SupportCategory: Questionsrevolution slider cannot add slider under primary navigation bar and above breadcrumbs
mohammad ali qamar asked 1 month ago

revolution slider do not show right under primary navigation bar but breadcrumbs show under primary navigation menu bar and than slider is shown under breadcrumbs. how can i show slider under primary navigation menu bar and then breadcrumbs show under slider.

3 Answers
mohammad ali qamar answered 1 month ago

slider is ok on homepage. this issue are for pages other than homepage. slider must show above breadcrumbs.

aThemeArt Staff replied 1 month ago

Yes we added the slider widgets only for home page . if need other page then we can add . please send us wp-admin user name password with site url to our email ( ) …

mohammad ali qamar answered 4 weeks ago

please tell me if you will enable slider widgets as an option for all pages in theme. if i need to create additional pages in future, would i have to ask you again or i will be able to add automatically.

aThemeArt Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Yes we can