The 10+ Best Icons for Web Design and Development

Icons are graphic symbols displayed on computer screens that represent various elements. These icons play a crucial role in web design and development, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes.

On the front end, icons enhance the visual appeal of a website, making it more engaging and user-friendly. Whether used in navigation menus or call-to-action buttons, provide intuitive representations that guide users through the interface. Moreover, icons contribute to the overall branding of a site, making it memorable and unique.

On the backend, icons organize and enhance the admin user interface, improving the user experience. They act as frameworks, offering a library of pre-designed symbols that developers can readily use, saving them time and effort. These sleek and inspiring icon sets inspire developers to create successful applications by providing ready-made examples that align with modern design trends.

In this post, I am sharing a collection of must-have web design icon packs that benefit both UI and UX designers and developers. These icons are available for free download and come in various formats, such as SVG, TTF, EOT, CSS, and more. Let’s explore these impressive collections together.

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1.) Icons8


Icons8 provides sleek and minimal flat design icons in vector and font formats. Offers diverse usage options, including CDN integration, font packs, and the ability to import SVG icons into popular design tools like Illustrator or Figma. With a wide range of options available, Icons8 caters to various needs, whether you’re seeking symbols for emojis, comics, apps, software, and more. Moreover, released under the MIT license, allowing you to freely download, modify, and distribute them in any format.

Download ( Icons8 )

2.) IcoFont


IcoFont is a top-notch icon pack for web design and development projects. You can download individual icons or the full bundle based on your specific needs. It’s effortless to add these icons to your designs by selecting symbols from the demo. With over a thousand symbols available in various categories like abstract, business, charts, travel, medical, gym, and more. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Furthermore, as a theme development company, we highly recommend using this icon pack over others. It can greatly enhance the design of web page layouts, application UI and UX, dashboard layouts, and more. We’ve even used this icon pack in a few of our own themes, such as eMart, Joyas, Consted, and more. Feel free to check them out here.

Download ( IcoFont )

3.) Themify


Themify is a popular WordPress theme and plugin provider that has released an open-source icon pack under the MIT license. This comprehensive set of symbols is perfect for web development and design. Offering over 320 meticulously crafted and pixel-perfect icons. Inspired by Apple iOS 7, Themify icons are available for free to the public.

The Themify icon pack is a must-have for web designers and developers, and it comes in both icon font and WordPress versions. These icons are widely used in design mockups, print materials, and web projects. Within the demos, you’ll find hundreds of sample icons covering various categories, including layout control, application indicators, text editors, and social media brand icons. Enhance your web development and design projects with these multipurpose icons.

Download ( Themify )

4.) Font Awesome Icon for Web Design and Development

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a well-established and highly successful open-source icon pack, considered one of the top choices in the post. It’s the most popular set of symbols and tool kits for web design and development. Enhance your website with stunning vector icons and elegant social logos.

The flexibility of Font Awesome icons is truly remarkable. You can easily customize their size, position, color, and style. Also, you have the option to animate these symbols and rotate, align, pull, and stack them according to your preferences.

The design of Font Awesome icons is meticulously crafted to ensure they render perfectly and look great on any pixel or font size. You can download this web icon pack for free and also upgrade to the paid version to access the full bundle of Font Awesome 5. These solid icons are a go-to choice for web developers and designers, especially those creating products for platforms like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver, WrapBootstrap, and others.

Moreover, millions of websites are powered by Font Awesome, including famous sites like chapmanganato, OpenAI, Voiranime, NRK,, Galaxus, Aftonbladet, Marca, AnimeFLV, FC2, and many more. Experience the rock-solid and classic design of Font Awesome icons, making your web projects simple, elegant, and visually appealing.

Download ( Font Awesome )

4.) Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap Icons

Bootstrap is a well-known CSS framework that offers individuals the ability to use icons in templates or Figma projects. One of the remarkable features of Bootstrap is its extensive collection of over 1,800 free, high-quality, open-source icons. These icons cover various design needs, whether it’s for a security agency, a handyman flyer, an apparel shop, accessories indicators, and more. They are suitable for all aspects of web design and development. Ensure a clear preview with high-contrast visual graphics on any device. Also, each icon tag includes important HTML attributes, ensuring better accessibility. This allows for greater freedom in customizing the color, background, size, and more. Furthermore, these tags contribute to rich snippets, enhancing the overall user experience.

Download ( Bootstrap Icons )

5.) Feather


Feather offers simple and beautiful open-source icons designed on a minimal grid. It includes a JavaScript library for easy access to the entire icon pack in web development.

To streamline the process and optimize your web page, you can use a CSS class instead of repeating SVG attributes for each icon. This reduces code clutter and improves hosting bandwidth and page speed.

Feather allows you to customize the size, stroke width, and color of each icon before exporting it as an SVG file. It has an extensive collection of icons for various purposes like community, cleaning, gardening, and deals, specifically designed for web development.

Download ( Feather )

6.) Linea By Dario Ferrando ( Behance )


Linea Set is a beautiful collection of free outline symbols, offering over 730 icons for you to download effortlessly. Explore the provided URLs to access this web icon pack at no cost. With six categories including basic, arrow, carousel, video, audio, and slider, Linea Set provides a diverse range of icons to choose from. Also find eCommerce symbols like shopping cart, basket, payment, checkout, gift, discount, and more. Also, the bonus web font includes stunning branding icons such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Fandom, ChatGPT, TikTok, and more. Customize each icon’s color, stock, and size with ease, ensuring pixel-perfect examples for your design.

