The 30 Rock Solid Examples of Website Layouts

Knowing how to choose the proper business website layout is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. There are billions of website templates available in a variety of designs from which to choose. This might lead to a lot of uncertainty about which website layout and design will work best for your company. As a result, you must be knowledgeable about the best web design trends. So that you can make the best decision for your company and determine which will fulfill your needs. As a , you should recognize that each company is distinct. And you can ensure that your brand is in the best light possible each time you present it. You may need to perform research and testing to produce the ideal format for each brand and its target audience.

A website layout is a pattern or framework that defines the structure of a website. It offers the ability to organize information on a website for both the website’s owner and users. It creates distinct navigation paths within web pages and prioritizes the most crucial aspects of a website.

When you can’t figure out how to arrange the content on your page, here are the 30 best web design trends. This will help you enough to get you through.

Noc coffee co

Noc coffee co

No coffee co is a solid business website layout example for a coffee shop, restaurants or a food reviewer. The design is easy to attract customers, the area is kept visible so people can admire the work.

  • It has a flexible layout with cut -a screen design.
  • It has The central position of the navigational set menu at the central position. One of its most unique components.
  • It is very good because you can over the menu link. The description and images on the screen are set on the split-screen.

Marie weber

Marie weber

Marie Weber is an interesting site to say. This is a simple page suitable for displaying one type of product with different categories.

The layout of Marie Weber’s home page is amazing. it could be a great example of clothes, jewelry, toys or fashion related portfolio site.

  • They use a white background effect with a few category texts and a few images of their products.
  • As you click on the menu, the layout changes to have a black background and a few texts. The shape of the design is fun to touch.


Lucas Jardin

This website layout example is the design portfolio of Lucas Jardin. A good web user designer. and if you planning to create a ux related to Interior, Artist, Musicians, architecture Portfolios, take a look once Lucas Jardin.

  • The design is beautiful and the different components interface.
  • The portfolio approach to layout is the new and bright modern type.
  • Each item in the portfolio looks more interactive and entertaining due to the unusual water ripple effect that was used.


Lotos is a versatile, powerful, and multipurpose website layout example. Lotos makes designing blogs, colors, fonts, and most elements a simple thing. Lotos creates a remarkable pictorial experience to show your content.

  • A responsive grid system layout.
  • optimized for mobile touch and swipe.
  • Perfect for fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, craft, tech, creative, photography, roofing company etc.
  • 3 Promo boxes below the slider.
  • 4 Level Mobile Menu.

Schweizerhof Zermatt

Schweizerhof Zermatt

This website layout is one of the notable business website layout examples. Schweizerhof Zermatt has more features than other website layouts.

  • t has an overlapping header text that binds the website and its featured images together. This makes the layout attractive.
  • Many interactive elements.
  • Also, have a creative image slider and much more that makes it truly one of a kind.


Coca Cola

This is a business website layout example. The site is story-heavy, informing, educating, and influencing news. Not showing any form of sales pitch or advertising. This gives Coke the unique opportunity to draw users nearer to the name around the news of success, and triumph.

  • There are many sections of the site for areas like food, culture, and business.
  • The upper area of the website layout puts much more emphasis on telling stories and sharing news than on selling products.
  • It’s digital content marketing at its best and a look at the future of corporate web design.
  • Concentrate on stories with the most popular ranking of stories on the site.

Armat drinks

Armat drinks

This business website layout example has beautiful visuals and images. This modern and elegant website has great features that display various classes of liquor, wine, vodka drinks.

  • It offers a website browsing experience that lets you slide through the website by touching the mouse wheel on the screen.
  • It has a four-dotted icon at the upper right corner which reveals and hides all the header sections.

Pete Nottage

Pete Nottage

Is a one-page site for displaying their voice-over services on TV and radio with credit of bbc 6. The images displayed on the homepage catch the attention of users to seek more.

  • Has a scroll down effect to navigate through each section.
  • The header sections contain a get-in touch bar and a menu bar.
  • This one page has all a user needs to get in touch for quick service in little to no time.

