The 10 Best Textile Industry WordPress themes

Textiles is a large industry that has many moving parts and almost limitless possibilities. To reach the right customers and establish a strong online presence, creating a website is essential. Having a reliable and consistent template design will allow any brand to reach customers around the world. With many different options for creating one, it can easily feel overwhelming in selecting the layout and functions without a textile website template.

To use a template, simply select the one that is the best fit and download it. Several strong textile WordPress themes are easy to download and launch. Once the right fit has been selected each part can be customized. Layouts, payments, colors, images, and fonts can all be changed in any textile industry WordPress theme to fit any textile business.

Top textile website templates will be easy to edit. Drag-and-drop editing is convenient and familiar to everyone. By customizing any theme, the website will be unique and professional. Attracting new customers becomes natural with a strong site. Consider payment options, stores, menus, and navigation. Many can also have added widgets or plugins to increase capabilities. Flexibility is necessary to set each site apart from the rest. There are nearly endless opportunities and ways to personalize each one. Every website is certain to be different from the next.

Consider checking out our collection of WordPress themes designed specifically for the fashion store and men’s fashion.

1). Manufacturer By StylemixThemes ( ThemeForest )

Manufacturer By StylemixThemes

For a professional and smooth textile manufacturing theme, this may be for you! It offers fast loading speeds and the ability to adjust each section. Choose from several included homepages for any industry, weaving, knitting, or dyeing. There are predesigned pages for factories, textiles, online stores, electrical, manufacturing, and several others. Each is created for your ideal customers. Include text, video, and audio for an immersive experience. Included are a full online catalog and a full store. Allow guests to both browse your full line and purchase items they need.

The presentations were designed to fit each industry after researching what they need. This provides a strong base for the most successful websites. Experiment with layouts and color schemes for a comfortable user experience. Also, seamless integration with WooCommerce enables the sale of various physical and digital goods. All shopping cart modules necessary for a smooth shopping experience must function without any errors. Moreover, custom layouts and design blocks were added for the single product page, shop, and other essential components.

Also, the Manufacturer theme aligned Elementor, Layer Slider, Gravity Forms, , WPML, and other plugins. Which will ensure maximum functionality and modification of a website. In addition to the global configuration. you will also get a panel within the WordPress dashboard that allows for a made-to-order overall look and feel of the template.

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2). Fabric By AxiomThemes ( ThemeForest )

Fabric By AxiomThemes

Fabric is the ideal theme for fashion and fabrics. It has a strong focus on textiles, weaving, sewing, fabrics, designs, textures, and SME tailor houses. The customizable and elegant layouts and high-end feel will attract new and returning customers. Allow people to shop right on the page for the best sales opportunities. Elementor allows for easy editing with drag and drop functions. You see each change as you make it and how it will appear on the final page.

Ensure that menus are clear and organized. Include social media links for community building. Portfolios allow for the display of top products and new designs. Widgets include newsletters and social media to keep all customers up to date. Thanks to the flexible customization options of this textile website template. This feature allows for the personalization of navigation menus, widgets, footers, pages, and post templates to meet your specific needs.

Moreover, this fabric WordPress theme includes 7+ trendy landing page design demos in XML file format. Which can be easily imported using One Click Demo Import plugins or by manually uploading the XML files in the tools section. Additionally, easy-to-understand documentation is included to help you discover all the features and tools in the kit. As well as to guide you through the installation process on a hosting server. Finally, the Fabric theme is designed and developed by a power elite author on ThemeForest. which means you can expect new skins, bundled plugins, and regular updates.

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3). Startup Shop Textile Industry WordPress Theme

Startup Shop

A minimalist approach can make a beautiful site with fast speeds. The lightweight of this minimalist WP theme won’t weigh down any device. It also provides easy navigation with a lack of clutter. Detailed shopping cart functions encourage visitors to shop from anywhere. Complete targeted searches through the upgraded search functions. With several ways to filter and seek items, guests will find the right items quickly. Several key capabilities are included to create a positive experience for everyone.

