20+ Women Contribution on WordPress You Should Follow

For years now, the digital world has underrated the roles of women. But, if you look closely at or WordPress community, especially the virtual sphere, we will see many women doing excellently well. They have inspired the feminine characters who want to learn technology or programming and related products.

When you follow these experienced specialists on their social media handles and websites, you must learn something important.

Our focus here is on WordPress. Let us take you through some superwoman who has excelled in their respective expertise.

Sarah Gooding ()

Cute lady with a top-rated editor, writer and Journalist. Sarah works with WPTavern (a well-known WP resource website). She is a partner at , an agency that publishes intuitions from cutting-edge and communities, and some contributions and favorite themes are , Primer, and many more. For years now. Sarah is an expert that still finds time to interact with her 10.9K followers on Twitter irrespective of her busy schedule. It makes her an active Twitter user. You will surely learn a lot when you follow her.
Sarah Gooding

Helen Hou-Sandí ()

Helen is a notable figure that has worked and done excellently with WP. At , she is the lead creator and the director of engineering, user interface. She has different plugins development credited to her. They include restricted site access, with over 20,000 people actively using it. She still offers help in troubleshooting issues to users on the support platform. She also assists with Trac tickets. Helen Hou-Sandí was a feature lead and a guest committer at the 3.6 development cycle held recently.She also publishes tech articles on his , which helps beginners.
Helen Hou-Sandí

Siobhan McKeown ()

We can say that Siobhan is following closely on the heels of Sarah. She has remained a prolific WordPress writer and also spoke at different workshops. She is among the best contributors to software and the owner of Siobhan McKeown. Siobhan has vast writings covering web development, technology, and free software. So, follow her if you want to learn more on those topics. Siobhan has a WordPress history book that she wrote comprehensively. However, she is a former team member at, but now the Human Made operations director (a well-known website development firm). To date, she is a WP staff. She attends regularly.
Siobhan McKeown

Lisa Sabin-Wilson ()

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a registered nurse, which she left after a decade and started a new life in a web design and development venture. A merger deal offer came from after eight years, she accepted it. Right now, she co-owns the firm.

Wiley publishing later contacted her, and she wrote the WP for dummies first edition and other editions. After recording a great success with that book, she was motivated to write . Others include the BuddyPress for Dummies and WP Web design for Dummies.

Her presentation at last year centered on Multisite.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Tammie Lister ()

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a registered nurse, which she left after a decade and started a new life in a web design and development venture. A merger deal offer came from after eight years, she accepted it. Right now, she co-owns the firm.

Wiley publishing later contacted her, and she wrote the WP for dummies first edition and other editions. After recording a great success with that book, she was motivated to write . Others include the BuddyPress for Dummies and WP Web design for Dummies.

Her presentation at last year centered on Multisite.

Tammie Lister

Jen Mylo ()

Jen beautiful lady and has become famous since she started working with Automattic. Her UX work there and the recent role of encouraging other women to become a part of the have made her well known.

She has initiated a series of women-only workshops to motivate her fellow women within the field of WordPress and programming. She is a regular speaker of

Jen Mylo

Mika Ariela Epstein ()

Next on the list is Mika Ariela Epstein. She is a support expert at DreamHost and the Half-Elf support villain. Mika always provides solutions to problems on the forums, just like other great minds. She is a master at plugin development.

She has authored two ebooks on Multisite that is her area of specialization. Mika is also a regular speaker at WordCamps. She is the co-founder of and a full-stack WP developer. Her commitment to making the digital realm more pleasant and convenient for all is widely appreciated.

Mika Ariela Epstein

Kathy Drewien ()

Kathy Drewien proclaimed herself the rescuer of non-productive, broken, and abandoned websites. Over the years, her focus has been on mentoring people to profit from WordPress while catching fun. For a while now, she has remained involved in the community. Kathy has been used to the organizing team for seven years, where she taught new WordCamp coordinators.

On , she offers training, development, and educational services. She is an inspiration to users at WordCamp and has taken on several other volunteer roles.

Kathy Drewien

Suzette Franck ()

Suzette Franck works with Media Temple currently as a web hosting expert, educator, and advocate. Her teachings have made web creation fun for many people. Despite her tight schedule with work, Suzette still attends quite many meetups and WordCamps.

You can get a feel of what the community is about and check out everything she is involved in on her blog. She is a constant guest on the WPWatercooler video podcast, and her advice and inspiration are top-notch.

Suzette Franck

Kim Doyal ()

Kim Doyal’s website centers on content marketing and business strategy topics. She is a wizard, coach, and podcaster, and Kim’s teachings are on how people can grow their businesses effectively. Her several years of experience in business management, coaching, and web designing crowns her expertise.

