The Top 10 WordPress Answer and Question Plugins

Are you looking for WordPress question and answer plugins to solve products/services or knowledge websites? Are you want a plugin that makes customer queries and answers using a ticket number? If yes, then you need not worry. Now, I will show you the best question answer plugin WordPress to build a helpdesk/ticket system.

Importance of a Help Desk

But before the start, it is right to know how a WP helpdesk can help? So, it’ll help the client, solve their doubts and thought about products in every way. For clients, it’ll help like:

  1. It’ll meet clients queries and technical problems in a quick, secure, and suitable way.
  2. Also, it can merge clients puzzles and doubts to redirect them to the right field.
  3. It also helps the clients queries by applying ticket numbers to inform them.
  4. To boost product sales, it gives the best care.
  5. Plus, it’ll help to make the clients liked it.
  6. And many more.

Hence, if you understand it, now come back to our today’s issue. And I’ve come with a handy list of plugins to build a super supportive helpdesk or ticket system.

So, let’s start the listing:

Question Answer

best amongst WordPress question and answer plugins

It is the first name on the listing to start. It comes to build a question-answer section on your site with ease. It builds for making a ready forum, QA website, and many more. With its rich feature functionality, you can design a website within minutes.

But it best fits for help site and community QA website. To make the site more advanced, it has a unique filter hooks option. For instance, filter hooks help display a vote up and count, author avatar, meta avatar name, role, and more. Besides, it wraps with plenty of shortcodes, FAQs, Action hooks, and much more.

  1. Admin in Control to Change Post
  2. Tons of Filter Hooks Option
  3. Account page and Archive page through Shortcodes
  4. Comments to Warn User by Flag
  5. Action hook to extend
  6. And many more

Above all, it has lots of features, and it made the looks is beautiful.

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Give Me Answer

Give Me Answer - Discussion Forum for WordPress

It’s a premium plugin, and you can ask many things and get the solution. And it’s very much similar likes Stack Overflow or Yahoo. It comes to build a community. But it best fits on a discussion forum for WordPress.

Besides, it’s responsive that runs on any template with ease. Also, it has user profile pages, block users, user’s walls, and many more. But to display and run the site without complexity, it includes many top features. And it wraps with five Shortcodes, many Widgets, RSS Feed, and more.

  1. User Profile Pages, Block Users, and Users Wall
  2. Responsive, Translate, and Email Notifications
  3. Five Shortcodes, Many Widgets, and RSS Feed
  4. Allow Guest Users and Warn User by Flag
  5. Search by Keywords and Auto Suggestion
  6. And many more

On top of that, it’ll give you every choice to make your site gorgeous.

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bbPress - Discussion Forum for WordPress

bbPress is an extreme, stylish, and streamlined discussion form to make a great site. It’s come to merge with your growing community. Also, it’s simple and ready to use, plus easy to integrate. On a serious note, it massive strong forum software made by WordPress contributors.

Besides, it’s open-source software and has complete installation documentation. Also, it translates into many languages. And it gives the best support, and its updates are constant. Also, you’ll have the control to divide the site’s info sections. Plus, it wraps with One Unified Admin, One Centre Account, 1 Click Install, and more.

  1. Open-source, Fast, Clean, and Ready to use
  2. Simple Setup, Complete Integration, and Simple Installation
  3. One Unified Admin, One Centre Account, and 1 Click Install
  4. Many Forums to Divide Info Sections
  5. Massive Strong Forum Software
  6. And many more

So, make a quick setup for discussion, subscriptions, and more.

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Number One Disscount Forum

DW QA Pro is a plugin that always uses and popular for everyone. And about working, it’s just like , Quora, or Yahoo. Plus, you can add all queries to the page of your choice. Also, it’s obvious to submit queries on the sidebar.

Besides, you can take complete control to handle the Q&A option. For example, it helps you to edit, erase, sticky, pursue on the frontend. It wraps with solid Admin configure, Voting, Instant Search, RTL, and more. Along with that, it’s faster than others, easy to use, and has extended docs with support.

