diet shop | theme cruched in mobile view

AvatarIyad Abusamra asked 8 months ago

I would like to report issues:
first! when I open my site on mobile the theme looks stupid both the hero section should appear more prof and singles product page was bad and buttons are not okay in their place.
secondly, I wanna change the Navi menu style. I asked for support so many times. and if it does not free its ok ill buy for these features
finally, if I added side menu and open site from mobile the side menu will appear at the bottom of the page and that’s not good! 
I really wanna talk to u in live chat or phone call I want to add extra things, how can I talk you?
thank you

2 Answers
AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 8 months ago

Can you please show me screenshot of all issues so we can figure out  ! the server ins’t respoending us ( )

AvatarMichel Hagen answered 6 months ago

is there a solution? same problem here.
it is very strange that the product filter for mobile is at the bottom of the page….
is it possible to make this please?