Top 20 WordPress YouTube Tutorial Channels in 2020

If you thought about making a website, you have probably asked yourself the content management tool to use. WP comes at the top of your list, thanks to its flexible and easy-to-use nature. WordPress is so powerful that it powers about 32.3% of all websites today. It is flexible, which means you can create any website with it.

If you are a new user of WordPress and looking for some good source to learn your beginning, you might think about . Few WordPress masters on youtube provide detailed and straightforward tutorials and tips to guide you to a perfect starting with wordpress.

Let’s take a look below some helpful people or company official channels.

Envato Tuts+

Since joining the YouTube community in October 2011, and 60,583.059 views later, Envato helped to learn developers, designers and create a website from the beginning.

Moreover, They provide more than 707K tutorials on the website and the YouTube channel, learn how to be a graphic designer, and learn many more tools. Please find out more or check out their videos on WordPress at


Of course, web plugin owners will make the top 20 WordPress YouTube tutorial channels. As the people behind, Tumblr, , and WooCommerce, among others, you can get all the information you need to make your website more appealing.

With 78,959,454 views, 29K subscribers, and six years on the platform, you can get quality, diverse, and multi-language WordPress tutorials on the channel. Regardless of the income, language, or location, you can develop your open source website with the work available on the platform.

Visit to learn more

WordPress not only approves but also publishes videos on WordPress. The team includes production staff, captioning, and subtitling members so that you get the most delicate details in their best form.

As part of their community, you can learn how to contribute to , create your blogs and make your best as it can be. You will join the 14.5K subscribers and be among the 600K views on the channel. Get learning more about navigating through WordPress from


Once you notice the channel’s name, you can tell straight away that it will be informational. From the very definition of WooCommerce, to how you can integrate it into your WordPress website, there is a lot the channel has to offer.

Alongside 18.4K subscribers, you can learn how to customize your website with themes and plugins compatible with WordPress to build your online business. Get started today and advance your skills free at .


Get an introduction into WordPress business in less than 90 seconds. Here, you access the data you need to optimize and manage your website. The award-winning plugins from WPMU DEV dedicated hosting, a 5-star rated support team and powerful management tools are some of the extras you get from this WordPress YouTube tutorial channel.

Since its creation in 2006, the channel has been developing high-quality content that helps you deal with the installation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of WordPress websites. Join the community of 900K developers, freelancers, and agencies that use WPMU DEV to grow their businesses. Visit for more information today.


Learning how to create a website without tech knowledge can be terrifying, and you have no idea where to start. Luckily, some YouTube WordPress tutorial channels understand people’s struggle for getting web-building knowledge.

Yes, provides simple and short tutorial videos to learn and leverage WordPress. The learning sessions cover all areas, from simple topics like downloading and installing WordPress to maintenance.

Moreover, You can learn some complex topics to create a more advanced website. The 227K subscribers and 18,561,661 views are testimony that the channel has something solid to offer. Visit for more information.


You can get WordPress and digital marketing tips from Kori Ashton ( ) , alongside the 46.2K subscribers on his channel. Every Wednesday, you can find new content on WordPress to help you improve your digital marketing and eCommerce.

On this WordPress YouTube tutorial channel, you can ask questions about the process, products, and directions to create a WordPress-based website. With over 4M views, you can expect to gain something from the channel. Visit for more information.

Tyler Moore

You can join the 414K subscribers in learning more about creating WordPress websites from Tyler Moore. With over 41M views on his free videos, you can learn to create a professional website in simple step-by-step guidelines.

You would not need coding experience to create a blog that will attract traffic. All the videos on WordPress will guide you through creating an online store or a blog using readily available templates. Visit for more information.


A well-prepared WordPress YouTube tutorial can guide novices and developers into creating the perfect website without any coding knowledge. That is what you get from UploadWP. You can learn how to make a website, including social media links, or even commercialize your website with WooCommerce.

At UploadWP, you can learn more about affiliate marketing, including YouTube videos on your website or even creating custom email templates. You can join the 14.2K subscribers on the Upload WP Community forums for more support.
Visit for more information.

Primal Video

Join the community of 1.13M subscribers on Primal Videos by Justin and Mike, and learn more about creating a business and amplifying your brand. This channel is not just about video creation, and the videos encompass excellent quality that proves the level of content you can get from the platform.

Besides the WordPress tutorials on this YouTube channel, you can get more information on marketing strategies that will help you see ten times the results. The 101,320,308 views on the videos prove that the channel has something to offer.

