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Bruno Muratore asked 4 months ago

I am trying to replace the default searchbar with Advanced Woo Search which shows loader animation and results while searching…
they say :

In case you need to add plugin search form on your website, you can do it in several ways:
1. Enable a “Seamless integration” option ( may not work with some themes )
2. Add search form using shortcode [aws_search_form]
3. Add search form as widget for one of your theme widget areas. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag&drop AWS Widget to one of your widget areas
4. Add PHP code to the necessary files of your theme: <?php if ( function_exists( 'aws_get_search_form' ) ) { aws_get_search_form(); } ?>

but I just cannot found a way to disable the default searchbar and then inject the code or widget in the header.
can you please help me on this?

2 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 4 months ago

Can your try with bellow code ..

remove_action( 'shopstore_top_product_search' );

add_action( 'shopstore_top_product_search','your_custom_function' );
function your_custom_function(){
	do_shortcode( '[aws_search_form]' );


Bruno Muratore answered 4 months ago

no joy!
i added the lines above in CSS and get errors.
default searchbar stays and aws_get_search_form doesn’t show up.
here is the result of adding just hte first line you suggested:

1) remove_action( 'shopstore_top_product_search' );

-> Unexpected token 'remove_action(' at line 1, col 1.
Unexpected token ''shopstore_top_product_search'' at line 1, col 16.
Unexpected token ')' at line 1, col 47.
Unexpected token ';' at line 1, col 48.

did I mistake something?
aThemeArt Staff replied 4 months ago

please send me email( ) with the ticket ulr and wp-admin user name and password with site ur l