Top 25+ Bootstrap Landing Page Templates

Bootstrap offers a CSS structure to build a reliable frontend of a website. It is free to use and accessible to everyone. Built to create mobile sites that work on any device, it is one of the most popular CSS frameworks for beginning builders. For the most flexibility, there are many different bootstrap landing page templates and module libraries available for anyone to use.

When building a landing website, it must have all the expected factors. Bootstrap landing page examples show you how they will look when completed. Regardless of which business or person the page is for, there are formulas for how to focus attention and invite guests to the website. Choosing a theme can help to ensure that it includes all the needed information. They can create a familiar experience for guests or be creative in new and exciting ways.

To create your ideal website, look for a bootstrap landing page template with contact details, attention grabbing extras, a call to action, and all the functions you need. Use a demo to find the right one for you. The bootstrap 5 landing page template is sure to bring attention to your business.

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Mosto By pixelaxis ( ThemeForest )

Mosto By pixelaxis

Stunning bootstrap landing page examples show exactly how your page could look. It offers several customized layouts for messenger, web browsers, desktops, and more. Fully adaptable for every platform and device, it offers features that others do not.

Including pricing for your products or services, subscriptions, FAQs, and much more. Selecting a dark mode improves accessibility to all customers. Its smooth and responsive operation provides a positive experience for guests. Show your professionalism and creativity with a premium design and even animations.

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Bulkit By cssninjaStudio ( ThemeForest )

Bulkit By cssninjaStudio

For ease of use, Bulkit offers several pre-designed UI kits. This bootstrap landing page template is coded with HTML5, Sass, and Gulp 4, so that a developer can easily improve the design or customize any section. Included are over 170 premade layouts, tons of components, elements, forms, and content sections with ten color schemes. the Bulkit designs are suitable for software and development agencies, event conferences, freelancers, crypto, blogging, jobs portal, and eCommerce website.

The modern approach and layouts can keep your business on trend. Copy and paste editing is fast and the over 500 sections can be arranged in a way that fits your customers. Included is a UI kit for building an app with full functionality. Move your website to watches, mobile phones, and more.

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Techwind By ShreeThemes ( ThemeForest )

Techwind By ShreeThemes

Teachwind is an advanced and on trend landing page with over 1,000 components, widgets, and sliders. It allows you to create a page that will engage and interact with your customers. With both light and dark themes and the ability to work on any mobile device, it is accessible to everyone.

Build an marketplace, include news and blogs, including audio and video, and even create portfolios and galleries to reach all of your visitors. Include a full help center to support customers around the clock.

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MetaPortal By Frenify ( ThemeForest )

MetaPortal a bootstrap landing page template

MetaPortal is available on many platforms. It can be used for a Bootstrap landing page template, WordPress, and even React. This flexibility creates endless options for any user. Included are 5 different homepages with a 3D design, video background, or other special effects. Create a futuristic landing page and website suited for games, NFT, books, social media, video or graphic companies and more.

Top flexibility creates the site you need and that visitors want. Created for those who are working on entertainment or gaming, and who are involved in technology companies it is certain to grab the attention of everyone.

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Digilab By Colorlib

Digilab By Colorlib

Designed for a one page website, it offers a responsive and intuitive template. Call-to-action buttons help your guests navigate and interact. Intended to create a positive first impression it shows your customers your professionalism and builds trust.

Using Google Maps to locate your physical location helps customers find you. This is ideal for writers, freelance gigs, advertising agencies, tutoring, and much more. Personalize it to fit your needs and customers. Each site is clean, smooth, and intuitive to use.

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Softino By ThemeHt ( ThemeForest )

Softino By ThemeHt

This lightweight and intuitive Bootstrap 5 landing page template creates a beautiful and exciting single-page website. The flexibility allows it to work for any type of business from creative agencies, portfolios, resumes, single-page sites or multiple pages, advertising agencies, stores, writers, and much more.

For a premium experience that can be personalized for sellers, advertising agencies, marketing companies, software developers and sales, and other technology-based businesses as well as freelance workers and even electronic stores.

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Fury ( WrapBootstrap )

Fury is a multipurpose, elegant bootstrap landing page examples. It offers over 50 pages, over 200 elements, and more than 16 pages to choose from. The support team is available around the clock to help implement it with your business. Accessible by any browser and any device, it is lightweight and fast. It responds quickly to any requests and actions.

For one page or several, it offers several ways to customize. It can be used for a full store website or a one page resume or CV.

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By Createx Studio ( Bootstrap Themes )

Silicon By Createx Studio on Bootstrap Themes

Created for a technology based business Silicon theme has several pages to choose from. It focuses on advanced features. Each page and template is modern, trendy, and exciting. With a light or dark theme, it remains accessible to everyone. Video games, movies, graphic designers, programmers, and software designs are well suited to Silicon.

