SupportCategory: ShopStorePurchased Pro, 2 plugins won't download and license won't activate
Holly Cox asked 4 months ago

I purchased Shopstore Pro version. 2 Plugins won’t install. They are Smart Variation Swatches for WooCommerce and  WooCommerce Smart Popup Cart. I get the error “Download failed. cURL error 35: SSL connect error”.  And my license won’t activate. Please advise.

2 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 4 months ago

SSL error related to server-side. if you face this problem again then please contact with hosting provider ..

Now you can upload via ftp after doing unzip then try to upload . learn more ( )

Holly Cox answered 4 months ago

That doesn’t really explain why my license won’t activate. 

aThemeArt Staff replied 4 months ago

Please send me wp-admin user name and password with site url to our email or here via private ticket