Getting Started With WordPress ( Resources List! )

Getting Started with WordPress is very crucial. Building and maintaining a website is a science and art, which has developed rapidly through WP. And it’s very robust, flexible, and easy to use. So, we welcome you to the thrilling world of WordPress.

On the other hand, WP is an Open Source, and Free CMS stands on PHP and MySQL. And as of July 2021, it authorizes more than 41% (top 10 million) sites. Besides, it has an approx 64% market share of each website built to use a CMS. Plus, it includes lots of themes, plugins, and widgets.

So, if you are new to WP and need help walking the path, many options are listed in this article.

If you’re new or not similar to technology, starting a site can look tuff on you. Not to worry, cause we’re here to help your sites up and to run. In this segment, you’ll know how to build a site using WP with video lessons.

Also, you’ll know how to install and configure for SEO, design eCommerce sites, and issue your pictures and posts. We hope you can start making an amazing site with ease. So, see the below listing: Official Resources:

  1. ORG Requirements
  2. Get Support Form Core Community

Video Courses:

  1. LinkedIn Learning
  2. Free WordPress Courses
  3. Learn WordPress directly from the experts

From Us:

  1. How to Create a WordPress Website
  2. How To Setup and Maintain WordPress Blog
  3. How to install WordPress Theme
  4. How To Update WordPress theme

Online Books:

When you do something new and get support to do it, it’s always a positive sign. And what will be your best friend to give support before authentic Books? Fortunately, there are lots of great books about WP that you can follow to develop your knowledge. Don’t panic if you’re a beginner or do not know where to start.

In this section, we have arranged the best options ranging from the beginner support role to the technical aspects of WP extension. So, if you’re ready to read, please see the following listing:

  1. WordPress for Beginners
  2. The Story of WordPress

Learn Through Blog:

Nowadays, online blogs make a great impact on learning. And learning about WP through online blogs are so easy. It’s not cost plenty of time, effort, or money, but you can walk with your flow if you wish. Thankfully, there are many great blogs about WP that you can follow to grow your knowledge in various sections.

So, in this part of this post, you can learn all about WP through online blogs. So, see carefully the below listing to learn about WP.

  1. aThemeArt


SEO is a top section for any online site. If you know how its works, you’ll have the best possibilities to make your site higher. Plus, it’ll let you know the accurate position of your site. Besides, it’ll use to optimize your content, site configuration, and link popularity. So, it’ll be easy to find for user search queries.

Or, if you have not known about WP SEO, no worries. Fortunately, there are lots of great blogs about SEO that you can catch to boost your knowledge. And following is the list of best SEO tools you can use any of them for your website.

  1. Yoast
  2. Rankmath
  3. AIOseo
  4. MOZ Tools
  5. aHrefs
  6. Alexa
  7. Siteliner

From Us:

  1. Best SERP Checker / Tracking Tools To Identify Keyword Rankings
  2. Essential WordPress SEO Tips

YouTube Channels:

Youtube channels have become the most popular and top search site for specific videos in this modern tech era. And for learning about WP, it has more than thousands of videos. You can find a mixture of WP topics, from basic (HTML/CSS) coding to updating the Admin Panel. Also, specifically, Youtube channels offer free guides and intros for new learners.

Besides, regardless of your skill level, there are many WP tech channels to learn from. So, the following list of Youtube channels for you, and we hope you can learn from here.

  1. WinningWP
  2. WPbeginner
  3. WPTuts
  4. Joe Casabona

WP Essential Plugins:

In general, WP plugins serve to develop the function and looks of your site. You can change a specific feature without touching the Core files. Plus, you’ll be able to uninstall it when you like and uninstall plugin doesn’t impact your Core functions. However, WP plugins will help you with SEO, Security, Ecommerce, Forms, Social Media, and many more sections.

If you search online, you’ll get thousands of Free and Premium plugins. It’ll be hard to find the right one when plenty of plugins are available to start. And to make your task easier, we’ve enlisted a few key plugin categories. So, pick the plugin you need from the following list.

  1. All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin
  2. Health Check & Troubleshooting
  3. Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth
  4. Rollback Update Failure
  5. Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize
  6. AMP Plugin

Page Builder Plugins:

  1. WP Page Builder

WordPress eCommerce:

  1. Simple PayPal Shopping Cart
  2. Dokan

From Us:

  1. Best Free WooCommerce Themes
  2. Best ECommerce Themes Collections

Maintenance Services:

In general, WP maintenance services mean powering up your site with digital growth. You can’t think without maintenance service to build a solid foundation via digital marketing efforts for continued growth. In a word, it comes to makes the user’s life easier and happier. It does not only ensure your site runs smoothly but help you to spend time more wisely.

So, it’s a crucial thing for every website owner to deal with. And if you think you need a list of some top maintenance service providers, then the below list is for you:

  1. SiteCare
  2. Valet

From Us:

  1. WordPress Common Errors
  2. Popular WordPress Errors
  3. Missing the MySQL Extension Which Is Required by WordPress
  4. WordPress Change URL in Database After Migrating Website

Performance And CDN:

In a word, Content Delivery Network (CDN) will serve you to boost your website’s performance. These are servers network and also called POPs, and placed around the universe. They come to host and serve the copy of WP site’s static (and seldom dynamic) content, like photos, CSS, JavaScript, and video.

And on a quick note, don’t be fooled into thinking CDN is a hosting provider replacement. But it’s an extra or another path to gain to boost the speed of your site. So, here is a list of CDN to check your site speed and performance.

  1. WP Rocket
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. WP Super Cache
  4. Cloudflare
  5. KeyCDN

From Us:

  1. What Is Website Caching, And Why Is It Important
  2. Give Out Images as Webp in WordPress
  3. Essential Performance Tips
  4. Own a Slow Website?
  5. Optimize WordPress Performance with NGINX


Security is a prime issue in all sectors, from job platforms to the business industry. And when it comes to WP Security, all site owners have to provide a keen eye on this matter. You can do so many things to block hackers or vulnerabilities in your eCommerce site or blog.

  1. Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth
  2. VaultPress
  3. WP fail2ban
  4. Google Authenticator
  5. SecuPress Free

From Us:

  1. Effective Code Snippets for WordPress next level
  2. Techniques for WordPress Security
  3. Successful Recover Hacked WordPress Site


Discussion Forums:

  1. WordPress Development Stack Exchange
  2. Reddit WordPress
  3. WooCommerce Community
  4. Discussions | Product Hunt
  5. DEV Community

WP Careers and Job Boards or Hire WP Developers

Top tweets by user:

WP Competitors:


In a word, WordPress is software built for each one. And it maintains ease of access, use, performance, speed, and security. Plus, it allows all to build and share, from personal stories to World Changing steps.

At last, we hope that given above info will help you. And if you think that we might need to add more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us below the comments section.

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