40+ Most Famous Websites Powered by WordPress

WordPress quickly became one of the top website platforms in the world. The best part is that it’s super easy to customize and adapt to your needs. Plus, it’s a versatile platform, and you can use it for anything you want.

If you search online, you’ll get to know that there are so many big names or biggest brands that use WP. And if you need ideas to build a stellar, grand web page, you can check it out for yourself.

But in our article, you will know some of the most famous WordPress websites that can be used as inspiration. So do you want to know the big names/brands/companies that use WordPress?

Why use it:

Before getting the big names, it’s vital to know why you use WP. So, first of all, let’s check what’s the statistics say:

WP came in 2003 with a simple blogging tool and is now used for various purposes. For example, it’s used for blogs, portfolios, eCommerce sites, and more. In a word, it’s just fantastic how it grew in 15 years.

Now, you may have a question in your mind: Why do users love WP?

Let’s check some of its best reasons:

  1. Easy and Simple:
    Anyone can learn to use it easily and make a fully-functional site. On a quick note, you won’t need any advanced coding expertise.

  2. Flexible:
    It has a library of more than thousands of themes and plugins. So, it’ll be truly flexible to build a site with WP.

  3. Own Your Data:
    You’ll have entire ownership and control across your site data because you’ll host the site distinctly.

  4. Open Source:
    It is software that is wholly free and open source. You can use it, adjust it, and distribute it as long as you crave it, not giving any fees.

  5. Powerful:
    It’s a very scalable and strong platform. You can operate large traffic websites, eCommerce sites, and many sites efficiently.

  6. Free and Premium Services:
    It includes hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins in many classes. For example, it has free themes For Journalists, Copywriters Or bloggers, and many more. Also, it has the ultimate collection of plugins for free and premium versions.

    Besides, there are plenty of premium WordPress themes that you can use.

  7. Security:
    No website or software is fully protected if it is attached online. Hackers or attackers always have ways to break-in. But WP is safe because its structures are the best structure built and designed to defend from them.

  8. Community:
    In WP, you’re not alone, ever. If you have issues, there’re thousands of resources and more than millions of spirits to help you. even you will find the Community Twitter or Reddit.

  9. Can Handle Diverse Media:
    It supports secure enabled sites, which means you can insert YouTube videos, Tweets, Soundcloud audio, and Instagram photos. And for that, you have to paste all the URLs on your WP post editor.

  10. SEO Friendly:
    It uses quality top codes and presents semantic markup. For that reason, Google and extra search motors love WP. And for that obvious reason, WP sites perform to rank superior to others in search motors.

U.S. Department of State

Yes, The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has its website created with WordPress with very easy to browse and greatly structured. It also has dedicated sections for travelers, students, employees, businesses, etc. There’s also a news section, and the DOS is one of the fast-loading webpage examples.

Share.america.gov: get to the top-rated America pages and content popular which malware-free website without age restrictions, so you can safely browse it. The structure is very simple, all menus are easy to access, and ShareAmerica is super easily structured despite its complexity. This is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to create a powerful WordPress site like them.

At the US Embassy, you will notice that they have a large database that is very easily structured. You get to learn info about every embassy very quickly. The site uses a custom theme and plugins which name is the same.

Here are some More examples of the running on WordPress:

– Startup and Technology News

TechCrunch is a very popular name in the IT and startup world and successfully served reports on tech, news, technological advances, emerging tech trends, startups, and new products. TechCrunch works flawlessly, and its unique structure is great for SEO. They even added registration pages and other extras, which work very fast.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker Started in 1925 and is a famous weekly magazine portal that includes journalism, commentary, criticism, essays, satire, satire, and poetry. They decided to use WordPress to easily fit all of these categories while maintaining speed and efficiency. With such a platform, you get the ease of use and very fast loading. Additionally, they have a lot of contributors from all over the world, all of which can easily upload their content from other countries.

BBC America
BBC America is a famous network that hosts TV episodes, shows, movies, and live TV and includes lifestyle, comedy, drama, etc. This is also a clear sign that WordPress can manage pretty much any task.

You will have no problem browsing the latest shows and videos on this web page. At the same time, the entire experience is premium, without interruption.

Microsoft news
Microsoft is one of the top IT companies in the entire world. They are using WordPress for their news site says a lot. It also states how adaptable a masonry grid can be to the magazine format. Microsoft uses this for its news page, and it’s very efficient. There’s a lot of multimedia content here, too, all of which WP can handle masterfully. If Microsoft is using the cms, then so should you, right?

Star Wars is a USA epic space power by Disney that includes a huge number of movie lists. The attention to detail is impressive, and this is one of the most famous WordPress websites. It loads extremely fast too. On top of that, it looks visually imposing, with lots of colors, and it even has a section for kids.

Craigslist blog

Craigslist is a major classified job, housing, for sale, items wanted, ad portal worldwide, but it also has its blog section powered by WordPress. It has support for a variety of different plugins and tools as well. As a result, it’s possible to create a blog portion of your website quickly. Craigslist did it very well, and you can do the same too.

