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AvatarKurt Schaedler asked 1 week ago

In Theme Options, Home Hero Block, I set the “Hero Block Cover” to 50%. I could also set in all pages the “Header Block Cover” to 50%. The same in all blogs.
But we have hundreds of pages and blocks and I cannot set all of them individually. Where can I set the “Header Block Cover” to 50% instead of 75% for all pages and blocks. Somewhere in the customizer or as CSS?
In Theme Options the Codestar Framework is Version 1.0.1. Is it useful to upgrade the Codestar Framework to a higher version? 
Thanks for your support and best regards

2 Answers
AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 1 week ago

you can set inner page/ post header height in next version .. for right now you can use below css , please navigate to wp-admin —> Appearance —> Customize —> Additional CSS ..



AvatarKurt Schaedler answered 1 week ago

works perfect, Thanks