The 8 Best Software To Build WordPress localhost Environments

A local testing server is the best of WordPress developer’s utility belt tools. Without files transferring, you’ll be able to changes the site developing local environments. Hence, a Localhost means a local computer /server where a program is running. So, do you want to test the old or new release WordPress localhost environments?

Testing Benefits of WordPress Localhost Environments:

It’ll give you to do every possible change without changing on your live site. For example, you can change a theme, plugin, or a new version of WordPress. And you can update when you see an error before going to the live site. And to working the site, you’re allowed to do without being online.

You can also run the site without being online. Local sites work much faster in general, which makes for better workflow. Also, you’ll be astonished to see that free software will delete premiums to set up.

But I can feel here arise a vital question. And the question is, what is the top software that best fits the needs? So to answer this question, I’ve come with a handy list of the eight best softwares.

So now, let’s start the listing without more delay:

Fastest WordPress localhost software

Laragon is the first name on the listing, and I can’t think of a name to start without it. It’s the latest tech tool with a rich, fast, firm, and easy grasp. Also, it’s the best, most rapid, and powerful tool of the modern developer toolkit.

Almost every developer loves to use it because it can make apps faster and easier. Also, it’s popular in WordPress and PHP Community but massive used in Django, Flask, , MEAN, , and many more.

Its Features:

  1. Modern, Powerful, and Flexible
  2. Lightweight, Easy to Use, and Easy to extend
  3. Pretty URLs, Portable, and Reliable
  4. Mail Catcher, Mail Sender, and Terminal
  5. Quick app, Quick add, and Quick share
  6. Good news, Laragon support
  7. And much more

And top of that, Laragon works with MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.


MAMP - install WordPress locally

MAMP comes to give all the tools to run WordPress for testing purposes. It’s a free version so that you can install WordPress locally and with ease. It also comes with a premium version called MAMP PRO. And you can install extras with it like Drupal or Joomla with some clicks.

It supports MySQL 5.7 and also includes Apache alternative Nginx. Besides, it syncs host data through . And it also integrated with the leading HTTP server. Along with this, you can run it on both and windows.

Its Features:

  1. Run on both Mac and Windows
  2. Supports MySQL 5.7
  3. Integrated with leading HTTP server
  4. Syncs host data through Dropbox
  5. Includes a Premium version MAMP PRO
  6. And much more

On top of that, it’s a free one-stop web developments solution with PHP, Apache, Nginx, and MySQL.



XAMPP is the most common and useable WordPress development environment. It’s open-source, safe, easy to use and install. And it also comes to help you by adding MariaDB, PHP and Perl. Plus, its main goal to build a simple to install distribution for WordPress developers. Nowadays, it distributions for Windows, Linux, and OS X.

XAMPP has many tools like FTP server, Mercury mail server, JSP , etc. But it wraps with the phpMyAdmin database administration, Perl programming language, and more. Besides, it created for testing and deployment purposes. Also, it allows you to check the launch tools, host status and security, and more. And you’re able to check the Webalizer analytics also.

Its Features:

  1. Open-source, Safe, Easy to Use and Install
  2. Check Launch Tools, Server Status and Security
  3. Built for Testing and Deployment Purposes
  4. FileZilla FTP, Mercury mail, and JSP Tomcat server’s
  5. phpMyAdmin database administration and Perl programming language includes
  6. And much more

And above all, it packed with all elements so that it will easy to use and install.

Apache alternative

AMPPS comes to give you everything to start web apps through Softaculous Auto Installer. Its easy and streamlined installer made your site development ready to go. Its latest version packed with database and scripting languages that’s give you a robust experience of wordpress. And the best thing about AMPPS is, it’s free to download, install, and use.

Besides, it’s a small but whole box that builts in the Core. Also, it brings MySQL and programming languages into a single and integrated experience. And it allows you to code and test Perl, , and PHP apps. It also has a robust database engine.