Scrolling is smooth and fast, galleries show designs and products, while social media boosts engagement. Contact pages and blogs will allow customers a chance to interact with the page and its designers. Also, a default slider can attract customer attention toward upcoming offers, promotional messages, and other content. Besides, you can organize other 3rd parties carousel extensions such as Slider Revolution, Smart Slider, , and others.

Likewise, this fashion WordPress theme adheres to the standards outlined in the theme developer handbook. The front-end utilizes the Bootstrap grid system for layout and design. While the backend is powered by the . As a result, this ensures not only a classic pixel stylesheet but also top-level security for untrusted data, accessibility, and proper escaping of other code snippets. This is ideal for fashion designers, clothing stores, textile manufacturing, sewing supplies, influencers, and costume designers.

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4). Fablio By ThemetechMount ( ThemeForest )

Fablio By ThemetechMount

Looking to share your creativity with the world? Look no further than Fablio. With its unique and original design, Fablio is sure to make your website stand out in the textile industry. Whether you’re an influencer, fashion designer, blogger, or someone who loves creating with textiles. this textile WordPress theme is the perfect template to showcase your work.

With its sleek, modern design, Fablio is the ideal way to highlight your fabric, sewing equipment, dyeing services, fibers, and other items. Elementor offers a wide range of blocks, widgets, shortcodes, and sections, as well as various header and footer layouts. This makes it easy and user-friendly for you to edit your website and achieve success. Also, it works with block base editor, each block includes key functions and works in any template. Portfolios allow designers to share their clothing or textile lines with people around the world.

And that’s not all! The integration of WooCommerce software enables eCommerce modules for creating a shop website. This allows you to sell physical products, services, appointments, and reservations, with a fully automated e-commerce system. You can easily manage orders, process shipping, accept multiple checkout and payment options, and more. With this WooCommerce theme, you have everything you need to run a successful online store. What is next, all page designs are optimized for retina display, allowing your website to look crisp and clear on all devices.

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5). Floris By Azelab ( ThemeForest )

Floris By Azelab

Floris takes a minimalist approach to the fashion industry. With a focus on textiles, fabric manufacturing, textile machinery, fashion design, and styling. This template provides a strong foundation and flat web design layouts for these industries. All of the most needed functions are included for displaying and selling.

This textile industry WordPress theme is an excellent choice for all types of eCommerce. Including B2C, B2B, dropshipping, comparison marketing, and other affiliate community. Not only compatible with WooCommerce, but it also offers custom functionality and visually appealing design options. Also, the shopping cart allows multiple purchases in one transaction. WooSwatches is a premium extension that makes it easy to share the many swatches of any item.

Likewise, there are over 20 custom shortcodes that are easy to use with Visual Composer, with several variants for each shortcode. The mega menu allows guests to move from page to page quickly. These navigation tools are certain to encourage longer visits by any customer. For just $49, you will receive a download package that includes Revolution Slider, Woo Search Box, and WPBakery for free. These tools will help your website stand out from competitors with their minimal and best design.

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6). Karma By TrueThemes ( ThemeForest )

Karma By TrueThemes

The Karma theme one of the best-selling and trendy appearances makes this site stand out from others. It includes several key functions and plugins for the most effective experience. Be a trendsetter with predesigned pages, modern galleries, and included shopping functions. Any fashion design, clothing manufacturer, textile designer, cloth manufacturer, or clothing shop and styling store will find a great fit with this theme.

Change the look with one click using skins. This will adapt colors, textures, and appearance at once. Built for speed, it works on any home or mobile device. Encourage interactions with blogs and contact forms or newsletters. Fashion forward guests will appreciate the smooth scrolling and on-trend designs. The blog post supports various media types, including WebP, iframes, images, Vimeo, and YouTube videos.

Additionally, the textile WordPress theme is developed by an authentic developer from ThemeForest. Ensuring that the website has secure and optimized PHP code, proper usage of JS and CSS, and other essential frameworks. All HTML markup is optimized for speed to boost SERP rankings without slow loading times website. Furthermore, Karma is compatible with the most popular plugins, including Karma Builder, UberMenu, LayerSlider, BuddyPress, and more.

