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Florian Pankraz asked 9 months ago

Hi! We already purchased the “Smart variation swatches pro” Plugin twice with different E-Mail Adresses but did not get any Downloadlink for the Plugin.
We only got the receipt and the money is already charged on our paypal account. We checked both E-Mail Accounts if its in the spam folder – there is no Message. Please give us some feedback how we will get the pro plugin. Thx!

aThemeArt Staff replied 9 months ago

check your email inbox or spam ! we have sent download link or here you can find download ( ) and we have refunded one hope you will get back to your card within 7+ day ..


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Florian Pankraz answered 9 months ago

Thank you for the refund.
I have checked the mailbox  about a 100 times, there is definitely no email with the download link.
Also when i try to login the “customer login” it says that my account verification is pending… i have clicked the button for the activation code a several times but did not get any email with the code. Can we change to another email adress? I really dont know whats the problem. thank you!

aThemeArt Staff replied 9 months ago

Yes we sent to

Florian Pankraz answered 9 months ago

But there is no email! Also not the account verification email. 
And its not in the spam folder as well… Lets try to send it to my other email adress:

aThemeArt Staff replied 8 months ago

re-sent 3 time .. thanks

Florian Pankraz answered 8 months ago

should i give it another try do buy it with a different email adress? i really need the plugin!