Slideshows and videos are attention grabbing and professional. Increase the presentation with galleries and smooth loading. Available widgets offer nearly endless functions. Moreover over, this landing page UI kit visually styled tables, accordion, blog, breadcrumb, parallax, offcanvas, carousel, file upload, and more useful HTML components.

Pagerland Bootstrap Landing Page template


If you are working with and React, Pagerland is for you! Several layouts are ready for headless backend and frontend developments. It loads quickly and smoothly. It has been created for mobile apps, web apps, start up businesses, and anyone in real estate. Designed for both mobile and desktop it allows access anywhere.

Styled Components work with the Styled System for easy editing. Adjust font and colors along with images and graphics. Server Side Rendering offers smooth loading and great SEO results. Trending features are that’s ready with react hooks and CLI ( Command Line Interface ) so that gets all new updates with a single click.

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Bootstrap Landing Page Design

Start Bootstrap

For a basic GitHub Bootstrap Landing Page this template has a lot to offer. It is easy to adjust to your own settings. Loading quickly and easily for any device or browser is a key advantage. Use the live preview to see if this page is for you!

This template was created for fast and easy editing and updates. Include email sign up and other key functions. Ideal for single page websites. This responsive theme is ready for Bootstrap 5. Stay up to date with recent releases. Also, the world’s top leading bootstrap developers are contributing to this project, one of them Founder of Start Bootstrap.

By StartBootstrap

Landing Page By StartBootstrap

StartBootstrap offer beginning web builders a strong place to start on their site. It was created to work with the latest versions of Bootstrap. The presentation is elegant and customizable. New business launches can rely on this template for a great experience.

The simplistic approach keeps the focus on the details. Ideally set up for welcome page sites or blogs it offers clean presentations. Use the live preview to see if this is the right theme for you. Writers, bloggers, artists, and photographers will find it ready for their business.

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Argon By Creative Tim

Argon by Creative Tim

Creative businesses with thrive with the Argon Design System. It uses the latest design elements and interactions for top results. With bold presentations it offers over 100 components to add and select. Each component can be individually changed in color and location. Prebuilt examples, layouts, pages, and designs are ready for use.

Online personalities, creators, actors, writers, game developers, and more will find the right fit here.
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APPAI Bootstrap Landing Page Examples


Available for Bootstrap, WordPress, and more, Appai is flexible and cross platform. This template comes with website design trends UI kits ( scrolling effects, emojis, parallax effects, horizontal scrolling, illustration blocks, and more ). Designed for applications, creators, writers, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, and other creative businesses it offers everything needed to launch your page quickly.

Choose from over a dozen homepages that are already designed. Download easily and drag and drop editing for a great experience. Use the included countdown landing page to build excitement over a new product or program.

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Laapp By 5studiosnet ( ThemeForest )

Laapp By 5studiosnet

Laapp is not only for new apps! Launch your new app or business in style. It was designed with start-up business in mind. Included are , HTML, jQuery plugins, and Nunjucks API. This help to create a smooth and SEO ready website.

Create a stunning site that people will want to visit. Several demos and pre designed pages are ready now. Also, this bootstrap landing page template is ready with Webpack format so assets and files can download, transform and upload. Also, custom design is available for breakpoints, containers, grids, columns, gutters, utilities, CSS grid layouts, and the rest common Twitter Bootstrap components.

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Foi By Bootstrapdash

Foi By Bootstrapdash

Busy business owners will appreciate the available automation included with FOI App Landing. Originally designed or launched a new app with a supporting website it is also well made for other purposes. Stunning pages for your app, library, writer’s profile, designer examples, and more are just a few clicks away.

You can create one page sites or many pages with this template. Also, the Bootstrapdash development team ensure user documentation, clear changelog, and regular update with trending web technologies.

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MobApp By Colorlib

MobApp By Colorlib

Create a beautiful website for your new app with MobApp. Creativity can flow freely throughout this Colorlib landing page template. It is easy to use and simple to navigate. A menu is included within the header to guide visitors around the site. Supported by a strong design it can be downloaded and edited on the same day.

Add your own key functions with widgets for your one page or multi-page site.

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Landing Page By Designmodo

Landing Page By Designmodo

Designmodo offers a landing page ready for any app or welcome website that you are making. It can be used with any app for any device. The clean presentation avoids distractions and clutter. The full screen slider offers ultimate control to builders and ends users.

Encourage people to try your app by using this template to show professionalismand design ability. Customize it to match the style and form of your app. Also great for books, schools, classes, lessons, and more.

