Top 5 Popular PHP Frameworks to Consider for Web Development

The best PHP framework presents a structure for software developers to build PHP-powered software applications. It’s very popular, applied by of all websites, and as a reputation more than 08 (eight) times higher popular than .

Although it’s not as popular as Python or JavaScript in name, it runs some successful websites. For example,, Facebook, and Wikipedia are the names of a few. Also, the Biggest CMS and e-commerce build using php, like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, and more well brands.

Besides, it has some great ERP, CRM, WMS, and other popular LMS (learning management system) software to run an online school. And the best companies that build these softwares are , , , and many more.

But the frameworks we’re describing will work simply with MySql, MariaDB. Also, runs smoothly with which has the biggest database.

Now that it’s clear that plenty of websites use PHP, so let’s have a quick chat about what it is, why to use it, and what’s the best PHP framework for you.

What Is a PHP Framework?

It’s a platform to build web applications and execute code libraries for functions. In a word, it speeds up the development style and fulfills the performance needs. Plus, it reduces the amount of core code you need to write.

In other words, it gives a basic foundation for web apps and expands support structures for creating generic software apps. Also, it’s a programming language that earns well respect for backend tech.

So without any doubt, it’ll continue to gain more attention and fame in the future.

Why Use It:

There are so many great reasons to use it, from scratch to coding. But the following are some of the great reasons, that might surprise you:

1. Development Faster:

It took less time to development because of its built-in libraries and tools. Also, various famous PHP frameworks have the ( PHPUnit ) library combined for easy checking.

For instance, if you want to build any skeleton code faster for your app, the CakePHP framework includes back-command-line tools.

2. Write Less Code:

You won’t need to write lots of original code if you use built-in functions.

3. Common Tasks in Libraries:

Plenty of tasks will require to do by developers in web apps are mainly common ones. You can only use some parts of the framework for these tasks without typing in your functions.

4. Pursue Best Coding Practices:

In general, it follows the best coding practices. It demands you to arrange code in a cleaner, nicer, and more tenable way. It also has naming customs for entities that you should pursue.

5. Extra Secure:

Using it isn’t a substitute to write secure code but reduces the risk of hacker deeds. And it has so many threats also like cross-site scripting and request forgery, including SQL injection attacks. So, please take the right steps to defend against the obvious threats stated earlier.

6. Server Friendly :

Not only localhost or Apache, but it also works on almost any kind of web server, for example, Nginx, LiteSpeed, etc. Besides, the hosting cost is very cheap than other programming languages.

Best PHP Framework For You:

To keep the best, you have to consider some facts before choosing. For example, first, you need to study or spend precious time learning if you’re fresher.

Second, you’ll need an easy structure to use and reduce your worthy time.

Third, you’ll need a structure that is satisfied with the exact features. And a framework that includes rich features is a blessing.

Fourth, need a structure that handles your technical demands for the project.

And lastly, proper doc and support are obvious for the best or most popular framework.

So, these are the topmost famous facts. Let’s move on to the main topic for taking the best PHP framework.

1. Laravel:

Laravel Popular PHP Frameworks

is a free, open-source web application structure with strong and elegant syntax, and it’s a top-listed of popular PHP frameworks.. It builds by , stands on MVC (Model View Controller), and is based on Symfony. It started public with a strong set of tools and gives app architecture.

With a public release in 2011,

Laravel strives to take the anxiety out of progress by easing sound tasks applied in most projects. Besides, it adds many features of Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, , ASP.NET, and some extra tech.

It helps doctors save a huge time and aids diminish imagining and drawing to expand the full website from scratch. In a word, it’s a structure for making high-end web apps employing striking and rhythmic ways.

If you search online, you’ll find many eCommerce, CMS and application based websites built with Laravel. And it’s not possible to describe all of these together in this post. But to give you a clear hint, we’ll describe a few sites for you.

So, let’s start learning about those sites and what they are.

  • : Upgrade your expansion skills to a higher level through efficient screencasts in Laravel, Vue, and more. Most majority of doctors prescribe Laracast over presenting brands. Try them out for yourself, and broaden your progress skills in the method.
  • :is a tool that converts files online easily. It helps approx 300+ diverse file formats. Especially ebook, archive, live stream, doc, image, sheets, audio, and video formats. It has many converting choices like no other. Thanks to Laravel for this awesome tool.
  • NYS MPEP: It’s a site that helps you earn education credits and learn about drug topics. And it’s a top site of New York.
  • Block Farm Club: is a sports site where you can gain tokens and .
  • Spotify Charts: is a musical site built by fans. Each week, it produces approx top 190+ songs across 15+ genres. Spotify is an audio streaming media service that classifies songs based on user playlists and editorial feedback context.

