SupportCategory: Business Consultant Finder ( BCF )How to make all images under the same category show the same size?
AvatarEtren asked 4 months ago

During the page layout process, I found that the custom pictures could not be displayed in a uniform size, which caused the page layout to be confusing.
No related setting items were found in the layout options of the page element.

2 Answers
AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 4 months ago

We highly recommend to upload same size image. also you can update image via below css ,

please navigate to wp-admin —> Appearance —> Customize —> Additional CSS .. and below CSS

.ata-portfolio-item .portfolio-img > img{
.blog-loop-wrp .item > .thumb,
.bcf-own-carousel .owl-item img{

Please give me the site url if you face any issue next ..


AvatarEtren answered 4 months ago

Thank you very much for your suggestions, this problem has been resolved.