How to boost your e-commerce business on Instagram? (5 easiest ideas)

Marketing your eCommerce store is overwhelming. But sometimes, don’t you get much time to manage different channels at once? Are you in a dilemma of how to boost your e-commerce business on successfully? Now, you can leave all of your tension entirely because here, I will share some brilliant techniques and ideas to promote your business through Instagram undoubtfully.

Instagram is now the mind-blowing platform for doing any kind of e-commerce business as it can easily connect all types of brands to the customers. To most of the clients, Instagram is now the number one marketing tactic or sales tool, and it becomes more reliable than facebook or email marketing. Would you like to know how this is possible? That’s the reason why I am here.

So, firstly, I am going to give you 5 compelling ideas for boosting your eCommerce business. Then, I have also mentioned some other important rules that you need to follow to promote your business. So, let’s get started to change your business life.

Easiest ideas to boost your e-commerce business on Instagram

For beginners, let’s know a little bit Instagram and e-commerce .

Social network giant Instagram recently announced that it had grown to 500 million monthly active users. Out of these, 300 million users log onto the platform every day and are active Instagram . That puts the social network platform at the forefront of social media marketing.

What is an e-commerce business?

Social network giant Instagram

Ecommerce business is the platform of buying and selling goods and services or the transmitting of funds or data, which also involves the terms of information across the internet.

These transactions occur differently. As-

  • Business to business (B2B)
  • Business to consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to consumer

Business to business

There are several ways of boosting your business. But nowadays, Instagram takes one of the most critical roles in developing your business within a short time. After Facebook, Instagram gains popularity in the industry. It is mainly helpful for B2C (business to customer).

How to install Instagram with a business profile?

download Instagram

  1. Instagram in your device.
  2. Go to the profile setting and fill up the page with the information that belongs to your business and searchable for people. Make sure to put business-related details or names.
  3. Write down the description with the info that carries the aim of your business, for whom this is best, what your targeted product is, what items you are dealing with and who your target audiences are.
  4. Set a profile picture that represents your business product.

5 most accessible ideas that you need to follow

1. Change your profile name into a business name or set up your business account:

If you seriously want to grow your business on Instagram, you have to change your profile name into a business name or product-related keyword, and that’s very important.

Because if you use any name that is related to your business or business products, people can quickly come in contact with you. You will get more traffic in that way, only followed by your business keyword or name, not by your name. You can also add more than one keywords for containing the focus.

Or you can set up a business account with full preparation. Think before, what to post, how to post, and make a plan regarding your business. A business account helps you with some mind-blowing services as- best upload time, who your audiences are, top-performing posts, tag products, plan and schedule posts for later, and other vital statistics.

Don’t know how you can do that? Follow the following steps.

business account

  • Go to the setting option of your Instagram
  • Go to account
  • Move your account to a business account through choosing “switch to a business account.”

Then, it will be changed into a business account.

2. Add more link as you can:

The link plays a significant role in marketing. The more link you will add on your as- , youtube, the more you will get traffic for your business, which will direct people to your content or your business-related campaign.


In your Instagram post, you can also add a link with the caption that will direct people to your profile

3. Use text over the image or go live:

As you know, image is the essential media between businessmen and customers because, in the picture, it is farther easier to grab the attention of the customers visually towards your posts, products, or anything.

But most importantly, for you to remember that if you use text over your image, it will possibly increase more traffics on your Instagram. Because you don’t have much time to grab the attention of the people always, so, this technique can boost you up very quickly in business. So, do it must.

For example, you are giving a 40% offer on any products, so put them on your picture and use it on top of the images. Another most important thing is to use beautiful and meaningful photos that relate to your business.

Another option for you to go live because nowadays it gets popularity in most of the online business. Most of the people prefer a live stream instead of static posts. Only here, people had the opportunity to get intimated with different kinds of products according to their choice and can get connected with the seller face to face.

Running a contest or offering a discount on live are great ways to invite your customers and let them introduce to your brands.

4. Create a perfect story:

Instagram story is the most effective one to attract people to your products or post and to increase the engagement. It is a very easy way to make and share and there is a high chance of grabbing the attention of the audience.

introduce to your brands

Whenever you try to post anything like a story, make sure to pre-design it and edit it correctly with color, adding a different text or emoji, then share it and send it to all the followers of yours. It helps you to get the maximum impression in your story.

5. Make your post shoppable:

maximum impression in your story

All Instagram business owners can tag up to five products per image, or up to twenty products per carousel to display product names, short descriptions, and prices. If any followers click on the outcome of the picture, they will automatically go to your shop for more details.

Some other essential things to do to market your business on Instagram

  1. Create a Facebook page so that you can connect your business account with facebook directly. You can efficiently work on both sites together.
  2. Use the category option entirely to relate your product with the audience.
  3. Set up your Instagram posts to go to facebook automatically.
  4. Use the unique brand hashtags in your caption or description that show off your products.
  5. Promote your job or business using a credit card to get more followers instantly and choose your preferable audiences according to their gender, age, and country.
  6. Post and promote your products every day using the hashtags, attention seeker captions, and images. Be updated as much as you can.
  7. Use the tag option to your bio also to reach more people.
  8. Make highlights on the story that you like the most for better knowing of people.
  9. Put watermark with your domain name is another easy way of increasing traffics as it makes your profile trustworthy.
  10. Find new ways to showcase your products and keep variation that will appeal to different customers.
  11. Ask questions and answer all the items from the customers as quick as you can.
  12. Try to post user-generated content. Ask your users to share photos with your products that they have bought from your store. This will encourage other users also. Many online based portals are using these techniques, which have a positive effect by far.


I hope, now you have learned how to boost your eCommerce business on Instagram. I have tried my best to give you five most easy ideas to promote your business with some other most essential techniques of using you as a beginner to build up your store. If you follow these rules, I hope and believe that you will definitely grow your business successfully on Instagram.

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