Discover Wix: Who’s Embracing This Website Building Platform?

Building a website doesn’t have to be difficult with tools like Wix. The plug-and-play website designer provides templates, designs, images, and additions to let you create your site for your company or brand.

It’s an excellent opportunity for anyone who needs a website to make one, and there is no need for training or classes to do so. Make changes whenever necessary, load new images, and even sell products and services to your customers.

Also, You can choose your domain name for the best fit. These pages grow with your business and offer ways to interact with followers and social media that are not otherwise available. All while showing exactly what your brand is about or what your company offers.

What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder and domain host that allows anyone to make their website and have it hosted live. They offer easy drag and drop building templates to make it fast and straightforward.The flexibility of moving things and placing them anywhere you like can be personalized easily. The platform offers both hosting and design and offers services to process payments for sales direct to customers.

According to , 2.5% of the websites whose CMS is known are the tools used and rank in the top 1,000,000. And, 3.3 million websites are using Wix.

Wix was founded in 2006. After a long journey, they made in 2021, employed 5,000 people worldwide, and planned to add more people to the .

Best Features Wix

Several features are available on Wix that make it easy to interact with your customers. You can schedule meetings, sell tickets, and sell downloads and physical products directly to your customers. Some of the top features of Wix include booking and scheduling, easy use, simple design and building, an online calendar, and the ability to post both video and audio files. There is no training required, and the platform is easy to learn, making it one of the top website builders. It allows them to grow their offerings and improve their services. Link all of your social media by integrating the social media buttons and direct traffic between your accounts for the whole interaction. Learn more details of Wix features.

What Does Wix Cost?

With several packages available, Wix website builder offs a few different pricing tiers. First-tier is free, allowing the creation of a free website or blog with tagline showing which hosting company is used. The second tier starts at only $6.50/month and offers more features, while the third is $12.50 and the next $17.50, with the highest package being $36.50/month. Each offers more features than the last, with the ability to post more videos and keep a higher amount of storage. The highest tier also includes a professional logo, apps to view analytics, boost your website presence, and priority access to customer care.

Wix Ecommerce

A blog website will not always require e-commerce, but for those offering a product or service for sale, the built-in e-commerce allows for seamless integration with the site. They offered several different shopping cart modules, payment options, and payout abilities. The plans that are made for business use will include payment acceptance. Thousands of people offer the ability to buy through their website with the Wix eCommerce programs. They enjoy accessibility, flexibility, and automation. Minor fees are taken from each transaction, and the profit is transferred to your PayPal or bank account.

Why Should You Use Wix?

When building a blog or a website for your company or brand, Wix offers a range of abilities for an affordable price. Even people with no prior experience can create a beautiful and interactive experience. Easily portray both the personality and functionality of a professionally produced page. It is highly recommended to add later, expand, and select a domain name that suits your business, making it easy to find your website. This platform is suitable both for beginners and professional developers and can be used for the entire lifespan of any business.

Moreover, thousand of the biggest company and technology partners want to connect with Wix. Search as .

What Companies Use Wix?

Not only do small companies or individual businesses use Wix, but many more prominent and well-known companies do as well. Individuals such as Adam McCain, Oil Dillion, Karlie Kloss, and Jennifer Lopez use the platform for their websites. Companies such as Patrick, Run Wild Design, TerraLiving, and Loom AI all do well. These are very well-known companies and brands who find that this platform offers all they need to run their site. It also maintains a professional appearance. Even when the growth requires hiring a consultant or outside party to run the website, they can use the same platform and transition easily, with no requirement to start over.

