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Avatarrich34md asked 3 weeks ago

The Variant product does not show the “Select Options” button on the main page, instead shows the variations and an Add to Cart button. If I go into Elementor to edit, it shows it correctly with the “Select Options” button but once I exit out of it, the Variants show with the “Add to Cart” button again. 
For reference, check out the V-Neck T-Shirt on the Home page of my site, then check out the same product on the demo site. 



1 Answers
AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 3 weeks ago

it’s a common issue of woocomerce ! on shop page/product archive page will show select options . on single but you will get add to cart button disable mode, if you select options the add to cart will be active mode ..

 note: More clarification you could switch a default theme to check