Five Reasons Why WordPress is good for SEO

WordPress is a famous content management system in the modern era. Most website owners today love WordPress, no matter they are owners or blog administrators. They find it a great way to expand their business in different niches. WordPress empowers nearly 30% worldwide web today. A huge portion of the credit goes to SEO friendly WordPress themes.

For any website to thrive, higher ranking in search engines is imperative. SEO is at the top of the list in the goals of all website owners. It is evident that the website cannot make good money if no one ever visits it. To increase organic traffic, solid SEO strategy is necessary.

Why WordPress is Good For SEO

Another reason for WordPress being the apple of people’s eyes is that it provides good strategies for search engine optimization. SEO experts from all over the world recommend this great content management system because it simplifies the process of search engine optimization.

WordPress SEO for Beginners

You may find the stuff by writing WordPress SEO for beginners. The subject of WordPress SEO for beginners is also the core idea of this article. So lets us not waste more time and tell you five reasons why WordPress is good for SEO. Here is WordPress SEO for beginners.

How SEO Friendly WordPress Themes & Clean Code Helps You

The source code of WordPress includes the structures, which allow a great level of customization, and the elements, which directly support search engine optimization. A large part of code is written in PHP and also is proper HTML markup. That makes the code easy to understand for a variety of search engines.

WordPress core comes with a plethora of options to optimize images for searches. It is very impressive, because images are a great part of your WordPress website, as they glorify the look and feel. For example, to edit ALT tags and descriptions. In addition, the content editor provides a convenient environment for complex and long-form text.

WordPress comes with many great SEO friendly WordPress themes, who provide a convenient environment for SEO. Make sure you pick up SEO friendly WordPress theme when selecting a WordPress theme. Good SEO friendly WordPress theme also results in smooth user experience.
With the help of good user experience, you can keep the visitors scrolling your website for a longer time span. That is why search engines consider this factor. The metrics like bounce rate help Google and other search engines evaluate the quality of user experience.

Good Linking

WordPress allows molding different URL’s of your website and making them intuitive enough for search engines to assimilate what content is all about.

Links who are nothing but a sequence of random letters and characters are not good from SEO point of view. You can edit URL’s while working on the WordPress dashboard. Amazing plus is when your targeted keyword shows up in the URL, which turns into permalink after being edited for search engine.

Good permalink increases the CTR of your posts and pages. CTR is the abbreviation of the click-through rate. Lower CTR pushes your website into a lower ranking.

Two of the major ranking factors are SEO title and meta description. WordPress allows you to automate their entering via different plugins.

Minimum Loading Time

According to surveys, if any page takes more than three seconds in loading, most of the surfers quit and move to any other page.

Low speed may also result in getting banned by Google. Good SEO friendly WordPress theme also comes with unbelievable loading speed. You can find a number of plugins developed to aid speed up the loading time of a website.
If you do not have any idea, what exactly your website speed is, do not frown. Many WordPress plugins let you know this exact time.
You may check your site load time on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

WordPress Plugins actually is also the reason behind WordPress’s never-ending fame. The plugins allow you to add any kind of functionality you need. They double the support.

Mobile Optimization

Over the last ten years, the number of users who visit your website on the handheld device has dramatically increased. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones who adapt to every changing scenario.

Therefore, WordPress is designed to make your website screen responsive. The design adjusts according to the screen resolution of the screen. WordPress friendly SEO theme is always optimized for being responsive.

Moreover, it also allows you to check out how your websites look in every device, during customization. Many people might still be trying to figure out how to make the website responsive.

In addition, the website should perform equally well on all screen sizes. The mobile version of website, which Google intends to watch, must not be any different from the regular version. If the website’s loading speed increases on mobile, it would be a disaster for higher search engine rankings.

Convenient Social Media Integration

A lot of online marketers do not heed the leading role social media is capable of playing during SEO campaigns. We are living in 2019 and it is an absurd mistake to overlook the immense power of social media.

Your rankings would automatically improve if you tactfully engage your audience on social media. It has less to do with your number of followers and more to do with the level of their activeness on your posts. Likes, comments, and shares clearly declare this information.
Here again, the fantastic WordPress plugin directory comes in play. Hundreds of plugins can be easily found to maximize social media exposure. They automate your campaigns, embed social media buttons at an appropriate place in your content and obtain the good number of shares.

The Final Verdict

Either you are a website owner or user, WordPress comes with thousands of amazing ways to facilitate you. Being owner, you can save a lot of time by using a plethora of fantastic tools and features it comes with. With good SEO friendly WordPress theme, you can provide your user with the ultimate user experience and gain good rankings.
Originally, WordPress was designed for blogging. The goal was to help everyone publish their message online and ensure that it does not go unnoticed. You can clearly feel this ideology in the search engine visibility provided by its core components. Hence, WordPress remains the best content management system for search engine optimization.

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