SupportCategory: QuestionsHow to change the order of image variation swatch for Smart Variation Swatches for WooCommerce
Wong Hsiang Lin Alex asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, I need change the position order\ of image variation swatch, kindly advise. I change in edit product – variation but did not display order change. I need the whole set variation to be on the left of replacement set.

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Thank you.

4 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 2 weeks ago

This is done through Products >> Attributes within wp-admin. It isn’t part of this plugin, but WooCommerce.

Select the Attribute (e.g. Size) to edit.
Then, you’ll noticed an option “Default sort order”. Select the option that you desire.
And Save the changes.

You can check more here ( )


Wong Hsiang Lin Alex answered 4 hours ago

Hi, Thank you. do you know how can i change attribute sort order for a particular product because every product might have different sorting?

Wong Hsiang Lin Alex answered 4 hours ago

ok i found the answer edit product > variation and drag the items

Wong Hsiang Lin Alex answered 4 hours ago

Sorry I cannot sort for per product via edit product page > variation > sort order, could you check? After i drag the order there is no change. I only can do at attribute level sorting not product level?
–woocommerce sort per product variation order screenshot below

aThemeArt Staff replied 1 hour ago

please send us wp-admin user name and password to our email ( )