David Perozzi

David Perozzi

This website layout is best for a creative developer. You can attract attention to your portfolio website by using big bold fonts. Although this website is much more than big fonts. Don’t expect anything less from this website. It features lots of attractive and creative elements that make the entire website layout stand out from the crowd.

  • It opens up a plain background displaying a touch and holds an option.
  • It has a unique flowing effect as you click to scroll down.

11-bit studios

David Perozzi

A video games website layout. Good at creating and publishing meaningful games, Sports or casino review, . Able to leave a strong mark on a understood pop culture.

  • As you scroll down it presents the games in the form of storytelling.
  • It has a scrolling effect that gives more information about the game which evokes emotion.
  • The bottom of the page has a horizontal animalistic scroll effect for more information.



Piktochart is a website layout example that is a spontaneous and affordable means to tell your customers stories. It uses infographics, reports, presentations, and prints.

  • It helps to create high-quality infographics when you need to visualize a process.
  • It explains a topic or tells a new hire what to expect on their first day. Customization to your brand in seconds
  • You can drag your logo or make a screenshot of your website to extract the color of your brand automatically.
  • Creates a professionally-looking pitch layer, sales line, or a business presentation. easily.

Makeup creatives

Makeup creatives

Makeup creative is one of the best web design trends that uses an imaginative layout with a multiple-screen design. One of the extraordinary components of the website is the placement of the navigational picture of their beauty parlor. This awesome example is suitable for cosmetic or beauty-related businesses.

  • It has white background color which aids it aesthetically.
  • Security box to know whether the user is a robot or not.
  • Box to other sections is located on the down page.

Makeup creatives

Makeup creatives

Rudy is one of the best web design trends. Because of all the different but small movements that are into the design, It makes the website layout interesting and eye-catching.

  • Has square photographs which are pretty clean-cut.
  • The slight animations make it so much more interesting.
  • On the product pages, there are other kinds of photos. Most of them are standalone.



This is a networking and software company. Their site speaks well of their skill as it displays their information in a neat and organized manner. The images contribute to the awesome aesthetic view leaving you breathless. This makes me admire it as one of the best business website layout examples.

  • It shows a welcoming image that takes up more than half of the page.
  • The header sections contain a menu bar, login, and search bar.
  • The welcoming image displays transform into other images as you swipe up or down.
  • Other sections are displayed on white background with necessary text and images for more functionality.

Nordic telecom

Nordic telecom
Nordic is a telecom company. The home page is one of my favorites on this list. The layout breaks down into many blocks of text, images, and video. What interests me the most is the cartoon video block.



Traackr provides the tools, insights, and expertise to deliver exceptional results from influencer marketing. Their homepage design displays the capability to take a more strategic approach when developing programs. There is a pattern that this design follows.

  • A single and high-quality image coupled with a small bit of text.
  • The composition of the image and text is executed well.
  • A parallax scroll-down effect that shows all necessary information at a glance.
  • Has three horizontal lines at the upper right corner to display more sections when you click on it.


Alexela best web design trends

Alexela is a transport company that chooses to display all its potential with a simple get idea for cargo, Transportation & logistics business webpage.

  • Displays many informational images with texts following it.
  • Has white background color and the images makes it unique.
  • A one-page scroll-down site has its menu bar at the header section.


This site is the best for a music setup. It has awesome designs with tools to keep it up and running. Sound stripe example is a yes for me if you are to ask. Here are its amazing features.

  • It has a bold picture with a dark background that also shows the signup and browse library option.
  • It keeps users engaging with its animalistic effect.
  • Includes space for showing testimonials in a moving horizontal style.


website layout examples

For some reason, I fell in love with Everlane for its designs. Their layout for this landing page is remarkable. They made things overlapping and interactive which keeps them at the front of their customers.

  • There is plenty of padding around the content in each section.
  • There is a good graphic symmetry between standalone sections.
  • It has pop-up notifications to keep you abreast of what’s happening on site.

BLRT Grupp

BLRT Grupp

This amazing business gives you more information about their services with animation effects on their site. I love their page because of that. At a mere glance, you get to know more about them.