Some of premade script of Laravel:

Scripting styles are defined languages, and scripting relies on the app compiler where they are operating. There are so many premade modules, extension and plugins on Laravel, and let’s check a few of them:

  • Ozagi: is a multilingual Laravel premade script personal blog. It covers four home pages that fit everyone who needs to display a blog website. It has various grand features, like drag-drop page builder, menu builder, widget builder, and so many. Also, it includes an Ad module to display the google / script/banner from the admin panel.
  • FindEstate: is a script for a real estate company. Agents or users will declare their estate list on any pricing plans. And visitors will reach the estate agent to obtain or sell properties. Besides, it comes with an awesome design, solid security codes, a user list view, a language change option, RTL support, and so on.
  • Superio: is a script that maintains high quality and much arranged job board system like . Employers or applicants will feel easy and usable to sign up, locate jobs, post jobs or details, resume, handle their profiles, and so on from the dashboard. Besides, Fluid UX, soft colors, and clean lines will sharply make a job board experience that customers will love surely.
  • UltraNews: is a script for the absolute latest magazine. And a design aimed to present you with the stablest platform for modern content sites. It comes to building your fashion, travel, recipe, personal, or many more great store or blog sites
  • uy23: is a script that comes to give you the fastest start for a grocery business. You’ll also use it for many different types of online shops. It has a coupon and discount system, quick filtering, payment gateway, and so on.

Visit laravel siteDownload laravel

2. Yii PHP Framework:

Yii Popular PHP Frameworks

gives you the top functionality by combining the least possible method. It has strong APIs and code generation, so it’ll be easy to compose enough code in less time. And it’s built-in and defaults tools serve you to compose stable and secure code.

Yii is a solid Object Oriented Programming (OOP) structure. And that means it arranges software design on all sides of data or objects instead of functions and logic. And to use it, you’ll need a maximum of 5.4+ and a server.

Besides, to use it easily and properly, it has plenty of books. Like:

  1. Web Application Development with Yii.
  2. Yii Testing.
  3. Community Cookbook.
  4. And so on.

You’ll find many websites that evolve with Yii Framework if you seek online. And describe all websites together in this post is not possible. But to give you a precise idea, we’ll describe a few sites for you.

So, let’s start reading about those sites and their activities.

White House Historical Association

It’s a private, charitable company established in 1961 by First Lady “.” Aiming to guard, savings, and present public access the America’s executive mansion grand histories.

Also, it has a monthly program, learning tools, a book festival, and many more activities. On a quick note, it’s celebrating the 60th year of the White House History.

World News Group (WNG) is a non-profit association located in Asheville, North Carolina. And it’s a popular news magazine, revealed in the U.S. over .

It includes special features for U.S. and global news, culture, editorials, analysis, and commentary. Along with it presents the book, music, and movie reviews.

WDC or Western Digital Corporation is generally identified as Western Digital or W.D. It’s a U.S. hard disk drive producer and data storehouse company. And its headquarter is located in San Jose, California. Thanks to Yii best PHP framework.

Besides, it builds, designs, and sells tech data goods. Also, it provides storage devices, cloud storage services, and D.C. systems.

Some Premade Script of Yii

If you search google for premade scripts of Yii Framework, you’ll find tons of scripts online. But we’ll discuss a few of their famous scripts of them, below:


YouDate is an online dating script, and it includes some special core points and possibilities. For example, it has user profiles, private photos, encounters, , reports, and blocks system, news system, and more.

Besides, it covers a responsive retina template, help page module, plugin system, many languages support, and many more. And for the best user experience, it has a dark mode, , and RTL support.

Yummy Restaurant

Yummy restaurant is a perfect app to operate your eatery. And it’s an entirely dynamic and adjustable app that lets you configure name, logo, and food item. Also, you can configure classes such as dinner, lunch, and breakfast.

Besides, it’s a super easy app built so that anyone can configure it as they want and operate it. On a quick note, this app can be configured and operated with no technology ideas.


UICMS is very expert in making content-driven sites. An open-source CMS specializes in performance, extensibility, and security. In a word, it comes with the basic points craved to emerge a content-related site. Also, included attractive and beautiful theme using Bootstrap.