Its Features:

  1. Easy to get and Free to use
  2. Small but Complete package
  3. Open Source Scripts
  4. MySQL, phpMyAdmin and SQLite Manager includes
  5. Allows to Code and Test
  6. And much more

And the most important part is, you can create multiple MySQL databases and manage them with ease.



EasyPHP is open-source, ready to use, and turns your pc into a personal or wordpress hosting server. It has modular, fully configurable and easy to update and extend. But it works with two different systems. For instance, first, you’ll allow to code with Devserver. Second, you can host with Webserver.

Besides, you can fine-tune the servers as you wish and then host your sites. Also, you’ll able to share your apps or demo for both long and short time. But it wraps with access log, error log, start, stop, restart servers, and many more. Along with this, it has easy IP, router and firewall configuration.

Its Features:

  1. Ready-to-use, Download, install, Code and Host
  2. Access log, Error log, Start, Stop, and Restart Servers
  3. Accessible IP, Router and Firewall Configuration
  4. Configuration Files and Manage Servers Services
  5. Fine-Tune Servers and Share Apps or Demo
  6. And much more

So, develop the site with Devserver and host with Webserver at ease.

Apache - install wordpress locally

Apache is the mother of wordpress and php, and it’s the most common, famous, and open-source software. It’s a software foundation and established in 1999. Apache software products are made available to the public at no cost. And about taking benefits from it, there are more than billions of users. Plus, it has top-class 300+ projects.

Besides, it has 40,000+ code contributors. And 480,000+ people involved with their communities. Along with this, it commits 4.1M+ code, and 4.2B+ lines of code changed. Plus, Apache compresses work with zip, ar, jar, bz2, cpio, and many more. And it integrated with lots of emails platform.

Its Features:

  1. Common, Famous, and Open-source Software
  2. 40,000+ code contributors and 480,000+ people involved with Communities
  3. 4.1M+ code and 4.2B+ lines of code changed
  4. Apache Pony mail and Common Compress includes
  5. Top-class 300+ projects
  6. And much more

So, it’s a one-stop solution to work with your desire website.

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WinNMP for WordPress localhost

WinNMP is a fast, lightweight, and endless server stack for developing WordPress or php MySQL apps. And it stands firm on the extraordinary Webserver Nginx. Plus, it’ll be accurate to say that it’s a lighter alternative to XAMPP and WAMP. But it includes composer dependency manager for php.

Besides, WinNMP packed with plenty of options. For instance, it has MariaDB 10.4.17 database server and MySQL 5.5.5 replacement for 32/64 bit. Also, it has MongoDB PHP Extensions, GeoIP, XDebug, including the WinSCP SFTP client. And for getting the best performance, it has an optimized and lightning-fast Webserver.

Its Features:

  1. Easy Access and All configuration Files includes
  2. Many PHP Versions and Version Switcher
  3. Daily Backups Optional Database
  4. Configuration Files Updated Automatically
  5. Local Servers projects, Upload, Sync and Browse with WinSCP
  6. And much more

So, WinNMP doesn’t require any additional software; plus, it’s safe to install.



It comes to make your cross-platforms local installation simple by clicking few buttons. It has an easy custom configuration with blueprints. Also, you can import an existing WordPress website or place it on a live server. And it has PHP 7, SSL, and the top-class team supported.

It’s an easy, efficient, and solid software that comes with Free and Premium services. You can run so many sites as you wish because it will take of them. And you’ll need not mess with the database or any things. So that you can build and install WordPress locally.

Its Features:

  1. An Easy, Efficient, and Solid Software
  2. Cache control access and Custom Configuration with Blueprints
  3. PHP 7, SSL, and the Top-Class team Supported
  4. Free and Premium Services
  5. Import an existing website or Place it on a live Webserver
  6. And much more

Above all, it’s best for the designer, developer, beginner, high advanced IT Gurus, etc.


So, these are the best eight software to build your WordPress localhost environments as of today. If you think I might miss some essential software, please contact me in the comments sections. And We will back to you ASAP.

In conclusion, I feel that this post may help you. So, please send your review to us because those are very important to us. And please stay safe and secure. And connect with us for further interesting, engaging, and informative articles.

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