The 8 Best Custom Symbol Pack for Elementor

Introducing an exquisite selection of Elementor icon libraries that effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of WordPress sites and blogs. Available in various formats like SVG, ICO, JPEG, GIF, and PNG, these emblem sets offer a diverse array of vector illustrations, empowering users to create unique symbols and graphics from scratch. Whether for web design, eCommerce ventures, business templates, or blog elements, these meticulously curated icon collections introduce new dimensions to page layouts, allowing users to enhance their site’s visual appeal with personalized graphic assets.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these custom icon packs offer a comprehensive library of stunning elements tailored for diverse UI/UX design purposes. Seamlessly integrated with Elementor’s page builder, these icon sets enable users to effortlessly upload and integrate graphic elements, transforming the appearance and layout of websites or blogs. With these intuitive plugins, users gain access to an extensive collection of beautiful, ready-to-use icons, simplifying the creation of visually appealing themes and templates for a truly distinctive and personalized appearance on their WordPress sites.

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1.) Icon Element By Webangon

Icon Element: A Elegant Elementor Icon Pack

The Icon Element provides a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating an extensive array of social share symbols across your WordPress site or other media platforms you utilize, including email, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Its functionality allows easy uploading and integration of numerous items into your desired spaces, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging visual experience for your audience. Boasting an impressive assortment of over a dozen free and pro packs containing tokens from material design, Ionicons, Feather, Elementor, Bootstrap, and more, this adaptable extension offers both open-source and premium symbol packs to cater to diverse needs.

Whether you’re crafting a new blog, boutique, nursery care, real estate showcase, or exploring layouts for industries like roofing, sports, agriculture, and beyond, this addon presents a carefully curated collection of vector illustrations and symbols. It accommodates an extensive range of industries and business layouts, elevating your design elements visually and enhancing your website’s overall aesthetic appeal. Through its comprehensive library of graphic assets and symbols, the plugin fosters a vibrant and engaging visual experience for visitors, ensuring your design elements stand out and captivate attention.

Download ( Icon Element )

2.) Mentor By TwinkleTheme ( CodeCanyon )

icon pack for elementor

Mentor, a remarkable Elementor icon library addon crafted by TwinkleTheme, emerges as a versatile solution for effortlessly integrating a diverse range of images and symbols. Housing an extensive collection of approximately 14,000 items, this plugin empowers users to curate visually captivating site menus and elevate their projects with a rich array of available assets.

Encompassing an extensive array of icon packs such as Font Awesome, Line Awesome, Material Design Icon, Stroke 7, Linear icons, Line Icon, Themify, Drip Icons, Elegant Icon, and more, Mentor caters to a broad spectrum of industries. These meticulously selected symbols effortlessly complement themes across various sectors, including fashion, hardware, eyewear, carpet services, handymen, guides, perfume outlets, surfing and more. Mentor stands as an invaluable repository of graphic assets, providing users with a versatile selection of visual components and emblematic designs, enriching the representation and aesthetic appeal of their projects.

Download ( Mentor )

3.) Icon Nav By IThemeland ( CodeCanyon )

IconNav For Elementor

This remarkable addon, Icon Nav, empowers you to create an elegant interface for your WordPress site effortlessly. By integrating this plugin, you can seamlessly incorporate images anywhere on your website. Moreover, offers the flexibility to exhibit social profile symbols according to your preferences, allowing customization of size, color, and alignment with ease. streamlines the process, offering user-friendly controls that save significant time.

Moreover, it presents an intuitive layout and enables users to set fixed background pictures and gradient colors, while also providing a plethora of stunning effects to enhance the visual engagement of your site. This exceptional application is compatible across various browsers and allows for versatile content positioning—be it left, right, center, or bottom. Furthermore, it offers an array of HTML, CSS, and PHP files and comprehensive settings for customizing text in titles and content, making it an excellent tool for improving the visual appeal and functionality of your site.

Download ( Icon Nav )

4.) Cursors Pack By SinaExtra ( CodeCanyon )

Cursors Pack

The Cursors Pack, a custom Elementor icon pack crafted by SinaExtra, seamlessly integrates symbols from various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and Youtube. Beyond the basic addition of symbols, this pack offers versatile cursor customization options, enabling users to modify cursor color, shadow, size, and alignment to suit specific website requirements. With its robust set of features, Cursors Pack emerges as an invaluable asset for enhancing site layouts.