Its initial release presents a useful features kit on both the front and back ends. Its special features are user, content, comments, notifications, and settings management.

Visit Yii siteDownload Yii

3. Symfony:


is a flock of reusable elements and a structure for web projects. It came as free software and started on October 18, 2005, plus issued under the MIT license. It helps you to build and maintain your web app easily and rapidly.

There are 50 outstanding elements available to choose from for your app. And it’s features are FREE and licensed under open-source. Along with it, tons of secure and reliable doc pages cover Symfony features that exist online.

It goals to build a strong app on behalf of an enterprise and gives total control for configuration to the developers. It also wraps with new tools to serve doctors to demo, debug and document outlines.

Besides, it has some useful training schemes to have the best . For example, it includes:

On a quick note, it’ll end your repetitive coding tasks and allow you the energy to enjoy your code control.

You’ll find various sites that emerge with this best PHP framework if you ask online. And to explain all sites unitedly in this post is not feasible. But to deliver you a precise sense, we’ll draw a few projects for you.

So, let’s start studying those projects and their activities.


BlaBlaCar is a project of Symphony, and this site is used to make a ride at a low cost. BlaBlaCar introduced itself in June 2011 in the United Kingdom. But in general, it’s a French carpooling online marketplace.

It has a website and an android mobile app uniting drivers and riders ready to travel unitedly between cities. And both of them also know the journey costs which have to present to the driver by the rider.


Vogue is a French edition fashion magazine formerly Vogue Paris, revealed in April 1920. It’s built to give you the news for fashion, celebrity style, beauty, and much more info. Also, it provides weekly fashion updates, and reviews for cultural actions, including videos.


Trivago is an online German tech service provider company that suits lodging, hotel, and metasearch areas. It started in January 2005, in Dusseldorf, Germany. The “Expedia Group” of U.S. travel company holds most of the business stock. In general, it’s a hotel cost comparison website.

However, it offers free and premium services or tools regarding hotel products. And it became the globe’s largest hotel search site online. And it takes its high place in comparison to over one million hotels and more or less 245+ booking sites worldwide.

Symfony Ready Made Script

If you examine google for premade scripts of Symfony, you’ll find tons of scripts promptly online. But we’ll review a few of the leading scripts of them below:

Directory Platform

The directory platform has a great quality design to present the best user experience and merged U.I. Its leading admin can handle listings, reviews, reports, orders, locations, posts, blogs, and much more.

You’ll have four other header forms in the listing feature with it, and the default one is just a sample to display. Also, you can place the listing title, opening hours, address, video link, description, slug, and the count goes on.

TvFlix – Movies

TvFlix movies is an Android T.V. app operated beneath the flix platform. And it’s applied to build tv channels/tv-series /movie platforms. It comes with an engaging and responsive design for users to fall in love at first sight.

Besides, it has strong features and the ultimate admin board to handle Tv series, channels, films, genres, mobile App, web settings, and much more.


Eventic is a ticket sales and strong event management system like Ticketmaster, , Eventbrite, and many more great apps. And this app is based on sturdy and secure Symfony.

Besides, it offers event organizers many handy features to control their events. Start from building their event page to listing presence through a quick mobile app.

WebFlix – Movies

Ecoflix is a web app operated beneath the flix platform. And it’s applied to build tv channels/tv-series /movie platforms. It comes with a winning and Responsive design for users to fall in love at first sight. On a quick note, it’s made with Symfony and based on MySQL database.

Besides, it has strong features and the ultimate admin board to handle Tv series, artists, channel networks, web settings, and much more. In a word, it’ll save you precise time and money to build your web or mobile app platform.

Visit Symfony siteDownload Symfony

4. CodeIgniter Most Usable php Framework


is a strong structure with a very tiny footstep. the popular PHP framework comes for developers who need an easy and elegant toolkit to build a smart featured web app. It covers every feature; all you have to do is merge it with your database.

Besides, it has solid security to protect from CSRF and XSS attacks. And its constant high performance outperforms most of its opponents. Also, it includes a clear doc text to read, forums for support and confer, and a social site to fix bugs or add more features.

It also gives a complete CodeIgniter user guide to help you build your desired project. And a quick note, CodeIgniter inspires MVC but doesn’t compel it on you.

