10 Best Machinery and Equipment Rentals WordPress Themes

To keep costs down, people often rent the heavy equipment and machinery that they need. This allows them to complete their projects without the ongoing cost of purchasing it. To build your business in rentals, it is important to have a web presence. Being online allows customers to easily find your business. A positive online experience can create ongoing customer relationships and create return customers.

For the best results choose a machinery WordPress theme. These offer a head start in website building. With an equipment sales WordPress theme, you will have all of the needed aspects already built and can edit or customize for your business. Several options are available, and the following are the best equipment website templates.

Each one has been selected for its advanced functions, ability to customize, and ease of use. They are complete sites with several pages for use. Following a premade layout, ensure each needed function is included. It also allows drag and drops editing with no coding experience needed. Anyone can create their own web presence with these templates. Ensuring that your , functions and is smooth is key to a successful page. Each of these templates offers that and will build you a beautiful and functional website. The equipment rental WordPress themes included here are current and suited to the market.

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Backhoe by Mymoun ( ThemeForest )

Build confidence in your equipment rental business with a specific and clear theme. Create customer connections with social media and direct messages. Include all of your contact information so customers can easily request details or information. Use this user-friendly layout of Backhoe for equipment rental, equipment, and machinery sales, electronics, tools, ATVs or dirt bikes, and more.

Easily connect to WooCommerce, So you can build an eCommerce website and start selling your services and goods. This responsive theme is easy for customers to navigate. It presents all the vital information first, with detailed pages available. To ensure your customers find exactly what they are looking for, provide accurate descriptions of all items.

When selecting your color scheme, choose your brand colors. If you do not have a set of colors for your business, this is your time to be creative. Bold and clean colors and transitions create a professional feel to your pages. Moreover, best friends of the Backhoe theme are Elementor, Events Calendar, Events Calendar Pro, WPML, and Yoast.

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Suprek by TM_Colors ( ThemeForest )

Suprek a equipment rental wordpress theme

Are you looking for a bright, bold, and expressive website for your equipment rental? The Suprek WordPress theme is for you! It is great for machinery rentals and construction, toys for kids, builders and construction contractors, road crews and maintenance, and farm equipment sales or rentals.

Add pictures of your top projects or your most requested equipment to hold visitors’ attention. With drag and drop page building, you can easily add any images to the gallery. It flows easily from page to page with embedded links. Allow sales through the premade store and connect to WooCommerce for ease and familiarity.

Using bold colors will draw attention to the sections you want to focus on and keep the page easy to view. Also, Suprek has a ONE CLICK installation wizard and attractive demo content. The BuddyPress support helps you build an online free and paid members community and monetize your website.

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by aThemeArt

consted a construction equipment wordpress theme

Present a strong and bold brand with the Consted theme. Made to work as hard as you do, this theme offers all the top functions. Build your online store and accept payments right on the site. Using the calendar function allow bookings for equipment rentals as well. This makes it well suited to equipment rental or sales, machinery rentals and sales, and even bounce house rentals and chairs and tables for events.

Easily choose and adapt layouts from the several provided. Making your site fit your business is easy and fast. Each page links across the top for the easiest navigation. Share details about each item within the descriptions to help customers find the right equipment for their job.

Antek by Park of ideas ( ThemeForest )

Antek a machinery wordpress theme

Make your company the go to for equipment rentals near you! This professionally organized layout is easy to read and navigate. Customers will be impressed with the online booking function that lets them run their business around the clock.

This detailed booking system creates an ongoing total for what is booked. It adds extra days and supplies and allows for more than one piece of equipment to be booked at once. Flexibility in booking and accepting payments directly. Also, It will attract busy project planners and small businesses to your site.

By creating the most user friendly website, you can attract more customers and find return clients as well with Antek. Connect with customers and share specials and sales through social media links and newsletters.

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Pilon by ModelTheme ( ThemeForest )

Pilon a Equipment website Template

Pilon is a great theme for any of these businesses, focused on industrial uses, factory equipment, and machinery. It offers space for full descriptions of the equipment and its capabilities. Add photos of your items through drag and drop editing. Solar panels and other home and business supplies are easily displayed and explained with strong layouts.

