SupportCategory: Business Consultant Finder ( BCF )Reduce slide text and reduce white background for logo header section
AvatarMalungelo Zwane asked 6 days ago

Please assist, i want to reduce the text size for the slider heading. Secondly, the white background for my site seem to be too big and want to reduce it. Have tried all trick and can’t edit that ppart

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AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 5 days ago

For reducing the text , please navigate to wp-admin –> Appearance –> Customize –> Additional CSS , now add below one line css
Home page text size

#bcf-theme-banner .content-text h1 { font-size: 50px; }

Inner page text size

#static_header_banner .content-text h1 { font-size: 50px; }


AvatarMalungelo Zwane answered 4 days ago

Thanks for the response. It has solved one part. I need help on reducing the background of the Logo section header. The white background from the Top Bar and Menu Heading is too wide. Need to drop it a bit.

AvatarMalungelo Zwane answered 2 days ago

Logo section

AvatarMalungelo Zwane answered 19 hours ago

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