  1. Easy to use, Extended Docs, and Faster than Others
  2. Eight WordPress Widgets and Seven-Email Notifications Templates
  3. Social Sharing, RTL, and Spam Control
  4. Advanced File Management and Advanced Permission Settings
  5. Modern Theme, Styles, and User Mention
  6. And many more

And the most important part, it’s blended with reCaptcha / FunCaptcha. So, don’t worry about offensive spam.

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Awesome Support

Awesome Support - WordPress ticket system plugin

It’s unique, multipurpose, and extraordinary software. And it’s the number One WordPress ticket system plugin as of today. Also, it similar likes a SAAS solution feature set. For example, features like Zendesk or Helpscout. After filling up the queries on StartUp Wizard, it’s ready to use for clients.

Besides, users can present tickets from the front end. And agents can respond to them by the backend. All data is private in between the client’s and agents. Plus, you’ll have control over how many, large, and when files will upload.

  1. Ticketing, Time Tracking, and Custom Labels
  2. Sorting, Filtering, and Security
  3. REST API, GDPR Ready, and File Upload
  4. Many Departments, Custom Fields, and Restricted Access
  5. Gutenberg and WooCommerce Integration
  6. And many more

Above all, it’s 100% compatible with the topmost editor Gutenberg.

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KnowledgeBase Glossary

KnowledgeBase Glossary

It’s an advanced plugin that comes to builds FAQ, Glossary, and more. With it, you can use three unique modes. For instance, first, Standard mode, Second, FAQ mode. And last but not least, an outstanding Glossary style. Also, it helps you with files attachment, queries for articles, upvotes or downvotes, and more.

Besides, you’ll be able to build HelpDesk ChatBot with many languages. And you can do it with ease and faster way except for Glossary mode. Plus, it’s the complete support methods for ChatBot, KB, FAQ, and more. And it also helps with addons like Live Human Chat and Support Ticket.

  1. Powerful Live Search, Export Import, and Easy Shortcode Generator
  2. HelpDesk ChatBot AI-Powered and Works with Any Language
  3. SideBar, Widgets, and Newsletter Subscription
  4. ChatBot Widget ShortCode, and Click to Chat Link
  5. Pages Allow Users to UpVote or DownVote and Display Related Articles
  6. And many more

Above all, it enables you to rapid icons for WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Phone Call.

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MinervaKB Knowledge Base

It’s a solid FAQ module that comes with categories and an instant filter. And it has an Analytics dashboard with views, likes, and weekly or monthly diagrams. Also, you’ll be capable of the views user intend with what they’re looking for. Plus, you’ll get received the results, what they intend to search for.

Besides, it has text color, typography, FAQ module, Glossary Tooltips, and more. Also, it includes a One-click Demo Import, 1000+ Google Fonts, Shortcode Builder, and more. You can design the Homepage box through 4, 3, or 2 columns. Plus, it wraps with Translation, Gutenberg ready, WPML ready, and RTL support.

  1. Responsive design, One-click Demo Import, and Optimized for speed
  2. Ajax intuitive Live Search, Search Analytics, and Shortcode Builder
  3. Text Color, 1000+ Google Fonts, 600+ icons, and Typography
  4. WooCommerce and Google Analytics integration
  5. Gutenberg ready, WPML ready, Translation, and RTL support
  6. And many more

And the most important thing, you can add documentation and track instant performance.

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wordpress question and answer plugins

AnsPress is free and top between the WordPress question and answer plugins. It comes to build a Q&A site, like Quora and Stack Overflow. But people can use it in many ways, like an internal Q&A board, bug trackers, FAQs, and more. It’s developed with developers in mind so that it can extend to suit your needs. And it becomes trusted by lots of companies and sites.

Besides, it supports shortcodes, reCAPTCHA, many languages, email, and more. You can also override its template layouts overall. Cause its source code pursues WP coding standards and well commented. It also includes free addons, like Tags, Bad Words Filter, Dynamic text Avatar, and more.

