The Top 12 WooCommerce Search Plugins for Elevating Sales

Do you want to provide your customers with the best live search experience for WooCommerce products?

Every eCommerce website strives to provide the best services and user experience to its customers. One crucial aspect of this is ensuring that customers can easily find the products they’re looking for. By default, the behavior of WooCommerce search widgets isn’t suitable for exploring semantic search or providing autocomplete by keyword. Many shoppers prefer using advanced AJAX product filters over traditional search systems. Without reloading the page, they can see the product description, thumbnail, title, and price as well customers can make a sort comparison.

Moreover, Some WooCommerce product search plugins give tools for analytics the performance reports. As well as being able to customize each row element of the query result, including attributes, SKU, tags, categories, brands, and more. Most of the extensions also offer the flexibility to customize the frontend user interface to match the look and feel of a WordPress theme.

In this article, we’ll be showcasing some of the most highly rated search autocomplete plugins for WooCommerce. Equipped with advanced algorithms that provide customers with a hassle-free way of finding products. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the list

advanced product search

It is a robust and user-friendly plugin that enables your customers to quickly find products on your online store. With its instant search feature, you can increase your sales and enhance the user. Built using jQuery Ajax and PHP object-oriented coding, with integrated WordPress hook and filter functions. This allows developers to modify various types of internal data at runtime, providing greater flexibility and customization options. If you’re not a technical person, don’t worry. With the settings options, you can easily change the color, style, search content, and more. You don’t need any coding knowledge, just a basic understanding of using shortcodes and widgets.

It offers five different widget styles and a variety of colors to match your template. You can create effective ajax inquiry forms and place them anywhere on your website pages with ease.

  • Efficiently search for products based on various attributes such as SKU, categories, tags, titles and content, and more.
  • Displays the product image in the search results for better visual representation.
  • Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with instant results suggestions while typing.
  • E-commerce theme compatibility tested on popular themes such as Avada, Porto, The7, and others.

Above all, it’s easy to use and loads faster on websites with lots of goods. Plus, you don’t need to have coding skills to create an ajax, live, or instant search if you desire.

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WooCommerce Search Engine By Guaven ( CodeCanyon )

WooCommerce Search Engine

It refers to a search functionality that allows users to easily search and find products on a WooCommerce website. It transforms the standard search box on your store into a powerful tool that can boost your sales. This plugin is compatible with all themes and offers a seamless UI experience.

  • Smart algorithm recognizes when a client types an incorrect product name and shows relevant results.
  • Allows you to build a search box that finds products by title, description, custom fields, tags, categories, attributes, and more.
  • You can place multiple custom synonym pairs, and the plugin will take them into account.
  • Provides the same smart search results for your template’s search results page.
  • You can track what your visitors search for, discover new products your visitors want, and identify products you don’t have yet.
  • You can show hot trending products of your WordPress website. as well recently visited products to your visitors.

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By FiboSearch Team ( )

FiboSearch By FiboSearch Team

FiboSearch is a search functionality that allows users to see search results in real time as they type in their search queries. By default, WooCommerce provides a simple search solution without live product search or SKU search. Fibo search WooCommerce offers alternative search capabilities with live suggestions. Allowing shoppers to save time and simplify their checkout experience. An idea for use in various types of stores, including wholesale, dropshipping, bulk deals, auctions, grocery items, and more.

  • Search by SKU, product image, price, and description in live search results.
  • Mobile-first design with a special mode for better user experience on mobile devices.
  • Details panel with extended information and “add to cart” button on hovering over live suggestions.
  • Easy implementation with shortcode, menu item, or widget.
  • Terms search for product categories and tags.
  • Search history and customizable display limit and minimum characters required.
  • Smart algorithm for accurate results ordering.
  • Support for WooCommerce search results page and grouping of instant search results by type.
  • Google Analytics and multilingual support.

SW Ajax WooCommerce Search

SW Ajax WooCommerce Search

With SW Ajax, you can create multiple customized search forms with unique search settings. Making it easy to create dynamic forms for different parts of your website.

This plugin allows users to search for products on your entire site or within a specific category using keywords, tags, and SKUs in real-time. This improves the user experience of your online store by enabling users to quickly and easily find the items they’re looking for. This WooCommerce extension has been tested with popular themes such as , Storefront, Shoper, and many more.

