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WordPress site health is the performance and security of the WordPress site. It is the smoothness and security of a WordPress site. WordPress site health tool takes care of our website. WordPress site health check score is the degree or level of security and execution of a WordPress site. It also shows the issues occurred and give instruction to improve them. For the better flow of people on our site, it is significant to make our site secure and has an easy user interface. Some ideas and tips can help us to do so. Here we are going to talk about some tips to score 100% in WordPress site health check.
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WordPress site health

Best Tips for Better WordPress Website Performance

Obtain an effective WordPress hosting

Hosting is one of the most important things to choose for a website because it decides the performance of the website. Unupdated or and inaccurate hosting may create many troubles while execution of the website. Older version of the hosting company uses older software, which does not have all the PHP module installed and have trouble to fix those issues. Hence, we have to choose a WordPress hosting company with a good track record for the strong platform and better performance of our website. Bluehost, Hostinger and Dream host, these are some of the reputed names in the industry which can help us in better website hosting and better SEO and better sales. So effective hosting assists us to get better WordPress site health score.

Install SSL or HTTPS in WordPress

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard protocol for secure transmission of data over the network. SSL creates a secure link between a web server and browser to ensure private and integral data transmission. SSL powered websites take HTTPS instead of HTTP in their URLs and have a padlock icon in the address bar. Security is a very important issue on the website. Website details, user details, product details, etc must be secured for the long-term success of the website. We surely do not want our dedicated information to be seen by others. SSL certificate is to be installed on our website to switch to HTTPs. Many of the WordPress hosting company provides free SSL certificate installation . In this way, these supports in a high score of WordPress site health check score.

WordPress site health

Keep updated WordPress

WordPress is open-source software, maintained regularly. Every time WordPress is updated, it comes with new features; bug fixed, and improved security. In addition, updates for software mean speed and ease of workability. It is our responsibility to keep our website updated to utilize its full features and for better security options. We should always keep our WordPress updated to avoid risk and security threats. Now it has been easy as WordPress provides update notifications, which can be achieved on a few clicks. This leads a helping hand to secure high in WordPress site health check.

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Maintain WordPress themes and Plugins Up TO Date

We all know that themes and plugins help to run the website. Themes and plugin give the structure and appearance of our website. It also helps SEO. For the better operation of the website, we need better wordpress theme company’s themes and plugins. Better aesthetic view and user interface lead to good customer flow, leading success of the website. Being open-source software, updates are frequent in WordPress. Updates come with new features, ease of workability and better security and appearance. For the obvious reason, it helps to secure high in WordPress site health check.

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Remove unused and outdated themes and plugins

After updating themes and plugins, we can get rid of the older version. The outdated version takes space and maybe hiding some security threats so it is better to remove them. If a security scan needed to be done then it will be time taking keeping the unused plugins. However, the unused plugin doesn’t need to be a threat, but it surely takes space. So removing outdated themes and plugins support to secure high in WordPress site health check.

Use of latest MySQL or MariaDB version

MySQL and MariaDB(a fork of MySQL) is the relational database management system. MySQL and MariaDB store website data, information, and setting safely. Again updated version comes with the latest features. Older versions may behave differently then we expect. In case our website is using an outdated version of DBMS, we need to update it.

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Customize to the latest PHP version

PHP is the open-source, a general-purpose programming language in which WordPress is written. It provides most of the functions of WordPress. It runs on the hosting server and generates pages. Using the latest version of PHP enhances the performance of the website. By upgrading to the latest PHP also, keep or website upgraded. This also adds up to the health level of WordPress websites.

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Enabling WordPress automatic update

WordPress has an inbuilt auto-update system and can install the latest updates. If the automatic update is enabled, we don’t have to keep checking for the updates. it will be updated automatically whenever released. If updated our website will be secure and good as new. This element too helps in the score of WordPress website health check. This can be done by using an update manager plugin or by adding code in the wp-config.php file.

add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );
add_filter( 'auto_update_theme', '__return_true' );

Enabling the REST API

The WordPress REST API provides an interface for applications to interact with our WordPress site by sending and receiving data. The WordPress REST API provides REST endpoints representing the posts, pages, and other built-in WordPress data types. Numerous of website owners keep REST API disabled to prevent them from brute force attacks. However, site health does not recommend that, as we may need RESTAPI to third party app or some WordPress plugins. Ensure to enable the REST API to increase the health score of our website.

Install all the required PHP modules

PHP modules and extensions are the supplementary libraries that enhance the performance of PHP programming language. A better programming language provides a better website design. WordPressprovides several PHP modules for the flawless operation. If our website is missing some modules, WordPress will notify us to install those modules for enhanced performance. Because of the lack of required modules lags the website health score. Some updates are also provided by the hosting provider. In cases, we need to ask the hosting provider to update and install modules.

Deactivate WordPress Debug mode

There is an inbuilt debug mode in WordPress, which checks the errors in plugins, themes, and custom code. Developers and advanced users generally use this feature. It is not advisable to enable this feature for a live website. It may show warnings and notifications, which may be unappropriated for the user. Debug may find some updates and plugins as a bug and may try to remove those plugins affecting the performance of the website. We can debug our website manually to prevent these issues. In this way, it aids to the score of WordPress site health check.

define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

Ensure WordPress can do schedule jobs

There is some scheduled task in WordPress like checking updates, backing up, publishing and debugging. For the better performance of the website, it is necessary to do schedule jobs. This task is controlled by the corn job system, a special technology to handle scheduled and recurring events. Many plugins are dependent on the WordPress Corn system. As an open-source, WordPress releases timely updates and security systems, so it is necessary. This way it can aid in the score of WordPress health site check.

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);


We saw different tips, which help to increase the WordPress health check score. Most of them are related to updates and security. That is if our WordPress is updated, we have chances to score high in WordPress health check. The database management system and operational ease also help to score high. The score of the health check is given in percentage. However, it is not necessary to take pressure to score 100%. Above 80% is a good score for any website. Though the still a higher score is always better.
I hope you have gone through the given tips carefully. If you follow these tips, you can get a high score in WordPress site health check. I hope that the reader will find the content useful and keep on visiting our site for more such attractive content. You are free to send you queries if any. We will make sure that we can answer it as soon as we get it. Thank you! Have a good day.

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