Download ( Linea )

7.) Ionicons

Ionicons is an excellent collection of premium icons meticulously designed for web, Android, and desktop applications. It fully supports both SVG and web font formats, providing you with flexible options. The talented team at Iconic Framework has created this exceptional icon set. What’s even better is that Ionicons are completely open-source and released under the MIT license. You can easily download this web icon pack for free, allowing you to update, change, and identify icons for your various projects. It’s a fantastic resource to add inspiration and a touch of success to your moving activities.

More info / Download



The Noun Project offers an incredibly vast collection of icons created by designers. This creative community has resulted in a diverse range of icon packs, including industrial, manganates and tattoo packs. The majority of icons are licensed under the CC Creative License, providing you with premium options. It’s a fast and reliable platform that follows high standards, making it an awesome source for both beginners and advanced users. Let the statistics inspire you as you explore this smart and user-friendly icon guide.

9.) Devicon


Devicon offers a remarkable set of icons that represent various programming languages, designing, and development tools. With this icon set, you can easily incorporate symbols for PHP, database, phpMyAdmin, HTML5, Vue JS, Laravel, SASS, and more into your designs. Also, if you’re in need of icons for popular tech blogs and brands like Apple, Google, Bitbucket, Shopify, WooCommerce, CodePen, DigitalOcean, Magento, Elementor, Slack, Squarespace, and others, Devicon is a perfect choice.

Moreover, you can utilize this versatile icon set as a font or simply copy and paste the SVG code directly into your project. Each symbol is available in multiple versions, including font and SVG, original or plain, and colored or non-colored options. Explore the best examples and solidify your design with Devicon’s fashion-forward and inspiring icons.

More info / Download

10.) Flaticon Icon for Web Design


FlatIcon is the ultimate choice for rental companies looking for a vast collection of icons and stickers. With over a million icons and stickers available for free download, you can easily enhance your design projects. The vector icons can be downloaded in various formats like SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64. Transform your designs into colorful creations by downloading high-quality stickers for websites and apps.

Whether you’re working on web, iOS, or Android applications, FlatIcon has you covered with over 17,000 SVG and web font-optimized vector-based icons. For those seeking animated icons, there are more than 7,800 options available in formats like JSON for Lottie, GIF, SVG, and After Effects.

The best part is that you can download the icon packs directly to your localhost, allowing you to access them even when you’re offline. FlatIcon is great alternatives of Storyset, Wepik, Freepik, Pngtree, and more. Experience the simplicity and elite quality of FlatIcon’s single source for all your icon needs.

Download ( flaticon )

11.) Foundation


Foundation 3’s CSS code is clean and easy to work with. They offer a custom collection of 283 icons specifically designed for web designers and developers. These icons are stored in a convenient web font, making it simple to incorporate them into your projects. Just a few lines of CSS and the appropriate markup are all you need to get started.

With Foundation 3, you can effortlessly customize these icons to suit your needs. Adjust their size, color, and style using CSS, ensuring a perfect fit for your design. The icon set includes a variety of categories, such as general, page, e-commerce, device, editor, media control, storefront, social icons, and more.

To add a touch of softness, the icons feature rounded corners. They are created using basic shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles, resulting in a clean and visually appealing collection. With Foundation 3, managing and comparing icons is a breeze. Additionally, the fonts used in these icons add a touch of elegance to your projects.

Download ( Foundation )

12.) IcoMoon


The free version of IcoMoon provides a collection of 490 icons, meticulously designed by professionals on a 16×16 grid. These icons come in multiple formats, such as SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG, and AI, making them flexible for designers and developers to use. This high-end icon collection is trusted by renowned companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung,, RTÉ, Corriere della Sera, Yahoo, and many more. Download and utilize this trusted resource for your design and development projects.

More info / Download

13.) Freebiesbug


Explore Freebiebug, a treasure trove of regularly updated icon packs with various styles, including flat icons and line icons. Find themed icon packs for special occasions like summer camps or weddings. Additionally, Freebiebug offers a wide range of free resources, including fonts, graphics, mockups, ICO, and more, making it a valuable asset for your design needs.

More info ( Freebiesbug )

14.) Material

Material Design

Discover the captivating and exquisitely designed material icons, perfect for various actions and items. Enjoy a free download of material design web icons for Android, iOS, and web projects. These symbols come in five themes and offer downloadable sizes and densities. For web projects, the convenient web font format is recommended. Best of all, the material icons are released under an open-source license, making them free for everyone to use.

More info / Download

The Final Words

The 14 top icons for web design and development provide a roadmap to creating wealthy and high-end interfaces. By comparing different options, designers, and developers can choose the perfect icons that suit their needs. Thanks to the availability of free icon packages, they can enhance their projects without any financial constraints. With a love for understanding the importance of visual elements, these icons offer an overview of the design bundle. For those seeking additional quality assets, alternatives source like Design Bombs, Dribbble, Awwwards, One Page Love, Godly, and Siteinspire provide even more inspiration and resources.

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