Kim focuses on helping others learn how to generate more leads and grow their business using WordPress on . She covers several topics related to WP, development, business, etc. If you are looking for customized coaching on all sorts of online business ventures, .

Kim Doyal

Carrie Dils ()

Carrie Dils, a consultant and freelance developer, is next on our list. She remains active in the community in different ways and inspires others to invest in their business growth through her knowledge. She provides meaningful advice on WordPress, freelancing, and other topics on her blog. Carrie has a pearl of wisdom to share with everyone, whether a beginner or an expert developer.

You can listen to Carrie’s weekly podcast on . It is another avenue to follow her aside from her blog and Twitter account. She has a to help them start right. We recommend you go through her website because there is a lot you will gain.

Carrie Dils

Sara Rosso ()

Sara Rosso works with Automattic as their marketing director, another wizard. Since 1996, Sarah has worked for different tech companies like Packard and Ogilvy. Her knowledge of business and digital marketing strategies is quite exceptional. Her web and print publications cover various topics, and she constantly speaks on WordPress, writing, Technology, personal branding, and so on.

We find it challenging to summarize all the projects she has participated in, both in the community and elsewhere. For example, she co-founded , promoting women in the tech world with over 23 chapters globally. , but in 2015, she voluntarily handed it over to Ferrero Corporation Sarah regularly writes about WordPress, business, and many other topics.

Sara Rosso

Lisa Work ()

Lisa Work is a quintessential WordPress professional, and she teaches it as well. belongs to her, and the agency’s mission is to make website building possible for all, irrespective of their skill level. Lisa connects with users directly through her workshops and courses. However, she gives back to the community with her free resource guides and downloadable kits to help DIYers start right. We highly recommend for tips on web designing, marketing, branding, and many more that will help your business grow.
Lisa Work

Brenda Barron ()

Brenda Barron has become a household name by writing for Torque, WPMU, Envato, and WPExplorer. She regularly shares business tips mostly related to WordPress on her Twitter account. Digest is her agency where valuable world news and events are shared. While on her blog, she offers social media tips, general business advice, , infographics, and many more. Brenda has successfully combined her freelancing craftsmanship with being a caring wife.

Brenda Barron

Claire Brotherton ()

Claire Brotherton is a talented freelance web developer, and she started working with WordPress in 2012. Claire currently provides tweaks, website designing, maintenance services, and face-to-face training. Besides her work with WP, she also advocates for web accessibility.

If you want to learn more about web design, accessibility, and other tech news, visit always.

Claire Brotherton

Megan Jones ()

Megan Jones is a London-based WordPress expert. She has developed herself into becoming a talented WPExplorer writer. Megan also writes for big tech agencies like , , etc. A renowned copywriter, blogger, freelance writer, and self-professed coffee addict.
Megan Jones

Andrea Badgley ()

Andrea Badgley began her WP journey by daily about her life and thoughts. Do you want to know Automattic’s Happiness Engineer? She is, and it simply means that Andrea spends most of her time helping people use WordPress.

She has given presentations at different WordCamps on writing skills. Her 2016 presentation is the most recent, and it centered on how to publish within ten minutes a day. She is active on Instagram and Twitter user where she shares personal thoughts and a bit of tech news.


Leslie Bernal ()

Leslie Bernal’s love for WordPress is immeasurable, and she has extensive knowledge of the theme. She developed the Divi child themes and will likely answer any Divi question. A in graphic design holder and UX specialist and a . She attends WordCamps aside from her daily work with WordPress and shares helpful tips and tools on Twitter.

If you want to see more of Leslie, tune in every Tuesday for a Divi chat where she and other experts talk about WP topics.

Leslie Bernal

Josepha Haden ()

A great talent that her Mom helped in finding WordPress in 2010 when she gave her an extra ticket she had by chance to attend a local WordCamp. She is a community squabbler, and it simply means she works with WordPress and meetups across the globe. Josepha had love at the first meetup, which has now turned into a passion. She demonstrates her love for the community through her community outreach, work, and .

Josepha Haden

Angela Bowman ()

Angela Bowman has been a WordPress user for over a decade now (since 2007). Despite her experience over the years, she still sees herself as a learner with WP, and this aids her to discharge her duty perfectly in helping others build great websites. shares her wealth of experience, knowledge, presentations, consultancy, and courses on her website named . Angela arranges meetups for face-to-face interaction with people that need her help.

Angela Bowman

In summary

we have introduced you to carefully selected 20 talented women who work with WordPress in this post. We explained their areas of specialization comprehensively, and we numerated how you can follow them online. So if you want to learn from their wealth of experience, knowledge, and insights, we encourage you to follow them on Twitter. Also, visit their blogs, websites, and podcasts.

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