  • Real-time search results with product title, image, and price.
  • Compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, SiteOrigin, and Divi.
  • Free lifetime updates with world-class support.
  • Ccoding utilizes the best practices of PHP, WordPress, and JavaScript without the use of React or Vue.

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WooCommerce Search Engine

Ivory Search is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that enhances the default search functionality. Allows for customization of search forms and box layout, including CSS and design. Create an unlimited number of search forms, each with its own configuration, to perform various types of searches for on-site content.

With Ivory Search, you can easily display your custom search bar on various parts of your website. Including the header, footer, sidebar, widget area, slider, or menu. You can also display the search bar on pages, posts, or anywhere on your site using shortcodes. This provides greater flexibility in terms of where and how you want to place your search bar for optimal search experience.

  • Display the search form in the navigation menu and customize its functionality.
  • Configure the number of posts to display in search results from the admin panel.
  • Display or hide sticky posts at the top of the search results page.
  • Display an error page or list all posts for empty search queries.
  • Configure stop words that are excluded from the search.
  • Keyword Streaming – Search the base word of the searched keyword as well.

With it, you can display hot trending goods to the visitor. Also, you can display the most viewed items to the new visitors before they type for something.

Ajax Search Pro By wpdreams ( CodeCanyon )

Ajax Search Pro

Looking for the best live search engine plugin for WordPress? Look no further than Ajax Search Pro! This highly customizable addon offers a wide range of options, ensuring that you get the best possible search results. Say goodbye to the default WordPress search bar and hello to a more efficient and better-looking search engine.

With Ajax Search Pro, you’ll get a range of features including checkbox, dropdown, and radio button category filters. As well as custom field (post meta) filters. Plus, this component can be utilized through shortcodes and widgets. Besides, It is also compatible with famous page builders software such as Elementor, WPBakery, Divi, Gutenberg, and many more.

The Ajax Search Pro module will make better your store front-end with the latest great features. Flexible autocomplete query configuration support you to ideal suggest results at the store. So, create a social search at the store and speed up the finding process.

  • Works seamlessly with leading e-commerce apps like WooCommerce, Dokan, LearnPress, and many more.
  • Customizable front end search settings interface for users. Besides, four built-in layouts with over 60 pre-defined themes for each layout.
  • Built-in image libraries with extreme compatibility for image handling. Including the ability to parse through content, excerpt, custom fields, or just display the featured image.
  • Adjustable query logic to fit your needs. The default OR logic provides a higher amount of results, and the option to change to a stricter logic with a click.
  • Search statistics to give insight into the most popular phrases on your website. Also, there is a keyword performance tracker that shows the percentage of search query performance.
  • Google Analytics integration to show search phrases as pageviews on your analytics dashboard.
  • Caching is provided to reduce database queries and increase search performance for high-traffic websites.

Serious customer support, with a reply within 24 hours during workdays and the ability to open a support ticket via a link provided.

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YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search

YYITH is a expensive plugin for WooCommerce that can be quickly installed and activated. Its instant search feature provides immediate advice and results as users type their search query into the search box. It easy for customers to find what they are looking for

Besides, this tool allows you to display a search form on any page or post on your site. Making it easy for users to filter content according to their preferences. For instance, users can filter by posts, Amazon products, web pages, movies, books, and more.

If a customer can’t recall the name of a product, they can simply type in a keyword such as “amazon”, “movies”, “books”, and more. Instantly, a list of useful recommendations will appear, and the more they type, the more refined the directions become.

  • You can customize the input label and search submit button to match your site’s design and branding.
  • You can set a minimum number of characters for the search and limit the maximum number of search results displayed.
  • The premium version includes extra features to improve the WooCommerce search bar. You can explore these features by visiting the live demo available on the YITH website.

Plus, it gives detailed documentation for you to install or set up.

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XforWooCommerce from CodeCanyon

XforWooCommerce is not just a simple extension, but a complete solution for WooCommerce stores. For just $79, you can get access to over 16 essential program bundles, each one with a preview example included. Offers a variety of powerful tools, including product filters, badges and counters, floating checkout, quantity discounts, and more. To help you build a successful online store as they show examples of sites.

