The 60 Top Blogs Covering Web Design and Coding

When starting your own website, it can be helpful to learn about design and development from others who are already in the industry. There are many blogs that have information on these topics, and that present it in a way that is easy to understand and will help you to make the most of your website. By following some of the top blogs about web design and development you can produce a website that meets your needs, can be accessed by any browser, and you will be easily able to make any changes necessary. They will help to build your skills and knowledge base, and boost your confidence in managing your website or blog.

Web Design Blog

Using quizzes to help you find your niche, clear menus and layout, this blog offers a wealth of information on not only building your website but also choosing what content to include. Topics covered include selecting and creating content, using tools and different ways to present information effectively, and building a design that suits your topics and themes.

Simple Programmer

This blog offers several how to articles, along with introductions to several tools and alternatives that you can use to build the best website. It offers insight into technology advances, creating apps and making your site optimized for mobile use, and has a light and fun feel. It is easy to navigate and offers useful information with frequent posts.


The modern feel of this blog makes it seem welcoming and creates trust in it’s information. It offers smooth transitions from one blog post to the next, and the colour choices make it easy to read. It offers articles on several different platforms and keeps updated on what tools are being used most.


Several back posts are available on this blog, so the search bar is well placed and much needed. The several how to posts will offer step by step instructions on how to complete several processes while building your site, and the posts are all tagged with their topic to make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. It is easy to navigate the posts are suited to beginners and intermediate users.


For suggestions and tips on WordPress Themes and ways to improve your WordPress site, this blog offers easy to read lists with examples on how to use the tools available. This blog is great for beginners, and can help you to build a base website through WordPress or similar platforms efficiently.

Web Design Ledger

Learn how to create a portfolio in your website, how to display your posts for the most attention, and what tools are most useful. With several articles focused on WordPress it is a large resource for those who are building their own WordPress site. Many of the posts are lists, making it easy to compare and discover which methods or themes will work best for you.

Just Creative

This branding company offers supports for helping clients to build their brand both online and in person. The blog that has been created has mostly lists and comparisons to help find the best tools for your needs. IT offers insight into which laptops, phones, and computers will best fit, as well as tools for creating and supplies for producing items.

Vandelay Design

Vandelay Design offers an easy to navigate blog covering many topics regarding the design and building of your website. Each post covers one way in which you can add to your website, the best tools for each task, or how to build your following. With many different topics covered and a range in style of the articles, there is something for everyone.


Vandelay Design offers an easy to navigate blog covering many topics regarding the design and building of your website. Each post covers one way in which you can add to your website, the best tools for each task, or how to build your following. With many different topics covered and a range in style of the articles, there is something for everyone.


Blog posts on this page are offered for everyone from beginners to more experienced designers. With the WordPress for Beginners blog posts, they offer support for building your page, and their store offers several themes that you can download. This all in one blog offers ideas, suggestions, methods, and even themes and support.

A List Apart

For more advanced and experienced web builders this site offers articles and information, as well as opinions on topics to promote further thought and interest. Rather than provide opinions on themes and which plugin to try, it offers food for thought on trying new things, different approaches, and how to choose what to post.

Fast Company

For more advanced and experienced web builders this site offers articles and information, as well as opinions on topics to promote further thought and interest. Rather than provide opinions on themes and which plugin to try, it offers food for thought on trying new things, different approaches, and how to choose what to post.

Design Shack

Find your next logo designer, lighting set ups, templates, and more by following this tech blog. It covers not only the basics of layout and how to pick a theme, but also the why behind the decisions as well as how to get the best photographs and build new content.


Strong lines and an aggressive layout create this blog that covers many different topics through a simple drop down menu at the top. Subscribe to the email newsletter for the newest blog posts, or follow their social media. Covering much more than just web design, it has the latest news on technology, social media, sports, and more.


Tutorial Zine offers a well laid out menu that lists the topics and lets you find the information you need faster. Each topic has several tutorials that offer you all the information that you need in order to build and maintain your website, no matter the topic or themes you choose.

Hacking UI

Offering both articles and podcasts, this site caters to every type of learner. The newsletter allows you to keep up to date and get the newest posts right to your email. Modern designing makes it easy to navigate and it is comfortable to read and scroll through.


The home page for this site offers a list of their newest articles, and is uncluttered without distraction. It is built on imagery and offers only recommendations and examples of designers, product providers, graphic providers, and more. With few words and links to the sites for each image, it is drastically different from the others.


Ultra Linx offers a minimalistic blog with articles on tech, web design, and more. Along with podcasts and collaborations with others. There are tips and tricks to get the most of your devices along with tutorials on making your website the best that you can. It is simple to use and easy to read.


