7 Best WordPress/ WooCommerce Course Booking Plugins

There are many WooCommerce course booking plugins available on the market. And it provides many regular benefits. Sad but true, there are so many common tools available that they don’t address your striking features and unique needs.

So, are you bored of losing buyers because of a confused and unfit appointment tool? And do you like to experience a larger bookings amount and optimize your expertise? No worries, Cause I’ve come with a handy list of the best WordPress/WooCommerce course booking plugin.

But before starting the list, I love to show how you can get benefits from it.

Advantage of Best Course Booking System WordPress:

All the plugins offer many unique features that’ll help you customize and advance your site. Likewise, upholds your client to take advantage of their convenience. Below are some special reasons:

  1. You can handle bookings perfectly by configuring daily or hourly appointments.
  2. You can control the bookings and appointments services you propose.
  3. Clients can book depending on the harmony or suitability.
  4. Also, you can send notices or upcoming info by email advice.
  5. It’ll provide the best user experience by giving the bookings a boost.

Now, I assume that you may know how the best plugin can help you and your clients. So, come back to the topic and start our today’s listing.


Bookingo - course booking system WordPress

If you want to make various appointments for many industries between one website, Bookingo will be your perfect choice. It’s a powerful course booking system WordPress plugin for small industries, trainers, and schools. But it’ll perfect for a driving school, or swimming school, language.

It allows you to make endless classes and groups between the course. You’ll be able to define student limits, class span, the number of lessons, or even start/end date and time. Also, you’ll be able to draw the trainer’s place, contact, and other more news.

Top Features:

  • 100% Responsive, Pixel Perfect, and Mobile Friendly
  • Endless Courses, Groups, or Appointment Forms
  • Notify by SMS, Email, or Other Friendly App
  • Support with Paypal, Stripe, Cash, or Other
  • Allows to Put Course Registration Start/End Date and Time
  • A 01 Click Importer, Demo Content, and Cross Browser
  • Make Promo Image or Video and Coupons
  • And Many More

This plugin’s great advantage is the power to clarify your form fields. Hence, you’ll be able to make your form using a simple editor.

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WooEvents - WooCommerce course booking

Suppose you want to make an event and sell tickets and you get tired. In that case, WooEvents will be your best friend. It’s a powerful WooCommerce course booking system for an event, class, and calendar. Plus, it’ll work for the events scheduler to handle your every online event with ease.

It helps by allowing the guests to register an account, submit, and booked. It will enable displaying a countdown timer up till the event start. And also allows your events to be displayed on a map based on users’ places. Plus, you’ll send emails as a reminder to users when the appointment confirms.

Top Features:

  • Bookings, Recurring, and Users Submit Events
  • Custom Ticket, Limit Ticket, and Free Ticket Bookings
  • Notify by SMS, Email, or Other Friendly App
  • Listing Filter, Upcoming, Ongoing or Past Event
  • Coupon Code and Many Payment Modes
  • Shortcode for Calendar, Table, and Timeline
  • Superb Simple setup and Entire Documentation
  • And So On

And top of that, it’ll help block booking before your event day to start. Plus, it’ll give you Barcode and PDF invoice help.

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If you need a tool that gives you tutor info, scheduling, and student appointment, BirchPresswill be your best choice. It’s a robust WordPress class schedule plugin system for tutors and students, subject, report, review, and calendar. Also, you can use it for business descriptions, payment settings, tax, and email with ease.

It allows business owners to have a handy admin menu to manage their tutoring business. Besides, all tutors, students, and admin will receive an email to arrange for the schedule. And its Dashboard displays the exact situation of the company. For example, it’ll displays the revenue over time, snapshots, latest booking, and insight.

Top Features:

  • Logical Appointment Steps and Efficient Admin Menu
  • Bookings, Reports, and Reviews
  • Manage Basic Info, Course, Subject, and Reports
  • Course View, Course List, and Enrollment List
  • Receipts, Analytics, and Many Payment Modes
  • Notify by SMS, Email, or Other Friendly App
  • Include General Setting, Payment Setting, and Email Setting
  • And Much More

And above all, after completing students their lessons, they’re to review the teacher. In similar, teachers will also deliver reports to students.

