Six Marketing Tips For WordPress eCommerce Website

Have you just finished developing a WordPress ecommerce website? Are you now worried about how to start earning money through it?

If yes, then you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Website development is not a difficult task when you use WP. This amazing content management system allows you to build a website quickly and easily.

How To Run WordPress eCommerce Website?

Though mostly WP is used for making blogs or e-commerce site. What is tricky is to efficiently run your WordPress eCommerce website and generate revenue.

In short, website maintenance is difficult than website development. WP eCommerce websites are surprisingly common these days. Although, little do their owners know the marketing tips that lead to success and generate revenue.
In this article, we will tell you six marketing tips for your WordPress e-commerce site. Let us not waste more time and begin.

Build Quality Visual Content

What seems good, sells well is a universal rule. All around the world, designers strive to make the product appealing and gorgeous.

There are two primitive categories of visual content. and videos.
Your images should be zoomable and high quality. Do not forget to add images from multiple angles.
Being unable to see the product is the biggest issue of online shopping. Providing multiple angles help gain consumer’s trust.

Then take one more step and upload high definition videos of your products. The bigger view would remove all the doubts not addressed by the picture. They will fill up the WordPress shopping cart of the visitor.

Comprehensive Product Descriptions

Written content is no less crucial than visual. Perhaps, most important written content in WP eCommerce site is a product description.

The good product description is always well written, engaging and informative. Sticking with a dull copy provided by the manufacturer is not a good practice.

However, remember it should not be too long. Do not forget that it is a product description and not a blog post.

Writing a good product description is a complex art. It is no less than an art to explain maximum description in minimum words.

SEO Practices

SEO is a vast science. It constitutes of tips and tricks used to show up any website in the top search results. To increase the visibility of the website, you need a solid SEO strategy.

Find out the keyword for your website first. Write it in product titles to be ranked in search engines.

You may use any good wordpress plugin, designated for search engine optimization. The one recommended by most experts is WP SEO by Yoast.

It allows you to add a focus keyword for individual products. Later you can verify the way your product title and description will look in search engine results.

The settings will be available in the Advanced settings section of your Exchange store products.
People still underrate the importance of blogs infused with good keywords. Specifically when it comes to eCommerce WP website. They think blog is only necessary for services.

All revenue generating websites maintain a blog.

Transparent Policies

You must instill confidence in your consumer base. The best way to do that is to have clear, easy to read and readily available policies. It also includes FAQs and procedures regarding returns, defects, items that never arrive, etc.
To put people at ease is very important, or be ready for low sales. High leads are achieved when you make your policy clear and easy to find. For example, check out, which is famous for its return policy.

It is clearly explained on their FAQ page. Try to make your policies as clear to find as However, you may not be able to manage the same level of generosity.

Easy Buying Interface

If you confuse your consumers, they would simply not purchase. Give them a smooth user interface, which compels them to come back. The buying process usually consists of three main things. Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Simple Registration – This should be as simple as possible. It must be quick and voluntary, too. Best would be when you offer an incentive when they do register. This gives in result, no matter how small an incentive. Even as small as $1 off their order. Good example is .
    They do a great job of providing a simple registration form with safety and security assurance icons in the sidebar.
  2. Quick & Easy Purchase Process – Checkout process should never be long. It should not drag on and on. Short and quick checkout process is the best. Just ask what is needed.You may put all the options on a single page or break it into a few steps. But whatever it is, it should be simple.
    is one of the best payment gateways. It makes purchase process incredibly quick and simple.
  3. Clear Contact Info – Make it as easy and approachable as possible. How will they reach you out to question anything.

Provide Best Customer Service

Customer Service is the core department of any business. If it works fine, the business will thrive in the long term. You have to make the customer feel at home.

There are two main departments of customer service, when it comes to WP e-commerce site.

  1. Quick Response to Queries – Answer their questions as soon as possible. Do not make them wait, when they are ready to buy. Otherwise, they find something else during the wait time. Do not let repetitive questions annoy you. They reveal what information needs to be changed or added to your sales pages and FAQs.
  2. Build An Email List – Best way to increase engagement is email. Never forget to include a newsletter to sign up on your website. You can use them to communicate new product releases, features and sales. You can also offer incentives to subscribe, like free eBooks or coupons.

Putting It All Together

Ecommerce WordPress websites are one of the best business today. Good content, solid SEO strategy, clear policies, simple buying process, and good customer services can take your eCommerce business to the next level. Good Luck

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