10+ Best PHP Learning Management System (LMS) Software

PHP learning management system (LMS) software is a vital option. It helps you to run a school or an online education platform. And in today’s world, where takes everything from us. LMS comes forward, stands firm, and plays a great role in education and economics for every nation.

LMS concept comes straight from eLearning. And the first introduction was in the late 1990s. So we can call it an online learning management system (LMS). Where lessons create and upload on systems and may access anytime, anyplace. And courses may happen on desktops or mobile devices, with websites and apps.

Besides, it’s software that automates the administration, tracking, and reporting of training events. LMSs add smart algorithms to get automated offers for courses on a client’s skill profile. Also, it stores meta-info from courses stuff to do such entries notable more exact.

Design to identify training and education gaps, utilizing analytical data and reporting.

The top LMS PHP software gives the right mixture of php learning system tools. But how to choose the best LMS software? For that, make sure it’s easy to use, fits your budget, and proves profitable with time. Plus, you can also build an online learning management system using the php framework.

But to make your work easier, we made a handy list of PHP LMS software, both Free and Premium. And for that, we did long research, analyzed all aspects, checked reviews and pricing info. Plus, we utilized all expertise to sort and curate the list with its leading features.

So without more delay, come with me to select your right PHP education software.


PHP Moodle LMS

It’s the most trusted open-source courses management system in the world. And it has millions of users for their education and training needs. It has lots of features that permit corporates and educators to do private education. Also filled with tools to make courses and countless activities with ease.

Besides, you’ll have the power to control. Start from ownership, privacy, and security to set the look and add more functionality. And all optimized for collaborative learning.

Its features:
  1. Open Source
  2. Flexible training
  3. Mobile Learning
  4. Accessible for all
  5. Security & Privacy
  6. Easy Integration
  7. Support & Community Forums
  8. Plans And Pricing
  9. Achievements
  10. And so on

Apart from the free plan, there are two more options available. For example, Standard or Find a Plan, Free to try for 45 days. And a Premium Plan, starting from $59 per year.


Chamilo LMS

It’s an open-source e-learning and collaboration software. It comes to improve access to education. It also aims to maintain a clear communication channel. Cause to build a network of service providers and software contributors. You can check their training catalog and become certified as a Chamilo expert.

It allows you to build a virtual campus for online and semi-online training. Chamilo also offered several tools for all types of learners. Its features empower users to make content with ease. And it’s back up by the Chamilo Association.

Its features:
  1. Academic/Education
  2. Personalized Course
  3. Compliance
  4. User Management
  5. Certification Management
  6. eCommerce
  7. Learner Portal
  8. Mobile training
  9. Reports & Analytics
  10. Tests & Assessments

Chamilo is a non-profit organization and doesn’t offer professional services to organizations. But they have a monthly appointment called Chamilotalk.


edloomio LMS

It’s a one-stop online training platform. And it makes education or company training much easy to build, deploy, and automate. Most online learning management systems are slow, complex, and not automatic.

In similar, you’ll see the same scenario for training platforms also. That’s why edloomio comes forward and takes the responsibility into their hand. So that you can build, deploy and automate online training in minutes.

It’s also complex enough to create content if your LMS is slow, complex, and not automatic. Like the training platform, it also takes weeks or even months for a single training.

For that, edloomio gives you the best-practice templates and user amicable training composer. So that you can build a course, guide, or training with ease. More important, you won’t need any coding knowledge or any third-party software.

Its features:
  1. Blended training
  2. Academic/Education
  3. Personalized Course
  4. SCORM Compliance
  5. User Management
  6. Certification Management
  7. Learner Portal
  8. Mobile training
  9. Reports & Analytics
  10. Tests & Assessments

It includes a free 14 Days trial software. But it also has three unique premium plans. For example, 1. start with Up to 500 people $299, Per month, billed per year. 2. Up to 1000 people A tailor-made offer based on your specific wishes and objectives. 3. Up to 5000 people A tailor-made offer based on your particular wants and goals.

Open edX LMS

It’s build to present the newest in learning sciences and instructional design. It’s a machine enabling learners to access course content, including videos and textbooks. Open edX LMS has a wiki and a discussion forum. For that, both learners and course team members can contribute.