Visit for more information on how to improve your rankings, the quality of your content, and most importantly, the brand performance.

Create WP Site

Beginners all get jitters when exploring a new field like website design. You have to go through countless volumes of documentation to know which plugins to include, and if you mess up once, you end up lost.

Luckily, YouTube WordPress tutorials like the ones offered by Create WP Site make it easy to navigate the journey of making your blog or eCommerce business. You can join the community of 44.6K subscribers and learn more information on how to use WordPress at .


Starting a website has never been easier. With help from Rino, you can learn how to add a creative touch to your website. You can create and design websites without coding knowledge by exploring the channel. The videos include tutorials on web design, WordPress, and techniques for building eCommerce.

With over 125K subscribers and above 6M views, you can be sure to gain some content from the platform. You can join the community of developers and learners who continually gather knowledge on Elementor, WooCommerce, and WordPress, among other design features.

Visit for more information.

ODi Productions

Every day, you have the opportunity to learn something new. YouTube can be the perfect tutor if you explore web design or want to start an online business. With channels like ODI Productions, you can learn more about affiliate marketing alongside 285K subscribers.

You can learn a few tips on making your website pop among competitors. As part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate program, the channel has the means to provide all the relevant information you need to earn some money through your website.

Visit for more information.

Josh Hall

Your website is part of your brand. You can express your freedom and personality through your website and attract more people to your business or blog. Josh, the man behind the channel, gives you short, straightforward lessons on creating a web design business.

You get to express your passion through the website. Whether it is a hobby or you want to start your work-from-home business, the blogs, posts, tutorials, and courses available on will help you, as a freelancer or an agency owner.

Coding knowledge is not required to create professional websites and nurture successful businesses. The blogs and podcasts produced by Josh will get you there, alongside other 2.4M viewers of his content.


Twenty-two million views are a testament that the channel has more to offer. Among the many videos on WordPress, you can take free and premium lessons on setting up your website on Windows and Mac and take up more challenges to better your skills.

From front-end designs to testing your web performance on various devices and search engines, the channel has more to offer on WordPress plugins. Whether you are starting your first website or planning to make changes on your blog, including social media links, or advertising, you can find all you need on this WordPress YouTube tutorial channel.

Visit for more information.


Being an SEO-dedicated company, you can expect to learn more about optimizing your website from Yoast than anywhere else. Open-sourcing is the foundation of their operation, and the videos and tutorials give you content that can take your website to the next level.

A series of SEO plugins can help your website improve its performance on search engines. Yoast offers help to small businesses and large companies alike, and everyone can use a lesson on improving organic traffic on their websites.

Join the community of over 31K subscribers and learn how to use some of the most common plugins on WordPress. Visit for more information.


A great deal about web creation is choosing the suitable theme to represent your brand and personality. You can encourage more extended browsing or repel people from your website with a theme.

ThemeIsle offers you well-crafted WordPress tutorials and reviews to both novices and professionals. Here, you can develop your first website hassle-free and wait to see the results on the traffic through your blog or business.

Visit to learn more about how you can customize your website using themes.


Every learning journey starts with a single step. It could be browsing through YouTube to get a tutorial video on installing and maintaining websites. In about 9 minutes, you can learn to create a website in simple and easy steps.

Along with a community of 994K subscribers, you can build your website faster and easier. This channel on blog and website making strives to make learning uncomplicated for everyone, including people with no coding skills. True to their goal, they have helped over 50M viewers create and manage websites online.

Visit for more information now.

Darrel Wilson

Join the hundreds of developers, freelancers, and web agencies as you learn how to make WordPress websites with no coding skills. The channel will take you through simple drag and drop builders to create your first website and launch your first theme.

Visit for more information on starting your business and web design career in a few simple steps. You can access all these tutorials free.


Getting the proper support as you create your first website can be encouraging, especially when frustrated with new information. However, you do not have to go into the web design, eCommerce, and blogging business alone.

With the global WordPress community at WPwatercooler, you can access new information on website design weekly. The passionate developers will guide you as you successfully launch your first website. Visit for more details.


Developing a website with no coding knowledge might seem impossible to many. However, some dedicated guides provide high-quality and informative tutorials online to thousands of developers, companies, freelancers, and web agencies. You can join the community of web developers today by going through the systematic tutorials offered by the YouTubers mentioned above.

Note: Since Youtube has , if you have not found anyone above, please let us know in the comment section.

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