The Easiest Way To Build WordPress Mobile Apps of Your Website.

Imagine, you have an online blog ,news or company website. You update frequently and follow the best SEO and marketing practices. But, you earn less than your competitor. Now, where do you lack?

The simple answer is the mobile app.

A responsive website is a necessity these days. However, they can not give the quality on-go user experience that mobile apps give.

Mobile apps are a convenient way to deliver your content. To convert your WordPress website into a mobile application is not difficult. It is very easy, in fact. The right plugin is all you need.

In this article, we will discuss 4 best wp plugins to convert a website into a mobile app.

What Website Can Do?

A responsive site builds your brand’s credibility. SEO optimized websites are necessary to get new users. If you can’t bring new users, the mobile apps is of no use.

What Mobile App Can Do?

Native WordPress mobile apps help retain customers. Websites can not do that efficiently. Here are some contributing factors:

  1. provide better performance. First of all, they load including faster.
  2. It is easy to improve UX by integrating your app with mobile device functionalities. Camera use, touch ID, and more examples can be found.
  3. Push notifications build WordPress strong brand awareness. They remind users to check in regularly.
  4. Combining the benefits of a responsive site and a mobile application yields the best results.

Four Plugins to Convert WP Theme into Mobile Application



Convert your WP theme into a native mobile app for iOS and Android effortlessly. MobiLoud comes with a customizable interface that integrates your existing theme and plugins. WooCommerce is no exception.

MobiLoud’s team is on hand to manage the building and publishing processes. They take pride in their top-notch support. Here are some key features.

  1. MobiLoud is really suitable for high-traffic WordPress websites.
  2. It lets you publish your app to Apple and Google Play stores.
  3. Industry-standard features. Push notifications, offline support, etc.
  4. MobiLoud labels your app. That makes MobiLoud branding less visible.
  5. Service is fast and affordable. Average development agencies are expensive.
  6. The starting cost of setup and configuration is $950.
  7. Starting costs of ongoing updates and maintenance plans are $199 per month.

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Is your budget too tight to handle Mobiloud? Probably you should try AndroApp.
Create an android app for your WordPress website, quickly and easily. AndroApp will give you a complete app. You will find all your required custom features.

AndroApp comes with a large selection of themes. There are a plethora of options to monetize your .

Unlimited push notifications, caching support and custom branding are the key features.
There is one drawback. It is not compatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress.
AndroApp is quite affordable. Maintenance is hardly $66 annually.

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It connects an app made with AppPresser’s service to your website. It does not convert your WordPress site into an app. You have ultimate control over your platform’s design.

A great visual builder makes it possible. This builder is similar to WordPress Customizer.

Here are some key features:

  1. An easy-to-use builder of AppPresser, helps you design your app.
  2. The live app preview lets you enjoy instant visual feedback.
  3. Features like Facebook login, social sharing and push notifications.
  4. Access to device functionality. That includes contacts, cameras, and more.

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A quality plugin that lets you convert your WP site into an app for android, , or both. It is very easy to use. Configuration and customization options are available right in your wp-admin/ dashboard.

WPMobile.App provides free apps testing, also. Unlimited updates and support are some of the key features.

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The Conclusion

All these plugins give an easy way to get a mobile application from your website. They are speedy and low-cost solutions. Get started with mobile applications, now.

These plugins will improve your website, and increase traffic. You can generate more interactions with your customers.

Remember that all these plugins require intermediate WordPress skills. Also, do not forget to apply QA testing processes in the end.

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