By Open LMS, learners, course teams, and instructors use it during the duration of a course. It has both the Instructor view and the Learners view. Thus, instructors can publish studies, manage teams, edit grades, and communicate with learners. Learners also access their profile, check registration, and browse courses via the dashboard.

Its features:
  1. Advanced training tools
  2. Course Content-Type
  3. Proctoring and Secure Exams
  4. Badges or Credentials Solutions
  5. Discussion Tools, Tracking and Analytics
  6. Community Support, Management, and CMS Integration
  7. Open edX Studio, PHP LMS software, and Gradable Activities
  8. Gradable Activities and Code Graders
  9. Web Conference and Collaboration
  10. Video delivery and Brightcove Video

It’s an open-source learning management system and doesn’t offer any premium service.


Academy Learning Management System

It’s a structured course-based system for online learning. Also, it’s a marketplace script, students and teachers join for sharing knowledge. Teachers may create endless courses, video lessons, and documents from their expertise.

Students can also join the courses and make themselves skillful from anywhere. Academy also has plenty of add-ons. For example, Certificate Add-on, Offline Payments Add-on, Live Streaming, and so on. These add-ons make Academy even more powerful. But these add-ons operate with Academy LMS only.

Academy also includes an Elegant LMS Software, a new UI mockup design. And its layout gives an expert look and feels to your LMS web portal.

Its features:
  1. Advanced Course Manager
  2. Complete Responsive Design
  3. Course Wishlist and Buy Course using Carts
  4. Course Dashboard and Category Manager
  5. Instructor Dashboard, Student Dashboard, and Public instructor
  6. Manual Course Enrolment and Course Sales Report
  7. Portal Setup Settings and Instructor Settings
  8. Many Layouts and Portable Layouts Installation Support
  9. Intuitive Course Player and Invoice Print and PDF Support
  10. Many Languages and Currency Support

It has a premium plan, called Regular License, for $55 included six months of support.

Totara LMS

It’s an open-source platform that provides effective individual learning plans. It gives rich functionality to executed faster. Also, deduct a high cost compared to proprietary solutions. Besides, it’s an award-winning education platform.

It comes to support you develop, train, manage and engage your staff. Complete responsive design and user interface adjusts on the device. Also, you can maintain admiration workflows, comment boxes, and notifications.

Learners can track their progress and straight access education activities. Roles, permissions, course progression, and group activities give you accurate flexibility.

Its features:
  1. Complete Responsive Design
  2. Accessible for all
  3. Security & Privacy
  4. Easy Integration
  5. Support & Community Forums
  6. Plans And Pricing
  7. Achievements
  8. Flexible Authoring Options

It’s an open-source learning management system and doesn’t offer any premium service.


Paradiso LMS

It’s an advanced, next-generation LMS that serves any company or institution type. Also, a handy & scalable learning solution tied with vital features and advanced tools. And it’s an ideal platform for corporations, training, development, retail, and non-profit organizations.

This LMS comes with plenty of modern e-learning skills. Also, it includes online courses, live video training, progress tracking, and so on. It lets users quality training and direction to their clients, students, and partners. It wraps with robust reporting tools to expose the trends, styles, and motives of students.

Besides, users may create modules, instructions, courses and sell them to the clients. Also able to track the progress and identify crucial factors.

Its features:
  1. Academic/Education
  2. Personalized Course
  3. SCORM Compliance
  4. User Feedback
  5. User Management
  6. Certification Management
  7. Learner Portal
  8. Reports & Analytics

It includes a Free 7 Days trial. But to buy the LMS, you need to contact the vendor.


PHP Canvas LMS

It’s a top open-source LMS that is free for instructors. It’s come to make teaching and courses for everyone with ease. And it’s very adaptable, reliable, and customizable. This LMS designs to let you out from complexness and let you do your thing.

For share, collaborate, and form Canvas, there are about 300,000 users around the world. To save your time and effort, it has plenty of unique interfaces and features. It merges with everything that a learner and instructor need.

Its features:
  1. Canvas LMS, Studio, and Catalog
  2. Robust online educational tool like as
  3. Powerful Community
  4. Easy To Use
  5. Third-Party Tools
  6. 99.9% System uptime
  7. A next-generation video solution
  8. Personalized Support
  9. Supports custom integration with SIS
  10. Supports LTI integrations with education apps

You can use Canvas for Free. For that, you need to go to this page and provide the necessary info. But to buy the LMS, you need to contact the vendor.


