SupportCategory: Business Consultant Finder ( BCF )“Service Box Image” element text box cannot wrap
AvatarEtren asked 4 months ago

How do I wrap a line in the text box of the “Service Box Image” element?
I tried using the


tags inside the text box and nothing worked.

4 Answers
AvatarEtren answered 4 months ago

the text box CSS tag is

<div class="text-color"></div>
AvatarEtren answered 4 months ago

It is displayed normally in the page edit mode preview, but the

<br />

tag will be escaped after the page is published.

AvataraThemeArt Staff answered 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing the screenshot, for security reasons we don’t allow any tag, what’s ever we added new function allow few common HTML tags.

We released a new version: 2.2.1, please update your copy hope will be fixed everything


AvatarEtren answered 4 months ago

Thanks very much for your support!
the bug is fixed!