Millo is focused on helping freelancers with each step of the process. There are articles, podcasts, and how to guides. They also offer courses that you can take to improve your freelance income and build your business. Topics covered include invoicing, customer disputes, and attracting new clients.


Listing articles offer advice on the best templates, add ins, plug ins, and more. They research each topic and find the easiest to use and best tools for your website. It is easy to navigate and offers all the information you need to build and design your site.

David Walsh Blog

David Walsh Blog offers insight into many different platforms and explains several tools and additions that you can use. Learn about new storage, extensions, and discover how to use them. His straightforward approach and well labelled articles are informative and easy to read.

Naldz Graphics

This blog offers resources such as themes and icons that you can access. It also provides blog posts and articles on how to design your website and your marketing materials. Information is presented in a conversational way, offering details and suggestions without being harsh or demanding.


Opening right to blog posts and the search bar, this blog is easy to navigate. It has a minimalist appeal that is easy to read and find the information you are looking for. Learn how to do new things with the HTML and links, and how to design a site that shares your personality with your audience

24 ways

24 Ways is a site that creates a list of 24 articles each December. It is the advent calendar of articles and encourages trying new things and learn new skills. There is a wide variety of topics that will help to bring you closer to being an expert in designing your website.


24 Ways is a site that creates a list of 24 articles each December. It is the advent calendar of articles and encourages trying new things and learn new skills. There is a wide variety of topics that will help to bring you closer to being an expert in designing your website.


Modern simplicity is the design for this blog. The menu is across the top and easy to find, and easy to navigate. It is clean and direct, and comfortable for beginners to find the information they need. Each post is informative and conversational, making them easy to understand.


This blog covers a wide range of topics and has a well placed search bar to access what you are looking for. It has a clean display that is easy to use and easy to read. It intends to inspire you to learn new things, try new things, and find better tools and products.


For growing your business, Line 25 has posts, articles, tips, and resources for any web designer. They cover topics from business cards to add ins, ways to boost traffic and which plug ins are best. Each article offers links to the relevant pages and resources, allowing you to learn more without a new search.

Web Design Ledger

With lists of the tops plug ins, themes, and platforms this site offers a great place to find what will work for your site. It also provides ideas for the best tools to use for your business and resources to help your website. The bold fonts make it simple to read and find what you’re looking for. It offers a bold and modern style suitable for businesses today.


This brand building company provides a blog of articles to learn how to make the most of your blog. Along with their blogs they offer services such as web design and maintenance. Use their backlog of articles to learn how to start your site and get the most from it.


Included on this page is tutorials, resources, free products, and inspiration. These posts can help to move you forward with your website and your business. Learn about new products, new methods of doing things, and what platforms are the best for your goals. Easy to use and full of useful tips, this page has a wide range of useful information.


For a page that is easy to connect with, Creative Overflow offers all that and more. It has articles for every aspect of your business and website. It has a high tech feel and offers an example of what can be created with the tools they recommend.


As an example of a minimalist design this blog is a top contender. It offers a string of posts and videos along with images to grab your attention. Several types of lifestyle topics are covered, using images to grab your attention. Following this blog can bring fresh ideas and new directions to anyone.

Premium Pixels

Grow your site and your business with this resource library. It offers free downloads of several different icons, menus, and more. Streamline your work with the easy to use email layouts, navigation menus, and more. Use this resource to build your portfolio and save time on daily tasks.


Find the next tool that can change how your website works by reading these blog posts. Posts cover a wide range of topics, and each article is labelled clearly so you can read the ones you need most. Articles are well presented and easy to read, providing valuable information for growing your website.


Minimalistic design presents this site in a clear way and keeps it free of clutter and distraction. The listings are well titled and include the topic that it falls into. Easily search the menu or use the search bar to find topics you need. Follow their social media listed at the top of the screen for updates and new posts.

Impressive Webs

Impressive Webs offers the most up to date information on how to operate your website in an easy to use way. Articles, e-books, and resources are all listed at the top and easy to find. This offers a way for anyone to learn what they need, and easily follow them on social media or through email. It provides ways to fix issues with your website and how to design it.


Find your next great website resource on the Awwwards site. People nominate great websites and include what they love about them, creating a collection of stellar websites to visit. Earning your way onto the list is sure to bring new viewers to your site. It is a fun and entertaining way to learn about new sites and designs.

UX Booth

Full of tips and solutions for common problems, this blog offers solutions for common business and website issues. Easily located topics are listed at the bottom of the homepage and take you to the articles that address your needs. Included are the most asked questions, issues that occur the most frequently, and new technology.