Accepting bookings and sales online will streamline the process. Link to your calendar for easy updates and organization. Keep menus across the top for intuitive and easy navigation. Customers are sure to return to sites that are simple to use and answer their questions, making this theme ideal for many machine based businesses. Keep your business running around the clock and on the go with adaptations for both desktop and mobile devices.

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Entox by Ovatheme ( ThemeForest )

Entox a equipment rental wordpress theme

Every rental company needs a great website, and this theme meets all of their demands. The Entox best for Renting residence, cars, furniture, machinery, large equipment, or event spaces and supplies all fit well.

Using the map to locate each of your locations can make it easy for customers to find the location that best suits their needs. This can be updated easily with what equipment is available, where, and when. Remove all the questions from bookings by providing full information on the product pages and allow them to be added to the calendar or purchased from that page.

Photos, descriptions, pricing, and availability are all available. This makes it the easiest to book and time efficient for every user.

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BCF a equipment sales WordPress theme

If you are looking for a direct and minimal WordPress theme, this may be the theme for you. With only one page or multipurpose, it offers an easy-to-build and use website. Make space for all the vital information across the top with the well designed header and footer. Details are included within the slider and allow for images to show the items or projects that are available.

This page is ideal for rentals of equipment, tables and chairs, venues, marketing or design agencies, and many other consultants. It flows easily and has minimal clutter. Ideal for those who want to get right to business and save time by avoiding extras. Offer sales or rentals for your equipment or venues. Easy to edit, this page can be built and live on the same day.

AutoPro by JWSThemes ( ThemeForest )

AutoPro equipment rental wordpress theme

For your car, machine, heavy equipment, and farm equipment business, this offers all the functions you need. The AutoPro presents a clear and easy to navigate website. With several pages and templates, there is something for everyone. Change the widgets, sidebars style, colors, photos, images, descriptions, and fonts to fit your brand.

Each product can be displayed and explained easily with several list styles available. There are over 20 demo pages and layouts to choose from. Make each page fit your needs by choosing the right template and adjusting the layout. Highly customizable, this theme has everything you need for your rental site. Each of these layouts is on trend and attractive to both professionals and hobbyists and can be adapted for a model of cars, planes, trains, and more.

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Equipo by Enovathemes ( ThemeForest )

Equipo a Equipment website Template

If you want a magazine or flyer style website, Equipo is for you! The layout is clean, clear, and precise. Besides all templates created with bootstrap and HTML, CSS is valid with the . Allow your clients to shop in a way that is familiar and intuitive. Navigation is fast and simple, with links to product pages, bookings, sales, and more. Use the blocked sections to focus on top sellers or most in-demand items.

Anyone renting or selling tools, farming equipment, heavy equipment, construction supplies, auto supplies, electronics, or toys will find this page easy to use and effective. The style creates a familiarity that makes shoppers feel comfortable interacting and navigating the site. Accept the top payment methods through the shopping cart functionality or accept bookings online.

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RBpazt by Leebrosus ( ThemeForest )


Represent your business with professionalism and focus with any of the homepages in this equipment rental WordPress theme. Newspaper styling and labeled sections make it easy to navigate and find what is needed. Detailed order forms and booking details make it easy to ensure you have all the information that you need. Ensure easy contact through social media links, email, and phone links, and contact forms. The shopping basket and booking calendar are great for either sales or rentals.

Ideal uses include tool rentals, construction equipment sales and rentals, parts and supplies, and heavy equipment rentals. By using the included blog and post, you can share how to use the items that are for sale or rent. Connect with customers through value added hints and tricks.

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Before choosing the right WordPress theme for you, view a few that may fit the style that you want. Ensure that all of the top functions are included. Each rental website should offer details of each piece of equipment, including availability and costs. Adjust each page to suit your brand, including changing the font, colors, and photos. Using a gallery of photographs can allow visitors to see each piece of equipment and find the right fit for their job.

Your website should reflect your brand with a logo and contact information easily visible. Make it easy to contact you by providing social media links, email addresses, and phone numbers on each page. Renting and booking equipment online allows your business to be working around the clock and accepting bookings even when the offices are closed, increasing your bookings and return customers.

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