XforWooCommerce’s scripts add new and override specific functions and designs in WooCommerce. Live search helps users quickly and easily find the products or information they are looking for on a website. Price Commander is a tool that enables online store owners to set product prices dynamically based on various criteria. It also, provides a simple and effective solution for managing product warranties and returns. And the live product editing component allows you to make changes to a single product without having to navigate away from the product page.

Likewise, regular monthly updates have been implemented to address many customer requests in the past. You can also find helpful materials on their YouTube channel to get started.

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By Mikko Saari ( )

WooCommerce Product Search

Relevanssi is a better search engine for WordPress. Offering many features and customizable options for improved search results and presentation. Included all necessary kits like search trends, analytics, information retrieval, and more. Includes all essential kits such as search trends, analytics, information retrieval, and more. Great news! Relevanssi requires only a minimal server requirement and database space to run smoothly. Also highly compatible with popular themes such as Elessi, , Savoy, and more.

  • Log queries and show popular/recent queries with no hits.
  • Index custom post types, taxonomies, and user profiles.
  • Support for s2member, Members, Groups, Simple Membership, and other membership plugins.
  • Let the user choose between AND and OR searches, and use the + and – operators (AND and NOT).

Above all, it allows you to view real-time and notable product trace activity. And you’re able to relate it to the marketing efforts.

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by itthinx ( )


This is an advanced and robust WooCommerce Ajax search plugin that includes useful components. Designed to keep up with current trends. To identify what your customers are searching for! This extension offerings to meet current and trending demands. With the Live Search Field, customers can quickly find and purchase products. It’s a hassle-free process of finding, clicking, and buying!

Also, it enables you to view the product preview with uploaded images. Besides, it gives you translation-ready, detailed documentation, and free lifetime updates. Thanks to the Itthinx team, an awesome addon has been created that is not available on Shopify, Wix, or any other eCommerce platform.

  • Customers can find products as they type, along with images and price information, and add the product directly to the cart.
  • Gain valuable insights into what visitors are searching for in the store. with real-time and historic product search activity related to marketing efforts.
  • Advanced search algorithms that integrate with the store and the administrative control panel.
  • Providing important business insights and optimized back-end product search results.
  • All live search facilities are available as WP shortcodes, with facilities to render search results on any page template.

And the most important service is, you can set the smallest order amount.

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Advanced Woo Search

Advanced Woo Search is your best option if you want to provide a smooth, easy, and friendly user experience. It comes to helps your users to find their desired products and buy faster. Also, it allows the use of categories, tags, and SKUs to find an item. Plus, it helps you to use shortcodes and widgets to put search bars anywhere.

When you’re looking for goods, its result renders you with item images, prices, and other info. It also includes the smart ordering option according to the source priority where results are found. And it works with many page builders and supports custom tabs. Also, the coded is lightweight and doesn’t use heavy Bootstrap frameworks. With minimal settings, the search bar will seamlessly fit both light and dark versions of any website.

  • Display search results with images, prices, and additional information
  • Includes widgets, shortcodes, and intelligent sorting options
  • Supports synonyms, and diacritical marks, and integrates with Google Analytics
  • Provides a seamless, effortless, and user-friendly experience
  • Compatible with various page builders

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PWF By eye-themes ( CodeCanyon )

PWF Product Filters

If you’re looking to enhance your online sales by providing faster and more accessible product filters. Look no further than PWF Product Filters. a caching system to improve loading times. It also offers seamless filtering options, including stock status, price range, custom fields, tags, and more. Providing your customers with an effortless shopping experience.

Developers can leverage numerous hooks and JS trigger events to customize the plugin to any theme. Also enables the push of active filters for a user-friendly URL.

  • Show widgets and shortcodes in any area of your WooCommerce store
  • Works for both simple and variable products or swatches
  • Allows customers to search for products based on content, SKU, tags, or categories
  • Filters available in ascending and descending order
  • Compatible with best selling themes such as OceanWP, BeTheme, Porto, Enfold, and more

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By incorporating a WooCommerce ajax search plugin. The user experience can be significantly improved by providing fast and accurate search results. These extensions offer a range of features such as filters, widgets, shortcodes, and box styles. By enhancing the accessibility and speed of product search on their website, store owners can boost their sales.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you feel like something was missing or if you have any further questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the comments section below.

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