10+ Web Icons Pack Free Download for Designers and Developers

Gorgeous icons rejuvenate all kinds of graphical user interfaces. Just one image lets you convey a whole range of things and emotions. Amazingly, they are available free most of the time. A single google search would lead you to web icons pack free download.

Icons8 Line


Plenty of ready to use and awesome icons. You may not find a more comprehensive list. Web Application, Hand, Transportation , Gender, File Type, Currency, Payment, Text Editor and any symbolss you can imagine are available. Animation editing tools are also available. To get LineAwesome Web symbols Pack free download.

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Linea Iconset

web icons pack free download

Linea Set is a free outline symbols set that features more than 730 icons. You can get this web icon pack free download. Dario Ferrando has designed Linea. There are six categories of Linea. These are basic, arrow, music, weather, software and eCommerce symbols.

A bonus web font includes basic, music and eCommerce sets. It comes with more than 300 glyph icons.

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Themify provides a complete set of symbols to use in web design and apps. The set comprises of more than 320 pixel perfect and handcrafted symbols. Themify icons draw inspiration from Apple iOS 7 and are available free for the public.

Themify is a must symbols for web designers and developers. as well as, It comes with separate versions of icon font version and WordPress version.

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Material Design

The material icons are alluring and beautiful crafted symbols for common actions and items. Download material design web icons free downloadon the desktop to use them in your digital products for Android, iOS, and web.

All of the symbols are available in five themes. You will get a range of downloadable sizes and densities. The best format for web projects is our easy-to-use web font. Material released under the open-source i.e. free for everyone.

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Octicons is one of the top free web symbol packs. A special set of SVG icons built by GitHub for GitHub. Octicons repository is a mono repository that contains distribution libraries for other platforms and languages. Figma file is used to store the vectors for all the symbols. There are 184 icons in the Octicons set. Get this web icon to pack free download as soon as possible.

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A remarkable set of icons that represent programming languages. Devicon set also speak for designing and development tools.
in addition, you can use this great icon set as a font or directly copy and paste the SVG code in your project. Each symbol comes in several different versions. Font and SVG, original or plain, colored or not colored.


Font Awesome

Font Awesome set is one of the top open-source projects for GitHub. Moreover, it is the web’s most popular symbols set and toolkit. Display your website with stunning vector icons and beautiful social logos.The flexibility of Font Awesome icons is amazing. also, you may customize their size, place, and style. It is also possible to animate the symbols. Rotate, align, pull and stack the symbol, as you want.

The design is meticulous enough to let the icons render perfectly and look great on any pixel or font size. Grab this web icons pack free download as soon as possible.

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Ionicons is a set of premium designed icons for use on Web, Android, and desktop applications. It completely supports SVG and web font. The team of Iconic Framework has designed this wonderful icon set. Ionicons are MIT licensed and completely open-source. You may get this web icon pack free download.

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Icons Pack Free Download

Glyphicons are the complete library of precisely prepared monochromatic symbols. Designers have emphasized simplicity and easy orientation. It comes in four sets. The basic set is a mixture of essential symbols and symbols for everyday design work.
The other three sets are Filetypes set, Smileys set and Halflings set.

Icons Pack Free Download

Cleanly written CSS code of Foundation 3 lets you customize your design to be any size, color, and style. The set comprises of general, Page, Arrow, People, Device, Text Editor, Media Control, Accessibility, and social. To give the a soft feel, corners are kept rounded. All icons are made up of basic shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles.


There are 490 icons in the free version. Designers have handcrafted all icons on the 16*16 grid. symbols are available in SVG, EPS, PSD, PDF and AI formats.


in addition, a great collection of more than 200 icons. For ease of use, icons have been organized into eight categories. These open-source icons are designed on a 24*24 grid. Readability, simplicity, and consistency have been the point of emphasis during design. symbols are also available in SVG format.

Bytesize Icons


A collection of hand-coded tiny symbol. Availability in SVG format allows you to adjust size and shape. It is possible to make the edges square or rounded. The file size of icons is minimal. Designers have made the designs on a 32*32 grid.

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The Final Words

We have tried our level best to include all top free web icon packs. All of them are available for download on their official websites. Just visit the official website to get best free web icon packs. We hope now you do not have to mull over the selection of best free web icon packs.

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