Design You Trust

Entertaining topics are covered in this collection of articles, and are sorted according to the side menu. Articles cover news and art, along with new developments in technology. As an example of a simple layout and originality in design this site has a lot to offer.


Boagworld is focused on digital marketing and strategy. Complete with books, courses, and a podcast in addition to the blog it offers solutions for any problem you’ll encounter in digital marketing. Learn new skills to develop your web design and make the most of your marketing. Follow on social media for the latest updates and to learn new developments.


Web Designer Wall offers ideas and tools for each element of your website. It offers insight on each specific element and on the website design overall. Templates are available for download, putting your site together quickly and efficiently. Contributors cover a wide range of topics that are easily located in the menu.


With a different approach, Cognition Happy Cog approaches web design from the aspect of how it makes people feel. Learn how to make a site that people want to go to and feel happy or confident using. Engaging content is provided in a calm environment with a theme that is encouraging and calming. The site is elegant and cohesive with valuable information on designing your site and getting feedback from it.


Web Appears offers a list and links to the best resources they have found that are open source and free to use. Keep your website affordable with the free resources and tools, while making it exactly how you want it to be. Listings of the best plugins, platforms, and trends each help you create the ideal website for your followers.


True to it’s name, this page is built like a manual. Follow them on social media or sign up for their emails, and their articles are easy to share and recommend. Topics covered include design, code, tools, and more. There are many articles on how to make your site work seamlessly and tools that will help along the way.

UX Magazine

Discover ways to adapt your website for the current market with this magazine. Focused on the viewer and bringing clients and followers, it offers a new way to approach website design. Each article has an included brief for it, allowing fast reading and information gathering. Follow on social media or join their community to keep up to date.


Testing is a necessary step of the website building process as it shows what parts are working and which are not. They compare different designs to see which is preferred by viewers and brings traffic to the site. This page covers testing from setting them up to understanding the results and changing them to do better.


Spyre Studios covers topics that are not easily found elsewhere. Learn things like how colour choices make your site look safe to use or not, what colours work well together in design, and which do not, and other design tips. Consider using video and podcasts as well, with guidance from this blog page.

  • Pantone Color In Photoshop
  • Photoshop How To Change Background Color


Well organized headings and menus jump off this page to help you find the topics that you need. Discover new ideas for design, focus on social media or logos, or follow tutorials to advance your skills. Images are attention grabbing and the site is easy to use. For inspiration alone check the inspiration topic and see what’s new.

UX Movement

Teaching you not only what to do and themes to try, but also why each suggestion is successful is the goal of this page. It addresses each aspect of design and how they all work together. Select the topic you need to see the most form the drop down menu and build your ideal website.


Each blog post is short and to the point, allowing you to make the most of your time. Choose from any topic or scroll through until one grabs your attention. Articles are sorted by topic, most popular, specific columns, and by author. For new terms and improving your knowledge a glossary is included.

Usability Geek

Usability Geek focuses on how to keep your site accessible and usable. Without usability a site will not function as intended and people will not be able to use it for what they need. To reach this goal there are many articles focused on usability as well as how to create your website and design it for your customers.

Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows offers a variety of blog posts that will offer inspiration, guidance, and encouragement towards your website. Posts discuss what is happening in the industry and new approaches to design and interaction with viewers. Discover the theory behind the design for better results.

IM Creator

Build your website from scratch with IM Creator. This site offers templates, hosting, building, and more. Blog posts offer insight to the top creators using the builder and allows you to seek inspiration from them and other areas. Templates are included for ease of use and to get your site active quickly.



Explore the newest designs and styles so you can create a modern and user friendly site. Inspiration can be found in many places and with these short and informative posts you will find something to fit your needs. Each post offers an estimated reading time ensuring you make the most of your time.


Design your website with the resources and information included within the WeeklyHow. Everything from logo building to colour selection and templates can be found in these pages. Make the most of the tools that are available and save time finding them by using this blog as a starting point.


Using other blogs to research aspects of design before creating your own site can save you time and frustration. Many blogs are available to provide inspiration, guidance, and encouragement. Tutorials and how to guides will walk you through each step and provide you with the tools you need to create your own successful web design and launch your website. Finding a website that creates the feel and style that you prefer can help to inspire you to mix new colours, add new themes, and find buttons and menus that feel comfortable and easy to use. Downloading templates is also a popular way to save time in building your website, and allow you to add your information to the framework provided. Each of these sites has something to offer in your learning process.

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