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Durga Naga Srihari Bobbili asked 1 month ago

Top bar address editing option not availale in Cutomise > Ledt side menu, how to fix it ?

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aThemeArt Staff answered 1 month ago

In pro version have lot of options that’s we create theme options to customize the website … make sure you have installed all required plugins so you will get the theme options. check below screenshot to learn more how update the info


Durga Naga Srihari Bobbili answered 1 month ago

Its working, Appreciate your quick response.
I had one more question, in Header image section when i click on hide image, it is working only on Home page.. however i want this for all the pages…. how ?

aThemeArt Staff replied 1 month ago

For all page image , please navigate to wp-admin -> theme options -> Header Options ( Choose Default Hero Backgorund )

the slider will be work only home & blog page! the static image will be appear each page if you set ..


Durga Naga Srihari Bobbili answered 1 month ago

Yes, but i dont want image or slide in Header image, i want al the header images to be removed so that the contents will move up a bit.