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7). Shoper ( pro ) Textile WordPress Theme

Shoper ( PRO )

Shoper pro is a reliable and efficient template for your fashion or textile and garments webshop. You are free to use any type of digital storefront, such as accessories, pharmacy kits, grocery items, and other beauty care goods. The WordPress theme is designed for both functionality and presentation. Using top plugins it offers a full shopping experience. For a smooth shopping experience customer profiles and shopping baskets are included. These allow for wish lists, matching items, and fast checkout. Several payment options can be used.

Launch your new blog to connect with customers and publish articles and news updates. Include detailed descriptions and the inspiration to build a connection with customers. Use email and newsletters to keep customers up to date. Focus on new items to keep people returning.

Morevoer, the UI best practices, ensuring color contrast, branding anchors, and styled links are utilized throughout all templates and template parts. Also, the template code adheres to WordPress best practices, including Action Hooks, Well-Commented code, and Codex compliance. Finally, the screenshot views and real preview of the demo can aid in taking a decision to use the theme for a multipurpose site.

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8). Qtex By WPRollers ( ThemeForest )

Qtex By WPRollers

Focused on clothing and design, this template offers a great starting website. Easily customize aspects such as fonts and colors, and add personality and originality for optimal results. It offers a bold and starter design that fits well with the industries involving the textile industry. Clothing manufacturing or design, fabric, garments manufacturing, and sewing, among other creative outlets.

Likewise, Qtex includes a colorful home page with dozens of inner pages. That offers a simple and comprehensive view of all aspects of web designing. Allow views to be on any device with mobile compatibility. Add interest and originality with animations. Sliders and detail pages share the best of each item with any visitors. Keep navigation simple and direct through organized menus. Smooth functions keep people engaged longer.

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9). Styler By Ninetheme ( ThemeForest )

Styler By AuburnForest

Experience a dynamic website with the clean roadmap of Styler by Ninetheme. With Ajax, this theme offers a wide range of effective tools for detailed searches and exact results. Its fast speed and smooth loading on any device make it flexible for all users. This multipurpose template is perfect for businesses that value style and design. Making it an excellent choice for textile companies, photographers, designers, artists, embroidery and tailoring businesses, and more.

Each section shows the strengths of the items presented. A shopping cart allows for multiple purchases to be made with one checkout transaction. Accept payment from many different options including PayPal, credit card, debit card, and more. Also, some remarkable features of the theme include an autocomplete search function, popup, and modal builder, visual product variation options, and more. These features can significantly enhance your marketplace sales.

Customize every single element to your liking through a powerful options panel. Edit every part of each page for maximum flexibility and control. You can not only control the design elements such as color, fonts, and typography. But also customize the settings of each module and functionality. Use this textile WordPress theme as a designer as well as a template.

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10). By Themeisle ( ThemeForest )

Jaxon By Themeisle

Let’s take a look at the Jaxon theme by Themeisle, an open-source licensed theme. Whether you are creating a textile site, a design space, a small business website, an agency portfolio, or any other startup. Jaxon offers a versatile and customizable solution.

Each factor has been considered and adapted for. Block based editing allows you to add any images from your own device. Adapt the lighting and layouts for best results. Include newsletter signups and contact forms to engage clients throughout their visit. By adapting colors and fonts to show the creativity of each piece they will be shown in their best light.

Several unique patterns and multiple styles are ready for use. Personalization is used to ensure it is different from all other sites. Editing has never been easier than with live view. See how each change will affect the overall appearance as you make them. The Jaxon is the perfect companion for Gutenberg and other page or alternatives builder in WordPress.


Creating a unique website is crucial for any clothing or textile business. Therefore, must to choose a highly editable WordPress theme. It is allows customization of fonts, colors, images, and blog posts to fit the specific needs of the business.

In this article, I highly recommend the Manufacturer theme. its combination of expensive design and features that are perfectly suited for the fabric industry. For those looking to create an online storefront, Styler and Karma are excellent choices.

Each of these top templates provides a strong starting point for creating a perfect website. Besides, shopping experience that reflects the individuality and style of your business.

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