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ARB Appointment Reservation and Booking Plugin

ARB Appointment and Booking Plugin

ARB tool comes to help your users reserving Resorts and Hotel rooms. It allows users to make an appointment with a Doctor, Salon, Renting Products, and many booking businesses. And it’s the most flexible, easy to use, and manage appointment tool, built on WooCommerce.

To clarify, it adds Request for Quote features, and also, it allows users to consult. Plus, you as admin can place custom pricing for whom that requests for quote. When an appointment confirms, you can inform by sending an email.

Top Features:

  • Filterable and Sortable Appointment List
  • Nice and Clean Client Area
  • Edit, Cancel and Make Payment
  • Confirm Appointments Manually
  • Discount Coupons and Many Payment Modes
  • Email Notifications and Reminder
  • Translation Ready and WooCommerce Compatibility
  • And Many More

On top of that, you can allow the clients to book at much different timing. For example, they can book by hours, days, monthly, or even by minutes.

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CourseBookingSystem by ComMotion

Course Booking System

Course booking system WordPress plugin comes for all who require a booking system. For example, it works for a doctor, studio, club, office, and much more. Yet you can also use it for a hairdresser, stylist, restaurant, vacation rental, service provider, or more. Also, you can sell products, cards, offers, and more online.

It also displays the optional status, so your users can know which rooms are still usable. Thus they can register an appointment at little notice. With its customer account, users can overview the bookings and buy from your online shop. Besides, you can make permanent appointments for specific customers and thus you can reward them.

Top Features:

  • Opening Times and Timetable
  • Allows to Put Course Registration Start/End Date and Time
  • Bookings, Reports, and Reviews
  • Attendance Indicator and Customer Account
  • Permanent appointments and Subscriptions
  • Email Notifications and Reminder
  • Translation Ready and WooCommerce Compatibility
  • And so on

Above all, you will get total evaluations and statistics about all your sales and dates for the specified time.

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WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings comes to help users book classes, appointments or reserve items on their own. So that you can save time and stress by booking in their freedom. And on a quick note, you can let your calendar do work for you from your site. In a word, bookings make it possible for your clients to choose the options they want.

For example, you can set specific choices, like for a class, meeting, or guided tour. Also, you can let buyers choose the best time to work with flexibility. Besides, they can book one-by-one appointments or many person events. And with it, you can set special offers, pricing for groups or selves.

Top Features:

  • Display Availability, Require Approval, and Free Removal
  • Send Reminders by Email
  • Can Manage by Your Calendar
  • Can Furnish Bookings a Boost
  • Help Enhance Customers Experience
  • Free Accommodation Bookings Addon included
  • Never Receive Double Booked
  • And Much More

On top of that, you can offer an addon for service using product addons.

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YITH Booking and Appointment

YITH Booking and Appointment

If you need the easiest way to a booking system from your site, YITH Booking and Appointment will serve the best policy. It’ll help the appointment services, like rooms, hotels, cafes, doctors, with comfort tools. YITH is a modern appointment system that can use both customers and vendors.

It’s perfect for all experts who can’t put together their business for deals alone. Also, it empowers you to build dynamic booking systems. Besides, It lets you regulate the booking by season, date, time, people involved, and more. Allows you to execute primary searches from the website practicing advanced search filters.

Top Features:

  • Design Fixed Appointment Units
  • Avoid Unwanted Bookings
  • Accept Booking Requests
  • Make Appointment with Many Durations
  • Set Feature in Products
  • Set Basic Price and Extra Cost
  • Make Search Easier
  • And Many More

And most importantly, you can display the check-in and check-out info to clients on your product page.

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So, if you want a plugin for a class schedule, report, review, or sell tickets. Or, need a plugin for booking a doctor, hotel, cafe, spa, or anything, you can choose from the above describes plugin.

At last, I think this post may help you, and if so, please don’t send your reviews to us.

In conclusion, thank you kindly for reading my article with patience. Please, don’t skip wearing a mask before leaving outside, and do sanitize yourself always.

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