How to install wordpress theme Manually & WordPress Directory – Easy Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Want to learn a way to install WordPress theme ? WordPress lined 34% of the most standard websites that use lovely and astounding WordPress themes. There are many free and paid WordPress themes on the online. it should seem a little difficult to set up a WordPress theme at the start, however it’s so pretty easy to configure, once you know how. during this tutorial for beginners, you’ll learn the way to install WordPress theme with ease.

It’s important to spend time selecting the simplest WordPress theme for you before you begin, as, while setup isn’t difficult, it may be time consuming. You don’t wish to waste time fixing a theme that’s not right for your site!

In this article, we area unit covering the simple guide to install WordPress theme from WordPress Directory and install WordPress theme manually via ftp.

Install WordPress Theme From theme Directory / Repository

If you’re not prepared with the theme yet, head on to WordPress theme repository. you’ll find a huge number of free download WordPress themes. Let’s get started:

  1. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard and then navigate to Appearance → Themes

    WordPress Dashboard

  2. After you are on themes page, Click Add New button to access the WordPress theme directory

    access the WordPress theme

  3. You can see the range of options to decide on the theme such as Featured WordPress themes, popular WordPress themes, Latest WordPress theme and Favorites one. In options filter section . you’ll explore the ‘Feature Filter’ option, that allows you to filter your search by Subject, Feature, and Layout. moreover, Once you click on the Apply Filter button, the themes will appear that met your can also search the theme on the search box

    popular WordPress themes

  4. When you’ii find the right one of your choice, click on the ‘Install’ button to install the theme. However, you can also take the Live Preview to see how the theme looks on your site

    install the theme

  5. Next, click on the Activate button to set it as the default theme.

Install WordPress Theme Manually Using Upload

The installation method for free or premium themes from external websites and you don’t got to surprise how you will install the external theme to your web site. The manual technique ( screenshot ) is used to install premium themes like as Business Consultant Finder , ShopStore theme downloaded from third party sources.

In this method, the file needs to be in zip format to upload and install the theme. Let’s started:

  1. As like above, Go to the Appearance → Themes.
  2. Hit Add New button.

    Appearance  → Themes

  3. You will see the Upload Theme button on the top of the page. Click on it.

    Upload Theme

  4. Once you clicked, Click the Choose File button to select the .zip file of your chosen theme and then click Install Now.

    chosen theme

Install WordPress Theme Using FTP

Using FTP we will also install multiple themes quickly so this technique is more helpful when you want to install more than one theme. Sometime the primary reason to approach to FTP method is when your server security doesn’t support you to install the theme via WordPress dashboard itself or else you can just use the WordPress built-in functionality to install WordPress theme as described in the above tutorial.

To install WordPress theme on your website manually you will need access of your site via FTP or file manager provided in your host’s control panel like cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk etc.

Let’s see well however we will install WordPress theme manually using FTP and File manager.

  1. Login to your server using your FTP server URL, FTP username, FTP password
  2. Once you are logged in, navigate to your wp-content/themes/ folder ( if you can’t find this folder, contact your web hosting company to get help )
  3. Upload your previously unzipped theme’s folder from your computer onto your server’s wp-content/themes/ folder. In Filezilla, uploading can simply be done by dragging and dropping the folder from your computer to the server.
  4. Wait for the uploading to start and complete, this might take a few minutes if there are many files and folders to upload.
  5. Once the theme has been uploaded, visit your WordPress admin area in order to activate the theme.
  6. In the WordPress Admin Area, navigate to Appearance → Themes.
  7. Look for a theme that you just have uploaded and click on the Activate button. However, you can take the Live Preview as well

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