The 7 Best WordPress Mobile Apps Builders and Plugins

Are you looking to convert the WordPress website to a mobile app with its own Android and iOS installer files?

Have an online blog, magazine, eCommerce, company, or community website. You frequently update it while following the best SEO and marketing practices. Yet you’re still earning less than your competitors, there may be a simple solution: turning a WordPress site into a mobile app.

While a responsive website is essential these days, it may not offer the same user experience as browsing on a mobile device. That’s where native apps come in, offering a convenient way to deliver your content. And the good news is that converting a website into a mobile application is easier than you might think – all you need is the right plugin.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 7 of the best WordPress app builder plugins. This can be used to create applications from a website, complete with .apk and .ipsw installer files.

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Benefits Using WordPress Mobile Apps

If you’re considering turning your site into an Android and iOS app, there are numerous benefits to be gained:

  1. Load faster than websites, which can improve the user experience.
  2. Integrate mobile device functionalities, such as camera use and touch ID, to improve user experience.
  3. Push notifications can be used to remind users to check in regularly, which helps build strong brand awareness.
  4. Combining the benefits of a responsive site and a mobile application can yield the best results.
  5. With a native admin interface, users can access your content and communicate with your business even when offline.
  6. Leverage in-app purchases or advertising to generate more revenue.

Using a mobile app builder plugin can be a cost-effective solution. Allowing you to leverage your existing website content and functionality without having to build a separate app from scratch.

1.) Universal By sherdleapps ( CodeCanyon )


With the Universal application builder interface. Build an app for the Google Play Store without having to install any plugins to your hosting or use Android Studio. In just a few simple clicks, fully merge your app with WordPress Rest API, allowing you to easily read RSS feeds. If you have to code knowledge, display blog posts and allow visitors to comment, as well as send push notifications about the latest post. Also integrate WooCommerce to showcase store products, allowing users to browse and add products to their cart, checkout, and more.

Also, the builder is developer-friendly, and exports both the APK file and source code for advanced customization. Display static web pages using the Android WebView property and optimize post templates for AdMob. Besides, change the application design elements by following material design guidelines. Also, merge all social media activities, including YouTube channels, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. With this single platform, users can easily connect to your website and social media pages, as well as your online shop.

Check out ( Universal )

2.) Fluxstore By InspireUI ( CodeCanyon )


Fluxstore offers solutions for both iOS and Android platforms. Tailored to meet the needs of larger e-commerce websites using WooCommerce. Ensures real-time synchronization between the app and storefront, providing a seamless shopping experience. With customizable design layouts, including horizontal menus, product filters, new arrival sliders, and more. Delivers a multi-purpose shopping interface. Also, the customer dashboard is packed with features, allowing users to track orders, switch to a dark theme, and more. Its smart caching system minimizes file storage on local devices for improved performance.

Furthermore, offers essential features for medicine and pharmacy stores, optical stores, and healthcare businesses. Users can upload prescription files directly from their mobile devices to the application server and schedule appointments. Additionally, the upload feature can be used for refund purposes. Also, enhances revenue generation through Admob, Firebase affiliate URLs, dropshipping API, and other monetization options.

Check out ( Fluxstore )

3.) MobiLoud WordPress Mobile App Plugin


MobiLoud offers an effortless solution to convert WordPress sites to mobile apps for iOS and Android. With a customizable interface that seamlessly integrates your existing themes and plugins. Their team manages the entire building and publishing process, providing top-notch support.

One of the key features of MobiLoud is its advanced HTML, CSS, and PHP editor to customize the app’s presentation, just like on wp-admin. Add custom fields, fonts, styling, icons, and more.

Also ideal for high-traffic websites, with the ability to publish apps to Apple and Google Play stores. Their labeling of the app makes their branding less visible, and their service is both fast and affordable compared to average development agencies.

The starting cost for setup and configuration is $950, and ongoing updates and maintenance plans start at $199 per month.

Check out ( MobiLoud )

4.) AppPresser From


AppPresser’s plugin allows you to connect your site to an app built using their REST API service, without having to convert your site into an app. This means that you can maintain complete control over your platform’s design.

The plugin comes with an easy-to-use visual builder that’s similar to the Customizer, making it simple to design. With the live program preview, you can see instant visual feedback and make changes on the modal. Popular features like Facebook login, social sharing, and push notifications are also included. Plus, access device functionality like contacts and cameras to enhance the user experience. Best of all, the AppPresser plugin is completely free.

Check out ( AppPresser )

5.) WappPress


If Mobiloud’s pricing is a concern, WappPress provides an affordable option to easily create an Android app. Offers a complete solution with all necessary custom features and a wide selection of themes to choose from. Compatible with popular themes such as , KadenceWP, Flatsome, , OceanWP, and more.

One of the key features of WappPress is real-time conversion, which allows for instant updates and syncing of data between the site and the app. Also provides unlimited push notifications, analytics support, and custom branding options.

Other features the ability to select and customize a launcher screen without any coding knowledge. Use a unique landing page for the app, and upload custom icons, logos, and splash screens to match your branding. Furthermore, it allows the use of different templates on the Android app and the website simultaneously.

Check out ( WappPress )

6.) WPMobile


Create a professional-grade iOS and Android app without needing to work with PhoneGap, React Native, or Objective-C. This plugin can convert WordPress to mobile app for either Android, iOS, or both with ease. Configuration and customization options are available directly from your dashboard.

Offers free program testing and provides unlimited updates and support. An excellent choice for those seeking hassle-free app development. With real-time statistics and the ability for users to search for content directly from the app.

Check out ( WPMobile )

7.) WebViewGold By OnlineAppCreator ( CodeCanyon )

By OnlineAppCreator

WebViewGold is a solution for those who don’t want to develop individual applications for their websites. And Who are looking for existing responsive and AMP layouts to load into a mobile app. With WebViewGold, easily connect your website’s domain URL to the app builder and export an APK file. This way, you can keep existing design templates and assets like Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, and more.

Furthermore, has limitations on offline communication as users may encounter errors without an internet connection. Also not recommended to use for larger websites, but it would be best suited for niche blogging and small businesses, such as car showrooms, farm, dental care, and more.

Check out ( WebViewGold )


Converting WordPress to a mobile app is now easier than ever with the help of app builders and plugins. These tools enable you to create fully functional and personalized mobile apps. Without the need for complicated coding or software like Visual Studio, SDK, Ionic, or Xcode. With a variety of options available, including free and paid solutions, choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Overall, these innovative solutions provide an excellent opportunity to expand your audience.

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