.

wish list shopping

In the screenshot above you will see a screen like the one above. Find the plugin by typing the name of the plugin or the features you are looking for, as we did. You’ll see a lot of listings after that, such as the instance below

wish list shopping

You can choose the most suitable plugin for you. Since we’ve been looking for “Advanced Product Wishlist for Woocommerce ” in our search, which falls to be the third plugin, we’re going to click on the button ‘ Install Now.’ You will now be downloaded and installed by WordPress. You will then see the signal of achievement with a link to activate the plugin or return to the installer of the plugin.

wish list shopping

After installing the plugin on your site, you must have to activate it otherwise it won’t work. To activate the plugin on your WordPress page, go forward and press the “Activate” plugin connection. Congratulations! That’s all, your first WordPress plugin has been finally installed.

wish list shopping

You can confirm if plugin is sucessfully installed by going to plugin page and click the
Activate.It will show the list of all activated plugins on your website.

wish list shopping

Uploading a WordPress plugin

The second method is that you can direct download it from the “Advanced Product Wishlist for Woocommerce” website and later you can upload it.
WordPress has introduced the method of uploading plugins to install if you are unable to install WordPress plugins using the first method anyway. We will demonstrate to you how to use the upload option in the admin region to install WordPress plugins.
First, Click on Download button on webiste page. The plugin must be downloaded from the source (which is going to be a zip file).

wish list shopping

Next, go to the administrative region of WordPress, click Upload button choose the zip file downloaded from website like below

wordpress wishlist plugin

After selecting the file, press the install Now button. WordPress will now upload and install the plugin file for you from your desktop. After the setup is complete, you will see a message of “Plugin istalled successfully”.

wish list shopping

Once installed, to begin using the plugin, you need to press the Activate Plugin Plugin.

Manually installing a WordPress plugin using FTP.

In some cases, your WordPress hosting supplier may have constraints on files that may restrict you to install an admin area plugin. In this case, installing the plugin manually using FTP is your preferred choice. For beginners, the method of FTP manager is the least friendly.

You will first have to download the source file of the plugin from website (zip format). Next, you need to extract your plugin zip file. Extracting the zip file from the plugin will generate the folder. Manually upload this folder using an FTP client to your website.

wordpress wishlist plugin

Open your computer’s FTP client and link to your website using your web host’s login credentials.

wordpress wishlist plugin
wordpress wishlist plugin

Once linked, the path /wp-content / plugins/ must be accessed.

Next upload your extracted folder from the zip file to your web server’s /wp-content / plugins/ folder. You must visit the WordPress admin region after uploading the documents and click on the plugins link in the admin menu. On the plugins page, you will see your plugin installed effectively. Click on Activate button as plugin is just installed.Hurrrrrrrraaay!!!!!!!!! You have done your plugin installation using FTP.

Fingers crossed this article assisted you to learn how to install your favorite plugins for WordPress. Enjoy!!!!!

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