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Partner with us. hurry up ! joining our Affiliate Program , Once accepted, we'll offer you a unique referral link and access to affiliate assets and resources.

2.) Share Referral Link

Share the affiliate link by adding a banner or text link to your website, or by posting the link on social media. We provide affiliates with a variety of advertising assets and banner ads ( if you like to use )

3.) Customer Purchase

Hooray! The customer makes a purchase on aThemeArt due to your referral. We'll send you an notification confirmation and track your sales. As an affiliate, you gain access to real time referral statistics. using the affiliate dashboard, you'll be able to track referrals, visits, your conversion rate and a lot of.

4.) Payment

You receive 45% commission on any sale that happens owing to your referral. We pay affiliates every month no matter the number of sales generated. Affiliate payments are issued once a month via or PayPal.

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