Creative Commons
Creative Commons shows the power of keeping the internet free for everyone. Not only that, but it showcases the importance of having a free license that supports creators. It also helps people from all over the world gain access to amazing content. It’s the best of both worlds, and the best part is that the CreativeCommons looks extraordinary. It’s an empowering website with lots of news, plenty of resources, and a creative design. All of it looks amazing, thanks to WP.

NBC News
NBC News is the most popular broadcast television network in the USA. That would be a WordPress ideal for a news portal because it can fit a lot of different categories and content. It features videos, images, live feeds, and a magazine-style format. So yes, NBC news chose it because it has that versatility and ease of use you would need. It keeps users informed, it works incredibly well, and the quality as a whole is very impressive. Plus, the best part is that it can be constantly updated without errors.

Office Insider Blog
Microsoft Office also has a blog, and it’s developed with WordPress cms. The main advantage of this blog part is that it’s very easy to customize and work on. All Information is complemented by videos and a variety of other content pieces. All of them add up to deliver a rewarding, visually incredible result. It’s one of the many uses you can have for wordpress.

Oxford University : Blog
The Oxford University Press also has a WordPress blog. As you can see, it’s very well structured, and you have a plethora of different categories. There is a story excerpt, and then you can read more about it. Additionally, you have a podcast and other content information, and the overall quality is very interesting. It’s great to see how it manages to combine various content types. And yes, it all remains cohesive, very easy to browse, without limiting access. It’s a great use case and certainly something to learn from.

Outbrain is a popular advertising platform using WordPress because it’s greatly structured and has nice visuals. They present their services very well. You have lots of visuals and examples of their work, and you can also access resources and information about their business. They have a dedicated news section and a press center. All categories are nicely designed, the visuals are great, and the Outbrain is loading super-fast examples.


Taboola is another advertising platform with features similar to Outbrain. It also has a distinctive set of visuals, good quality, and incredible attention to detail. At the same time, WordPress empowers users to access resources, the help center, and take action. You can establish your campaign right from the Taboola, and you can fully optimize it according to your needs. Taboola also has videos and case studies, best practices, and many other helpful tools for users.


On the Trading View website, you can easily see charts with some of the top currencies being traded right now. They also have a dedicated chat system that’s very comprehensive and easy to customize based on your needs. It’s important to note that they also have a blog section, links to major brokers, the editor picks, and more. This website even has live streams, which can be incredibly easy to use and accessible via the main platform.

Tripadvisor most famous WordPress websites

If you want to find more about a place you want to visit, TripAdvisor is the right webpage for you. It’s a WordPress-based platform that has information, images, and even videos about destinations all over the world. You can book flights and accommodation via this site as well. That shows how easy it can be to customize to fit various purposes. The customization features are great, and the quality is visually impressive. On top of that, you have fast login systems, plenty of plugins, and a quick website speed.

When talking about the top list website, we must include IBM. it is one of the top web pages globally and one of those companies that kickstarted the internet revolution. Like many famous webs, IBM also uses WordPress because it’s versatile it fits the company MO. On top of that, the site quality is very good, and it loads extremely fast even if IBM’s website itself is filled with a lot of different links, products, and a designated support section.

The IETF has various information about the internet, hacking, and programming in general. It delivers the epitome of new technologies while presenting everything in a manner that’s creative, engaging, and just a pleasure to explore. On top of that, it has many tools, guidelines, and information. The fact that you can access everything from the main menu is a clear testament to how useful WordPress can be.

The Mozilla Blog

Mozilla is a major organization, and it also has some of the most famous out there. As you can see, their blog is WordPress-based, and it’s very well structured. It looks incredible, delivers much info quickly, and loads fast.

It’s so difficult to describe one by one. That’s why We added a table list below with a few more most famous websites.
No Site Name
01 Company Info and News | Meta
02 Variety
03 Beyoncé
04 Hej! Welcome to Sweden
05 Meredith
06 TED Blog: Further reading on ideas worth spreading
07 Rackspace Technology Blog
08 The Rolling Stones
09 AMC | Watch TV Shows & Movies Online
10 Staples.ca: Free Next-Day Shipping, On All Orders
11 Angry Birds
12 CSIROscope – Science in focus
13 Australia’s leading news site
14 Radio Télévision Suisse
15 Blog – blog.search.ch
16 The National Archives
17 The Independent | Today’s headlines and latest
18 The Sun: News, sport, celebrities and gossip
19 thesun
20 VetoViolence
21 National Taxpayer Advocate – IRS
22 Cambridge University Press & Assessment
23 Gouvernement du Canada
24 Canadian Lunar Research Network
25 Handelsblatt Research Institute
26 Bitdefender
27 ADITION technologies
29 Blog 2.0 Home
30 Welcome to the United Nations

Note: Collected all data or the report base BuiltWith list of webpage using WP. It’s could be changed on time.


It’s safe to say that many of the most famous WordPress websites empower the world. Governments, commercial businesses, and nonprofits rely on WP every day to help, inform, and assist people in fulfilling their needs. It’s incredible to see this list of websites using the cms, and it shows us that these top 60 websites are only a few of the many web pages you can use as inspiration. If you want to create like them, check these out, and you will find them incredibly rewarding and helpful!

Inspire us with your love!

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