Avatarhalil ibrahim kılıç asked 11 months ago

Is it possible to make the company logo responsive?
Because some parts of the logo disappear in the mobile view. When I make the small logo, it looks very small on the computer.
Have a nice day..

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AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 11 months ago

the responsive is working fine, you can check here a screenshot ( https://prnt.sc/ptp0lb )
but we found some issues to break the responsive layout.
1. please https issue of your website so all css will load perfectly.
2. make your you home page and blog have https://.
3. clear cache of your mobile and try to use good internet speed
4. please use ( WP Fastest Cache and Autoptimize ) plugging ..

highly recommend to use WordPress hosting, leave low quilty shared hosting, learn more ( https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ )


Avatarhalil ibrahim kılıç answered 11 months ago
Can you look at the image of the site on the safari browser? On iphone xr I noticed that it did not appearto be as requested.
Avatarhalil ibrahim kılıç answered 10 months ago

the behavior of the logo at different resolutions and the image on safari is distorted. Unfortunately, you’re not interested enough. it is a pity that the issue closes in this way

Avatarhalil ibrahim kılıç answered 10 months ago

While you should be pleased and corrected that we found bugs in a premium theme, you are not interested in the problem at all. Our systems may not be perfect, but they are not a source of error. There is the same mistake is in your demo. So you’re not following your own recommendations?

AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 10 months ago

the theme lot of property load only real device, please check with real devices or browser simulator.

What’s ever we have fixed the video issue and released a new version : 1.9 , please update your copy