  1. Basic user profile and Shortcodes Available
  2. Submit, Filter, Order, Edit, or Delete Option
  3. Vote and Select Best Solution
  4. Many Languages Supported
  5. Comments to Warn User by Flag
  6. And many more

Above all, it includes many free addons to make your site more gorgeous.

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Sabai Discuss

Sabai Discuss - Discussion Forum

It’s a premium Q&A tool that can make a site like Stack Overflow or Yahoo. It comes to create a community-guided Q&A website. It’s come to build not only a Q&A site but a discussion forum or alike a helpdesk portal.

Besides, it’s a responsive, flat design, and unique tool to give you proper support. You can build search and filter forms by using a visual form editor. But it includes Custom fields, Five shortcodes, Nine widgets, and many more. What’s more, you’ll have the control to tag the queries. Plus, it wraps with User profile pages, Translates, RTL, Post Q&A from the frontend.

  1. Search Queries and Solution by Keywords and Category
  2. Custom fields, Five shortcodes, and Nine widgets
  3. User profile pages, Translates, and RTL
  4. Post-Q&A from Frontend and Tag the Queries
  5. Comments to Warn User by Flag
  6. And many more

So, make hurry and download the Sabai Discuss tool to create your great site.

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wpForo Forum

wpForo is the best forum tool that comes with responsive layouts and styles. And it merges with every aspect to run a valuable and professional community you need. It’s a modern, strong, and fantastic forum that has lots of great features. And it’s created for both small and large platforms or communities.

If you use another forum and want to migrate, you can do it by the Go2wpForo tool. For the user, it has a live notification system and an advanced user profile system. Besides, it has Four different layouts, Six sets of color Styles, a Drag and Drop system, and more. And it wraps with built-in forum Sitemap, Cache System, Antispam, and many more.

  1. Responsive layouts and styles with Unique design
  2. Migrate other forum using the Go2wpForo tool
  3. A Live notification system and an Advanced User profile system
  4. Built-in forum Sitemap, Cache System, and Antispam
  5. Six sets of color Styles and a Drag and Drop system
  6. And many more

Above all, it has social network share buttons with BuddyPress integrations.

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is a powerful HelpDesk and ticketing system packed with features to provide exceptional customer support.Like any other help desk plugin, this plugin will generate tickets for all of your customers’ questions, concerns, and issues. However, unlike many other SaaS-based WP plugins, WSDesk does not store your information in cloud storage. Instead, it saves all of your data locally, making it one of the best support desk and ticketing system available. There are no restrictions on agent profiles or tickets.

  • There are no restrictions on agent profiles or tickets
  • Triggers and automation can be set up based on a variety of conditions.
  • Google Chat can be used to send custom messages and ticket notifications to agents.
  • Using IMAP or Google OAuth, you can convert your unanswered emails to support tickets.
  • For commonly asked questions, WSDesk allows you to create and save message templates known as Canned responses.
  • Custom reports for data analysis.

WSChat, a live chat plugin, integrates seamlessly with WSDesk. If the same customer service agents handle your website’s helpdesk and live chats, you’ll save much time as you can easily import agent profiles from WSDesk without having to create new ones. You can also easily create an entirely new income stream by charging for your high-quality technical assistance combined with the Pay For Support Add-On for WSDesk WordPress support sicket system.

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So, these are the best WordPress question and answer plugins as of today. And I hope if you read this post carefully, you’ll find the best tool for your desire site. All these tools are best and both Free and Premium. So, read patiently and choose wisely which tool is helpful for you.

And if you think that I might miss or need to add some extra tools, please comment below. And we’ll come back to you ASAP with your queries.

At last, I think this post will help you find your desire tool to make an excellent site. And please don’t forget to send your reviews because those are incredibly vital to us. And stay safe, sound, and secure. And connect us for further interesting, engaging, and informative articles.

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