This exceptional pack encompasses over 2000 symbols exclusively designed for cursor use, providing a wide array of choices for users. Moreover, it allows the implementation of specific cursors for anchors or URLs, offering a personalized approach to representation. Furthermore, users gain access to numerous SVG files, making it an optimal choice for various industries such as water sports, sewing and tailoring, tennis clubs, basketball, hiking, aviation, dental clinics, and winter sports. Proves to be a professional icon library, enriching website UI and UX elements through its extensive and professionally curated emblem collections.

Download( Cursors Pack )

5.) Icons2go By WordPressThemes2Go ( CodeCanyon )


Icons2go emerges as a robust icon library extension that seamlessly integrates with Elementor and WPbakery, offering an extensive range of appearance settings to customize signs effortlessly. Alternatively, it harmoniously connects with the Classic Editor, empowering users to tailor icon size, shape, and colors with a simple click, ensuring seamless integration into their content.

With a primary aim to enhance websites’ emblem collections, Icons2go introduces an exclusive selection of over 1000 line badges, meticulously curated for various sectors such as business, eCommerce, real estate, travel, food, beauty, medicine, retail, wholesale, and beyond. These icon packs serve as invaluable resources to enrich website design elements, allowing for versatile usage and adaptation across diverse industries.

Download ( Icons2go )

6.) Skyboot By Skybootstrap ( )


Skyboot, the tailored icon library extension designed explicitly for Elementor, stands as an impressive inclusion, offering a staggering collection of icons surpassing 14,055 in total. Within this expansive repository, users can access a wide spectrum of icons, incorporating globally recognized brand symbols such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, among others, all provided free of charge.

What sets this add-on apart is its integration of a comprehensive selection of brand icons, Devicons, Elegant Icon, Elusive Icons, Ico Moon, Iconic Icons, Line Awesome, Linear icons, Material Design, Themify Icon, and Open Iconic. Users can kickstart their UI design journey by effortlessly downloading and installing the plugin, instantly gaining access to a treasure trove of visual elements. Moreover, its compatibility with popular WordPress themes like Hello, Astra, Brooklyn, eMart, Avada, and Kadence further enhances its appeal and usability, providing a versatile solution for various design needs.

Download ( Skyboot )

7.) Lordiconizer By Balcomsoft ( CodeCanyon )

Lordiconizer: A Robust Extension Icon Library for Elementor

Lordiconizer, an innovative WordPress plugin for animated icons, seamlessly integrates with Elementor, Gutenberg and WPBakery, revolutionizing the utilization of Lordicon symbols on websites. For WpBakery users, incorporating symbols is effortless through JSON URLs. Elementor users enjoy enhanced flexibility, as they can add icons through JSON links or upload the JSON file, offering unparalleled customization options.

A standout feature of Lordiconizer is its extensive customization range, allowing users to personalize icons with unlimited color choices for both the emblem and background shape. Also adjust sizes, animation types, and various icon attributes, providing a wide array of options. Additionally, this plugin enables seamless addition of links, titles, CSS classes, and IDs to icons. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the customization process, further complemented by comprehensive video and text documentation, ensuring a hassle-free integration experience with these animated icons.

Download ( Lordiconizer )

8.) Custom Icons for Elementor By Michael Bourne ( )

A Icon Library for Elementor

The plugin offers a smooth integration process, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate personalized icons into Elementor’s existing control system. This integration empowers website owners to bolster their brand identity by infusing exclusive icon sets throughout their sites. Leveraging Font Awesome and Fontello’s icon font service, users can effortlessly include their symbols, opening up possibilities to integrate an unlimited number of items via Fontello’s font pack. Moreover, these unique emblem sets maintain visibility across all uploaded items and can be easily managed, offering the flexibility to reset specific sets as needed.

By utilizing the default badge selectors, users can consistently apply these customized symbols across their website, ensuring a cohesive and personalized portrayal of their brand. The extension includes a user-friendly configuration panel, providing an extensive overview of custom elements. This feature serves as a vital element for companies and sellers striving to effectively exhibit their distinct brand identities to their audience.

Download ( Custom Icons for Elementor )


In conclusion, the search for enhancing the visual allure of a more attractive user interface culminates with the discovery of the 7 best Elementor icon library addons. These remarkable plugins not only act as steadfast companions in the development journey but also symbolize the epitome of innovative design and layout enhancement. Their exceptional versatility and precise customization options redefine website visual representation, establishing a robust foundation for crafting impressive templates and themes within the WordPress ecosystem.

Their comprehensive features and practical attributes prevent monotony, highlighting the contrast between ordinary and extraordinary design elements. Serving as a guide, these custom Elementor icons steer towards improved design choices and layouts, providing a diverse range of design resources to add a distinctive touch and prevent repetitiveness in WordPress page layouts.

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