  • Jennifer Lopez: With video and audio playing as the page loads, you see the actress in parts she has played and how she interacts with others onset, offering you a sneak peek into her life. Learn about her music, movies, and brand with this well-laid-out and eye-catching wix website.
  • Marco De Haunt: Offer graphic designs and photography, and music, enter a world of high-end graphics and photographs filled with emotion and perspective. A professional appearance and consistent presentation across each page make it cohesive and straightforward to navigate. It is also a great example of wix how color choices can spark emotions and create interest.
  • Run Wild: shows creativity with movement and an open expanse as a landing page of marketing-launch. It evokes emotion and inspires trust in the design firm it represents. Using the ability to showcase moving backgrounds, build a portfolio, and present information to potential clients straightforwardly will draw more business to this brand.
  • Craft & Bloom: Providing a portfolio and contact information for a design company that offers services for those local to them and worldwide. A flow is created here that quickly moves people through the site and offers all the information needed. Gallery use for displaying a complete portfolio shows Wix’s range of abilities.
  • Jordy Farrell: Showing the best works of illustrator Jordy Farrell, included are links to purchase their works and an opportunity to showcase the detailed illustrations and characters. Displaying the outstanding works uses a blog design to provide examples of the work completed and makes ordering and contacting the creator easy.
  • Cuts and Bruises Barbershop: Straightforward presentation of the services offered make the website easy to navigate and presents a clear picture of what to expect. The layout and color choices display the personality and create a sense of appeal for their target market. Included is their e-commerce shop, using all the top abilities of the Wix websites.
  • Tripathi Biomedical Engineering Group: Professional layouts such as this offer a direct way to learn the necessary details of the business such as location, projects, contact information, and more. Menus are clear and easy to use with a map and links that grab attention and encourage follow-up contact with the company.
  • United Nations Hub for Human Rights and Digital Technology: Built with a professional appearance to present information directly and easily read, the font and background present a united and simplified stream of information. Blog posts are listed with previews and are easy to navigate, making information accessible for everyone on this educational website.
  • Bui Lab @ McGill: A section of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, this site offers information on the research being at McGill University and creates a space for members to collaborate their work and interact with each other while keeping the public informed of their work. Blocks are well defined, and the separation of details makes it easy to build and view. Thanks to wix.
  • Your Story: this website offers detailed information on startups and technology firms and how to launch a new idea.
  • Town of New Sharon: Created by government agencies to provide necessary information about the town of New Sharon, this site is intended for those who live or work in the town and those who may visit. Using the website as an information hub provides a newspaper feel and encourages interaction.
  • The French Knot: Choice of the slideshow feature allows for many attention-grabbing photos for everyone who opens this web page. An entire page focuses on a portfolio to ensure every potential customer can see the quality of work provided and direct contact links.
  • Animal Music: Fast-changing photographs for the welcoming slideshow will gain anyone’s attention, and the web address is intuitive to the customer, making it easy to find. Using pictures as a menu and video for examples and an active portfolio keeps the site interactive and high energy.
  • ANDREA MIRANDA SALAS: Movement is the key aspect of these pages as the information flows past each scroll. Bright colors show personality, and the styling of the website is creative and original. Originality is often vital to standing out amongst other brands, and this site is an excellent example of Wix.
  • Conq: Selecting a black background makes the images and movements stand out on their site and creates an impression that will not be easily forgotten. Holding attention and making a lasting impression is key to being remembered and finding people looking for your brand.
  • Valeria Monis: This site is a prime example of Wix’s elegant presentation and smooth transitions. This site is straightforward to navigate while creating a lasting impression on those who view it. The gallery function provides a great way to display prior work and set expectations for new projects.
  • Seven Grams Café: Presenting high-quality photographs of the foods available will attract new customers to this website as well as to the café itself. Centered around the name and shop, it includes the eCommerce, photographs, and blog ability of the Wix platform.
  • The Mariner: Opening with bright colors and clear photographs of the food they are known for, this website is a clear representation of a fun and happy restaurant that is proud of its offerings and pays attention to the needs and wants of its customer base. Information is easy to find and flows from one to the next.
  • The Grilled Cheese Factory: Fun and welcoming sites such as this will be attractive to families and younger adults, offering them an interactive page they will want to visit and encouragement to try the available foods. This website uses the blog function and a contact page, photographs, and an easy flow.
  • Adam Mccain: Personal pages are a great use of the Wix platform. Using several of the critical abilities provides quality content for both the brand and the clients.

Viewing any of these websites provides an example of the different sites. Each shows how interactive or informative they can be. Whether made by a professional, brand, or business, resulting websites are attractive and professional. Many options are available to include contact information and details on products or services. Portfolios of pictures, work, and previous projects can attract new people to the page and gain a following.

Bottom line

Wix offers an easy-to-use website building that is affordable for any size business. It requires no training or classes to use, which keeps it accessible for everyone. The plans start at an essential website for free, and each higher pricing level offers more and more services and functions that can be added.

Moreover, Using the tools and the drag and drop abilities of Wix apps, you can design and launch your website in under an hour. Required tools are only an internet connection and computer or tablet. It has full apps that allow for updates, notifications, and simple changes to be completed from any mobile device. Also, the program automatically adapts your site for easy use and readability on cell phones and tablets, allowing people to access your site from anywhere. Flexibility and mobility are critical features in the platform and will be attractive both for site builders and those accessing the pages.

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