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Prolab By GeniusDevs ( ThemeForest )

Prolab By GeniusDevs

Polab offers a strong and well organized product landing page. Well suited to any product, it can be customized for your business. There are over a dozen home pages predesigned and ready for download. Choose between light mode or dark .

To showcase your items, it offers a gallery set up and works with an online store. Popup videos can create a new welcome to the site. The minimalist approach loads quickly and keeps pages clear and clean.

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By Start Bootstrap


This theme is for the Bootstrap welcome page and addresses all the needs for a basic and functioning website. Extras are included such as additional homepage templates, many prebuilt pages, and easy customization. Headers and footers can be easily adapted with your contact information and a menu. Regular updates keep your site up to date and working.

Created for new products, small businesses, and beginning site builders, it was made to do the hard work for you.

SuperProps By RedQ Team ( ThemeForest )

SuperProps By RedQ Team

Styled Components make SuperProps template easy to use and customize. This landing page template deploys with Firebase and Next JS to improve functions. Created for those who have no prior experience it is easy to use for anyone. This ease of use does not diminish the professional looking results or advanced functions. With more than 30 premade templates it works for any business.

Add the top widgets and plugins to guide guests around your site. Accept orders online. Adapt colors and layouts to fit your needs. Also, SuperProps comes with hundred+ web components, icon packs, styled-components, and more. Besides, RedQ Team provides all types of support for deploying website design to server side rendering.

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By Bootstrap Themes

Coach By Bootstrap Themes

While Coach was created for coaches and coaching businesses it can also work for others. Help your next clients find you with the welcome templates. Ideal for fitness coaches, life coaching, health supplement, motivational speakers, financial coaching, and courses.

Use the live preview to see how it will look to all visitors. Several beautiful layouts are available. Create an elegant or exciting website to meet the needs of your clients and visitors. Moreover, all HTML and CSS files are validated with ( W3C ) so you will get a beautiful error-free welcome website. No matter, which country language uses support for both RTL and LTR. Also, this bootstrap 5 landing page template has several license options, stating from $ ‎49 to $‎499.

Bootsland Bootstrap SaaS Landing Page


Focus on mobile users with this theme created for mobile but adaptable for online. People are on the go and need access to your site wherever they are. Responsive, retina ready and fast loading, creates a positive experience. Created for one page sites or one-product stores, it also works for freelance services, writers, and startup businesses. Use a live demo to view it before deciding.

The premade inner pages include stores, about us, blogs, and more. Ideal for clothing, accessories, electronics, and service businesses. Also, Bootsland builds well commented code, which helps you convert this template to WordPress, Shopify, or other CMS and SaaS applications.

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Wolfram Bootstrap Landing Page Design ( WrapBootstrap )

Wolfram from WrapBootstrap

For a creative one page site consider Wolfram. Each download is complete with 6 layouts to choose from and 5 color schemes. Layouts included are app, personal, dietitian, dentist, and company or corporate. These make it suitable for any creative person, online resumes, business start-ups, and small businesses.

Sections from each layout can be added to other layouts or removed. This flexibility ensures every page is unique. Unique pages and settings provide better UX ( User Experience ) results.

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By Codeytech ( ThemeForest )

Applify a bootstrap landing page examples

Appify was made for your new app launch! Create a website for any app that you have designed for your business. Strong layouts and attractive color patterns make it fun to use. Vibrant color schemes are premade and work with gradients. These are modern and bright to engage users.

Add, remove, or move any of the modules to personalize your site. Several integrations are ready including payment processing, shopping, newsletters, and more. With purchase, you will get HTML & CSS, SASS/SCSS files, photoshop mock-ups, PHP files, and Grunt task runner files.

Unbrew By Colorlib

Unbrew By Colorlib

If you run a digital agency, design team, marketing firm, or creative store, this Bootstrap 5 landing page template might be right for you. Laid out to encourage shopping and interactions, it keeps visitors on your site longer. It runs on any device, mobile, and desktop. Easy to use for both beginners and professionals lets anyone use it. Pricing tables, animations, testimonials, contacts, social media, and galleries are all available.

Call to action buttons are included for improved interaction. Use the menu on the header to make navigation simple.

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There are many templates to choose from for your new Bootstrap framework website. They offer a wide variety of themes, layouts, colors, options, and interactions. Use the free previews to choose the right fit for you. Whether you are building a single page site or multiple pages, you can find the best Bootstrap landing page templates here and make them your own. Use the included editing capabilities to customize it for your product or service. Include functions that support your business through widgets and plugins. Selecting a responsive ready template can help build your website easily and direct new customers to it.

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