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Starting a website is exciting and gives you the chance to connect to millions of people, provided they have an internet connection. Therefore, as you prepare to launch yourself to the world, you want to be in the best state possible, whether the content on the webpage or how you present your ideas or products to potential customers. You can always find a theme on the WordPress directory, but what if you need to add something extra to your website?

Whether you are looking for a free or premium WordPress theme, the hassle of looking for one is equally complicated. You need to choose that lines up with your persona and the message you convey to your viewers. With the 1000 of WP template providers, finding the best design and layout for your website can be pretty challenging.

Below is a list of the best 50 providers in the market, from which you can get your premium or free theme for your website.

WordPress Repository


East, west, home is the best. The first place you can go looking for a theme for your website is the WordPress repository. It is the most accessible and most convenient option for anyone running a webpage for the first time. Here, you can find thousands of items.

Millions of users use the directory to find a theme for their websites. Alternatively, you can learn to create your theme from the platform using the developer handbook and always get the latest updates for your website.

Choose your theme depending on layout, subject, and features, among the 8,899 free items.


Themeforest comes in a close second thanks to the thousands of customizable templates on their marketspace. This WordPress providers offers unique themes to suit every budget and project. From blogging to marketing, eCommerce to sites, you can find what you need at

What if I do not want to go through the thousands of themes to find the perfect one for me? Do not worry. Staff at create a list of the best themes for your website weekly, so you can always choose from their featured selection. Regardless of the application, whether courses, static site generators, or user-interface templates.

For every niche, get high-quality, functional, and multipurpose layouts at affordable prices.


TemplateMonster offers many premium WordPress themes, from business, real estate to marketing, education, and software development. According to Google PageSpeed Insights, you can find the fastest loading themes at TemplateMonster.

Regardless of the professional background, you can easily use themes from TemplateMonster because they feature designs that are easy to use and make alterations. You can access various widgets, content elements, and bootstraps that let you customize your website appearance for flexibility.

The provider makes it easy to create the perfect-looking website with detailed documentation on the installation and customization process. Find out more about their WP plugins, graphics, and templates for your website at


When looking to design your website, the best place to start is with a reliable theme finder, and that is what Mojo Marketplace is. With over 750 WP themes and templates, with premium product inclusions like add-ons, you can get a license for your domain for as little as $14.

Some features included in their packages include custom widgets, image backgrounds, all browser compatibility, full responsiveness, and hovering transition effects. These web themes are beautiful, neat, and interact well with WooCommerce, making them an ideal choice for your e-Commerce business. You can use other external plugins with the themes, regardless of your line of business.

Shop from the thousands of themes, plugins, and services at MOJO Marketplace today.

Your website is part of your brand. You want a neat arrangement that attracts people and makes them want to click on links. For this, you will need one impressive visual design, something you can get when working with a recognized finder.

Creative Market makes it possible for you to customize your website using its different products. From display fonts to vector graphics and canva templates, you can design your website from scratch and voice out your persona on your website.

Once you have the general outlook, you can choose one of the Shopify themes that make a huge difference in your e-Commerce business. From product mockups to IG templates, anything you need, you can find it on Creative Market.

Explore more themes than ever before at

Codester collaborates with hundreds of independent designers and developers to bring you the best WordPress themes in the market. Their themes include responsive designs and so much more and fit all budgets.

You can get a theme for as low as $19 or even $99. What differentiates the two are the products offered by each package. A popular theme from this WordPress theme provider is the Campoal, the world’s first WordPress theme for petitions.

You can also find other products to suit your business, from construction to loan offers to the corporate and business world. Whether blogging or selling your product online, Codester allows you to design and implement your webpage.


There are many ways you can implement visuals on your blog or website. Whether you are advertising your products, buying or selling, or just looking to enhance your brand, the theme you choose will speak volumes for you. Therefore, you need to find the best one and work with their collection to create a masterpiece that will be your website.

Codegrape ( Provider ) gives you the chance to learn more about their themes. You also get an opportunity to learn how you can customize them for a more personalized front end for your website. You also know what to do and avoid when working with themes, templates, and tips to enhance your efficiency.

At Codegrape, you get multiple colors, contrasts, text fonts and sizes, and multiple page designs and iconography that will make your website pop. Find out more about their services.

