SupportShoSptore upgrade from version 1.9 to 2.0 not working
Nick Lam asked 4 months ago

Hi, the system was asking me to update to newer version theme 2.0 which I did.  But it seems like the theme did not update and my website setting kinda looks weird now.  The slider images are gone, the products layout format does not show in grid style.   Please help!  
my website is
Thank you

2 Answers
aThemeArt Staff answered 4 months ago

The issue was woocommerce 3.6.1 changed few properties that’s why issue comes to you..what’s ever we update our theme as woocommerce needs .. now everything okay. please update your copy

Thanks for tracking the bug !

aThemeArt Staff answered 4 months ago

version 2.1 is now live! update your copy!