SupportCategory: ShopStoreShopstore Pro slider isn't resizing on mobile
Jed Stewart asked 4 months ago

When viewing on MOBILE, how do i ensure that the slider on the front page will display the entire slider image instead of chopping off both sides of the images that slide across the screen? I prefer that the image/slider resize to fit the window, rather than maintain the image size, and end up cropping most of the images off.

2 Answers
Jed Stewart answered 4 months ago

Another less attractive option would be to eliminate the slide when a mobile is detected.

aThemeArt Staff replied 4 months ago

Please use the 3rd party plugins! we included with theme call slider …

Jed Stewart answered 4 months ago

I am using the slider included with the pro package. The one called Slider. It isn’t resizing correctly on mobile devices.