PHP TrainEasy LMS

It’s an exact software to run and manage your training program. And it includes live Zoom meetings to attend online classes. Also, it allows payment collection for enrollment.

You’ll have the power to make many online courses, training sessions, or combine both. Also, you can make many reusable classes and assign them to sessions. You can also add so many registration fields and attributes with a student via form builder.

It includes many languages, JSON API, and a powerful certificate generation feature. It also has a signup form, session calendar, Adds slideshows, and a vital Homework feature.

Its features:
  1. Powerful API and Certificates
  2. Many Layouts and Languages Supported
  3. Configuration and Payment Methods
  4. Blog and Download Management
  5. Course and Session Management
  6. Class Management and Online Tests
  7. Student Management
  8. Attendance and Role Management
  9. Email and SMS Reminders
  10. Student Discussions and Revision Notes

It has a premium plan, called Regular License, for $69 included six months of support.



It’s an award-winning web-based open-source eLearning platform. Also, it’s a top-class LMS on manages and supplies online training courses. It builds focuses on corporate training rather than on academic needs. Plus, it has everything that your organization needs and processes.

You can create easy integration with many intranet software. And it permits you to extend functionalities with a vast range of plugins. Besides, it develops by network companies and backed by a robust and active community.

It has a built-in wizard in separate formats for exported extensive reports. Also, it includes native eCommerce functionalities, plus Cart and PayPal integration. And it wraps with powerful APIs and connectors.

Its features:
  1. Report System
  2. Sell Courses Online
  3. API Integration
  4. Responsive Layout
  5. Control on the Courses
  6. Automatic PDF Certification
  7. Create your Webinars
  8. Flexible Users Management
  9. Integrated eCommerce
  10. Automatic Notifications

It’s an open-source platform, but its free trial is available.


Edmodo LMS

Edmodo is the world’s leading education network. It comes with a goal for all learners to join in one place to reach their full potential. And it combines the people and resources needed to achieve their goals. Plus, it has some solid tools for every online school community member.

For example, it has communication, collaboration, coaching tools, and so on. Edmodo founded in 2008, and till today, they reached 70 million members. And it provides services to over 350,000+ schools in 150 countries.

Its Features
  1. Tools that Teachers Need
  2. Manage the Classroom
  3. A Platform Students Love
  4. Engage Students Safe, Simple, and Free
  5. Updates Class, Attendance, and Post Grades
  6. Streamline Communication
  7. Save Time and Effort
  8. Empower education with Vibrant Classroom
  9. Discover Passion and Improve Skills
  10. A Solid Community

It has a Free 30 Days trial. Also, it has a Premium Plan that starts from $2500/Year.


Teachify LMS

If you want to make an eLearning Platform, then Teachify will be the best choice. With it, you can make an advanced, scalable, and powerful education website in few minutes. And, Teachify builds by themeqx, a software development company.

It covers all types of needs like School, Personal Trainers, and Expert Instructors. With the support of it, you can take eLearning to the next level. Also, its single-page apps allowed drag and drop course builders. Its course creation process is even greater than ever you tried.

It meets every possibility of an online platform to build a full-fledged website. You can also design courses, quizzes, assignments to test a student.

Its Features
  1. Intuitive Course Builder and Unlimited Categories
  2. Course Search and Filter
  3. Excellent Quiz System and Course Preview
  4. Course Reviews and Rating System
  5. Instructors Earnings and Report
  6. Wishlist, Attachments, and Assignments
  7. Discussions, Course Progress, and High Performance
  8. Withdraw Earning Module and Cookie Notice
  9. Modern Lecture Page and Blog
  10. Social Login, Amazon S3, and Smart Installations Wizard

It has a premium plan, called Regular License, for $69 included six months of support.


LMS offers you the possibility to build and deploy eLearning courses. In some cases, an open-source LMS may come with little complexness. But cost deduct and freedom of design may worth it in the end. It may be the same scenario for Premium or Paid services as well. So, be careful, and read and understand wisely to take your final decision.

I hope this post will benefit you. And if you think that I may miss something, feel free to comments in the below comments sections. And at last, please send your review to us, as those very important for us. Hope you’ll stay with us for furthermore interesting, engaging, and informative articles.

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