  • You get to see interesting options on the main page that triggers you to click for more.
  • The main head and bold section display more pictures with horizontal automation.
  • It displays an underlay picture as the page moves down

Angle 2 agency

Angle 2 a business website layout examples
This is a tell-it-all page, a stunning one at that. Its elegant layout portrays the owner’s intention at once without clicking for more information.

  • It has a call to action section as customers scroll down the page.
  • It welcomes one with bold text on a dark background.
  • Easy long page setup tools that make it look professional.


This example accentuates a simple and innovative design. This makes it flow well with the poetic name. This puts the focus on illustrating their developments and services with images with a text that is clear and direct.

  • It has a scroll down layout that offers a seamless website browsing experience
  • It showcases their full portfolio on the homepage


This is an awesome example. It employs dimensionality and geometry to add visual interest to its website.

  • The top image of their piece is a clear nod to their purpose to assist.
  • White space, bespoke graphics, and animations provide excitement to the site.
  • There is a wonderful contrast to the grids that align the majority of the information.
  • This design has linear elements but is broken up with wonderful dynamic images.


If you’re looking for a cell to combat covid 19, Celltrion makes it easy.

  • This design has a visual punch thanks to the large, bold images.
  • The designer’s typographic wizardry transforms this area using horizontal scroll effects, variations in size, and color.
  • Images and hover effects, besides to the outstanding use of typography, help emphasize vital information about their product and services.

Amore pacific

Amore Pacific fills their layout with amazing design work and exceptional video content. They use an honest voice to describe what they do, whereas others have uninteresting templates full of vague promises.

  • This is a photo-driven design, featuring large, bright photographs of stunning scenery.
  • There’s enough horizontal scrolling animation to keep us moving across the site besides to these massive visuals.

Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Group invite us to look at their offers with a dimensional and geometrical view of their product at the top of their homepage.

  • Is visually engaging with eye-catching colors, blocks of staggering photos, and scroll animations.
  • It also has case studies, testimonials, and other statistics. Demonstrating how their services produce tangible outcomes on different platforms.

business Iceland

Business Iceland collaborates with stakeholders in helping their export goods and services. Their design is an elegant palette of white and blue, and photos of them modeling their product and space.

  • It uses grids and blocks, with many community photos to display its intention.
  • They avoid sales cliches and marketing margins, making it a unique content page.


Mori Trust takes on a commanding tone to communicate how their business helps in real estate investment. It has the feel of the instruction page to navigate through various sections.

  • A nice juxtaposition to the grids aligns most of the content.
  • offers an easy navigation option for scrolling through the website.
  • looks like an article column from a newspaper or online magazine.
  • The majority of the information aligns well, thanks to a nice contrast to the grids.
  • Scrolling through the website is simple using an easy navigation option.
  • Appears to be like a newspaper or online magazine story column


JYSK is responsible for decorating all rooms. They maintain their commitment to visitors throughout the site, with images and other surprising sights. These bursts of bizarre ingenuity motivate us to thoroughly examine the site so we don’t miss anything interesting.

  • This small business website design is visually engaging because of eye-catching colors, blocks of staggering photos, and scroll-triggered animations.
  • They also have a clear CTA in their footer where clients showing interest in their work can contact them for additional information.


Their primary goal is to develop world-class motorcycles. They mean it when they claim “purposefully tiny design.” They show us a glimpse of their work.

  • Excessive terminology and a drab design are absent.
  • The design has a zen-like clearness to it, making it light and easy to use.


Now that you have an understanding of the various website styles, it’s time to determine which layout is the best for the four websites. Is it a general-purpose design or a design for a certain niche? To do so, you must first understand your target audience, their behavior, wants, and expectations, and then craft a message that fits well on a page layout. The layout’s purpose will be to make the message stand out and be so compelling to the users that they would have no choice but to embrace it.

Remember to examine each website you visit more . What makes the design so appealing? What design components are needed to make the layout work? This will assist you in coming up with more original concepts for your website designs.

Inspire us with your love!

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