The provider ( Themeisle ) came up with a general approach in 2012 to give the user an ideal and easily usable theme. So, they work hard to make it easy for every user to start and expand their online presence. And finally, they gain it through tutoring, high-quality products, and secure support. Though they offer premium products or services, they also cover free items.

Their best product is Neve, a fast, secure, grand design that is easy to set up and use. And more importantly, it uses the top quality code plus provides full support.


It’s a one-stop premium solution for Bootstrap templates, WordPress and Shopify themes, and plugins provider. Either you’re a beginner or an expert coder, in both scenarios, you’ll satisfy by their services. They are the most leading company that has more than 1,70,000 happy clients in over 120 Countries. Netherlands, Qatar, Austria, France, United states of america, United Kingdom, South Korea, Norway, Finland, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Singapore, Switzerland, China, are the most top three countries that use their products or services.

They also run proven cost reduction plans for all, like beginners, developers, and agencies. And their top product is 99fy, a WooCommerce WP theme. It comes up with two versions, one is Free, and the other is Premium.

It’s a software development company that comes to building WP websites. Their main goal is to help beginners build fully fine and winning websites with intuitive and easy-to-use tools. And helping users maximize the value of their websites. So, if you want to build the best site, OceanWP will be top of the list of the providers.

Besides, its products are fast, lightweight, beginner-friendly, and combined with best SEO practices. Plus, it includes two modern and trendy page builders, like Elementor and Gutenberg. On a quick note, it truly provides Free themes with many pro features and OceanWP extensions.

It’s so difficult to describe one by one. That’s why I added a table list below with all WordPress Theme Collections, hope you will get more help and ideas.

No Theme Providers Best One
01 aThemeArt
02 Ultra
03 Genesis
04 Preview
06 sydney
11 Inspiro
13 Vector
15 Zon
16 Edukids
25 Jevelin
26 ArtbeesNetSite
26 Suite
27 Tove
28 Demo
28 Blocksy
29 Celestine
29 Creativo
30 kale
31 Enfold
32 The7
33 Betheme
34 X
35 Flatsome3
36 Craft
37 Newsmag
38 Medin
39 Impreza
40 Uncode
41 qwery
42 Prana
43 escoot
44 Hotel Spa
45 intro
46 Onelms
47 xstore
48 Autoride
49 Odry
50 Kalium
51 Brooklyn
52 Barbershop
53 porto
54 Rusee
55 Jarida
56 PeakShops
57 TourPress
58 University
59 Ativo
60 Tierra
61 Xtemos Space
63 Nota
64 Bosa Online Shop
65 AllFixer
66 Bajaar
67 Episody
68 wplms
69 SoundRise
70 essentials
71 Sway
72 Knowledge Base
73 Luma
74 Basil

How do you choose right one?

As we have said before, choosing a layout can be a tough choice. When you decide to go for a free one, then you risk missing some spectacular provisions. However, if you go premium, the cost of running your website increases.

So, what do you look for to get the most out of your theme?

  • Figure out the purpose of your site. A website used to demonstrate educational material will be different from the one used to sign petitions. So, the first step in finding a suitable template for your website is understanding your purpose and vision.

    Once those are clear, you can go ahead and choose a template from any of the above WP providers that match your goal.

  • What personality do you want your website to portray?Did you know that websites have personalities? Moreover, just like how your outfit says a lot about your personality, the template you use for your pages will dictate the personality people read from your website. Determining this is as important as finding your goal and vision for the site.
  • A clear and attractive front endHumans are attracted to things that are pretty and shiny. Therefore, the moment you make your website beautiful, neat, and captivating, you can be sure that you will have more traffic to our website by adding your knowledge of online marketing.
  • Simple is betterPeople will choose a simple design with faster response time over a complex bloated website anytime, any day.
    Therefore, when choosing a layout for your webpage, avoid including all the features and only use the functional and efficient ones to make your website stand out.

In conclusion:

WordPress is the most used content management platform on the planet. Whether personal, educational, recreational, or commercial, many bloggers and websites find that using WordPress is simple and highly recommend it. You can be among them, but stand out by designing your unique layout and design, personalized for your brand.

To do so, you will need a reliable WordPress theme providers to give you the platform to customize your look. Today, you can try out the best marketplaces and see the difference yourself.

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