You’ll find diverse sites that emerge with CodeIgniter if you ask online. And to explain all sites altogether in this post is not feasible. But to give you a clear sense, we’ll pull a few sites for you.

So, let’s start studying those sites and their actions.

Woobox comes to build and run your successful contests, coupons, forms, giveaways, and much more. It wraps contests plus giveaway comments to the polls embedded on your site. And also covers every interactive experience you need for your marketing channel.

You’ll also be able to compile, curate, and exhibit user originates content. And you can begin with custom shape entry forms, automatic hashtag entries, voting, and much more. In a word, Woobox lets you taste the amplified attention.

Buffer is the topmost intuitive, cheap, and genuine way to attain more individuals on social media. And it offers two schemes, one is a Free plan, and another is a premium plan. You can create momentum to social media presence with the free plan. Or, you can scale your social media actions with the paid plan.

In a word, it’s a well-led social media operating platform. And it helps make your brand and unite with your customers.

TestandTrack is one of the best platforms, starting from computer science and programming to ICT. Also, combined resources, tracking, own feedback, own marking tests, and analytics. Every matter, every issue is complete for you. On a quick note, over 29000+ teachers and students use TTIO.

If you seek online, you’ll get huge platforms that have either resources or standalone quizzes. But TestandTrack has both, which makes it different from others. With its great class analytics, own automatic feedback, and many tracking features, you’ll be quite satisfied.

CASIO Europe

Casio Europe manufactures current, stylish, and trendy tech items. For instance, it proposes calculators, digital cameras, watches, musical tools, mobiles, cash registers, and many more. And it supplies its products worldwide.

So, if you think that creative products carry bliss, make new lifestyles and related economies. Then it’s indeed your only and preferred site.

CodeIgniter Script

If you analyze google for premade scripts of CodeIgniter, you’ll find tons of scripts online right away. But we’ll inspect a periodic of the ultimate scripts of them below:


News365 is an outstanding web app, mostly only for a newspaper, wallpaper gallery, or video portal. On December 5, 2016, it publishes by bdtask, the greatest mobile apps, and website developing company. And this listing app optimizes for easy use or access, configures, and presents the best user experience. Also, it delivers a detailed description to use with ease.


It’s a responsive, user amiable, and freely used CMS created with the famous Codeigniter structure. It comes with a stylish design, fresh and clean code, endless color, advanced back-end and front end, solid security, and much more. With it, you can create education, gym or fitness, lawyer site, or whatever you like to do.


AddChat is the most deluxe, single-time buy, and real-time many-user chatting and team communication system. It comes with enriching design and performance, the user searching and blocking, profile and update status, mobile amiable, and more. Also, it boosts your chat by giving smiley support and helps you by deleting your chat history.

On a serious note, it runs with an existing login system and database. Plus, it makes your existing theme looks beautiful.

Zoom Integration

Zoom integration is a script for RISE CRM that lets you merge with one only account. And it can use only permitted team fellows or clients to make or handle Zoom meetings. Also, you can fix a time in advance for meetings with all or explicit team fellows and client contacts.


EasyFile is a plain script used to handle files and folders via a web interface. It helps to make folders, upload many files, and cut, copy, or erase files and folders. Also, you’ll be able to customize the interface by switching the style file. This script can be placed easily and works on all current browsers.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery is completely functional and all set to use the application with the CodeIgniter backend. With it, you’ll get five (05) key app. For example, you’ll get user App, delivery App, store App, and APIs plus admin panel with the help of . Besides, it serves plenty of languages, vendors, restaurants, food stations, payment gateway, and location-based services.

Visit CodeIgniter siteDownload CodeIgniter

5. Zend

Zend best PHP framework

is a structure for building your great quality APIs in minutes. Also, it’ll serve you micro services, web apps, and the leading productivity solutions. And wraps up with solid security best practices.

Besides, it’s enterprise-ready and serves its critical and high-usage apps. On a serious note, Zend is moved on project.

Visit Zend siteDownload Zend


So, the above study is for you to know the best PHP framework. And we also included some of its top websites, plus its most popular premade scripts. So, it can’t take you astray. But remember, this post will expand day by day. And it’s may also possible to add more most popular PHP toolkits on world.

Also, we hope if you read this post carefully, you can take the best structure that suits you. But if you feel to add more or erasing some, please let us know via the comments section below.

And please don’t forget to give us your review as those are vital for us. And stay with us for more upcoming, engaging, and informative posts.

Inspire us with your love!

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