The Complete Roadmap for Becoming a Backend Developer

Want to get a higher salary from the programming industry? If you choose back-end development, then you can expect to get a higher salary from the programming industry. According to indeed, a software engineer and it’s depends on experience and skills.

However, learning programming isn’t about getting only a higher salary but also learning different tricks and techniques to protect, build and design a software, apps or website. Indeed, constructing and protecting websites and applications are objectives of back-end development.

Now, you must learn the basics of a back-end developer roadmap to start your journey in the programming industry. If you don’t have that basic knowledge, then go through our full overview of back-end development.

Undoubtedly, you’ll get the ultimate guidelines for becoming a back-end developer and step forward to your career.

So, let’s start!

What Is Backend Development?

back end developer roadmap

Back-end development refers to behind-the-screen activities that control the action of a software, application or website. For example, if you want to purchase from an eCommerce shop, then you must log in to that specific website or mobile application.

The back-end developer works for making the login function and connects the browser with database information.

Why Learn Backend Development?

To boost up your career in the industry, then learning back-end development is crucial. The deep knowledge and understanding of different .

So, the back-end developer gets inspired to step down to learn front-end development. Consequently, they can develop their knowledge and boost up their career. However, learning the back-end development also works in the following ways.

Control The Activities Of Users

Back-end developers can control users’ activities through the use of programming frameworks.

Solve The Logical Problems

If you want to solve important logical problems, you must learn different programming languages for back-end.

For example, back-end development accomplishes the challenging jobs of matching the car location of driver and passenger of Uber, a profitable convenience organization.

Storing and Utilizing The User’s Activities

The programmer controls the user activities, Processes them logically in the server, and stores them in the database. When it is needed, the developer shows the information to the users after processing.

Establishing a Good Communication

Finally, the back-end developer Helps to communicate between server and user.

How to Get Started with Backend Development

It must be overwhelming to learn a new thing. But, without basic computing and internet knowledge, it’s impossible to start with back-end development.

If you’ve decided to start programming, that means you must have basic computing and internet knowledge. Even though you have never coded before, you’ll learn everything through our consecutive guidelines.

Let’s see what you can do to start.

Learn Basic Computing

Learning basic computing is a must whether it comes to learning programming, coding, or any other skill. For coding, you must learn about the following basics in computing.

  1. Process management
  2. Thread and concurrency
  3. Basic terminal commands
  4. Version control system

How Does Internet Work

After you learn basic computing for programming, you must learn how the internet works. Without proper knowledge of the internet and hosting, you can’t start programming.

  • What is HTTP?
  • How does the browser work?
  • What is the domain, and how does it work?
  • What is hosting?
  • DNS and how does it work?

Basic Knowledge on Fronted Basic

Whether you choose to become a back-end developer or front-end developer, you must earn some knowledge on fronted basics. Let’s see what they are:

  • HTML knowledge
  • Basics CSS/ SCSS knowledge
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • CSS frameworks and JS frameworks basics
  • Get a bit idea of Content management system ( WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, WooCommerce etc )

The Roadmap for Beginners

To start with software development, at first, you’ll need to know how good you’re at logic. If you’re good at logic, it won’t take much time to learn the programming languages for application development.

A software engineer helps to communicate with fronted or UI( user interface ) with the database.

The logic and conditions in almost all the programming languages work the same. The only difference among different programming languages is their declaration, although the result comes the same.

Let’s start with the guidelines of the back-end developer roadmap.

—- Basics – Learn a Language and Database

Select one of the most popular back-end programming languages to start with. There’re many programming languages; the most popular programming languages are C++, C#, PHP, Python, JAVA, Ruby, etc.

In the language, you’ll learn how to declare a variable and how to show output to the user.

You must have a basic idea of how the programming language works, and you have to know how to communicate with the database.

Database engineers store data organized and show the information to the users. There are two major categories of the database, SQL and MysqlSQL.

Few help full resource to start learning programming.

—- Intermediate – Learn a back-end Framework and CMS

Why do you need to learn a framework for back-end development?

Learning the framework will to reduce your development time and provide you with better security. Besides, it’ll also help to get a quick and secure output. A programing language might’ve different types of framework and content management system, for example,

PHP: There’re many frameworks in PHP, including LARAVEL, Symfony, codeigniter. But, the LARAVEL is the most popular and widely used PHP framework for web development.

PHP is a heavily used hypertext processor generally used to generate dynamic page contents, receive data from forms, send and receive cookies, and many more.

Python: Django is the most popular and widely used framework in python. Python is a high-level programming language used for artificial intelligence, web programming, and different scientific applications.

C#: ASP. Net is the most popular and commonly used back-end framework in C#. C# is an object-oriented programming language generally used for general purposes, like gaming development, Microsoft applications development, etc.

CMS: Rise up your skills with cms ( WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Jommla ) theme and plugins development , for eCommerce application ( Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce ) etc.

—- Advanced – API, Caching, Security, and Testing

API stands for an application programming interface. API is used to communicate among two or more applications. There Are several categories in API, and you must know some of those API types to learn advanced-level programming. Some of those application programming interfaces (API) are:

Why would you need to learn to cache?

Catching will reduce your time communicating with the server and database by storing the subsets of data. If you want to retrieve the previously used data quickly and efficiently, you must learn how cache works.
You’ll get catching in three different types, they are:

  • CDN
  • Server Side
  • Client-side


Security is the most important part of all types of programming languages. To ensure web security, you must learn the following things.

Back-end testing

After completing an application, it may contain some bugs. That’s why you must conduct back-end testing on your prepared application. Back-end testing to your application or website ensures it’s protected from defects like data loss, data corruption, deadlocks, and many more.

  • You can conduct the following testing to fix the bugs in your application.
  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing

Extra Stuff – Good to know

One of the basic responsibilities of back-end developers is to coordinate with the front-end developers. However, some basic stuff you must know to learn as a back-end developer is:

Architectural Pattern

An architectural pattern is a concept and reusable solution of general software architectural problems. With the architectural pattern, the application developers can deliver the code changing more frequently and efficiently.


, a set of containerization platforms, uses the operating system level and allows to deliver software in packages, like creating, deploying, and running software without hassle or help of containers.

Web Servers

Web server is a software program that delivers the requested web pages and websites to the users after entering the URL. The web server can also be referred to as the web server program in a computer.

Web server is classified usually in two types, they’re:


Apache software foundation developed Apache processes and served the requested web assets and contents through HTTP. It’s an open-source cross-platform of the webserver.


The NGINX is another open-source, powerful web server platform that enables outperforming apache and doing important things like HTTP caching, load balancing, reverse proxying, mail proxying, and so on.

Next Steps

So, you’ve done all the jobs of the back-end developer roadmap, right? So, it’s time to practice.

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Practice what you’ve learned and make a portfolio of your practicing. You can use Github to make your portfolio. Enroll yourself in an entry-level job and gain professional experiences based on your learning if possible.

Indeed, the learning will be added to your portfolio or resume and help you to get high-paying jobs later.

Summary for overall everything

Becoming a back-end developer is quite challenging, particularly when you don’t have the basic knowledge.

But, if you love to solve logical problems, then back-end programming is the right profession for you. Trust us; you’re really going to enjoy the profession when logical problem solving is your passion.

Indeed, you’ll need the back-end roadmap and some time to become a professional-level back-end developer. If you’re unwilling to give time and interest to solve logical problems, starting with programming will be a waste of time.

Most of the time, people hire software enginner just to protect their websites from different types of bugs and hackings. But, it’s the advanced level work of back-end development.

Inspire us with your love!

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