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Technology today is progressing at a fast rate. The development of new digital apps and software each day is also coupled with old information becoming obsolete. This new tech every day affects the lives of large tech enthusiasts and the lives of ordinary people.

In the light of this profuse rate of technological development, many blog sites have erupted to keep the community up to date with modern technologies. Still, not all of these blogs will give you up-to-date or relevant information.

What is a Tech or Technology Blog?

A tech blog is an informational website that keeps you up to date with the new technology created every day. Today, even as a commoner, you need to stay up to date about the new tech introduced each day because of the fast rate of development in technology. The tech experts and the tech bloggers need to stay up to date Tech bloggers, therefore, keep up with their research and provide new information about the advancements in technology. Still, not every website is reliable due to these fast developments. But if you are a tech enthusiast and looking for tech blogs to keep up with the outside world, this article is for you.

Here are some blogs and statistic sites that you must follow to keep up with the tech industry.


The Verge is one of the most up-to-date and trusted websites. It was founded in 2011, and it has grown to massive traffic of 55m plus monthly.
This blog covers a wide range of tech topics, including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, with an adequately sectioned website. In addition to that, the blog also provides you with product reviews and information, plus guides about the new technology.

the best articles of TheVerge


Another of the most visited websites is, dedicated to providing you with the best tech information. It provides you with the latest news and educates you about the new tech about how to use it, what are the new features, and buying guidelines. It also allows you to read a few tech magazines.

In addition to tech, this blog also has graphic design and digital art sections.

the best articles of CreativeBloq


You can also follow TheNextWeb for the latest tech news along with the others. It receives vast traffic exceeding 7million per month.
They also have annual conferences focused on startup companies and new tech.

The website also covers the areas of business and culture along with technology, including coding, infrastructure, cloud category, and development.

the best articles of TheNextWeb


Hackernoon is a website that mainly gives you information about cryptocurrency and blockchain, which is its most robust domain, but they post any new technology-related post.

Also, you find almost every topic related to artificial intelligence, gaming techniques, and guides or software development on the website. It also has a startup section to explore new startup opportunities.

the best articles of HackerNoon

w3techs is a blog site that gives you information about the technology used to build and run websites. They also provide you with surveys about the tech and give a monthly report about the new technologies used by different websites.

The site also allows you to check what technologies, e.g., programming language, hosting provider, etc. a specific website is using.

best reports of w3techs


Digitaltrends is one of the most influential technologies, computer gaming devices, and lifestyle guide blog websites available to you. Digital Trends is an award-winning multi-media brand that guides its audience to the best products. The site also offers product reviews, buying guidelines, and deals for many categories, e.g., development tools, gaming, music, video, learning, ETC. More Than 1,821,838 people connect with .

the best articles of DigitalTrends


Tech Spot is a blog site that targets mainly power users, tech enthusiasts, IT decision-makers, and gamers. The site provides you with the best reviews and features of the latest technology, plus a potential software recommendations section. It also lets you track the prices of the products that are best suitable for them. TechSpot also has a very active forum and where many discussions occur.

the best articles of TechSpot


Netcraft is an internet research and security service website based in the United Kingdom founded by . It provides its services in 50 different countries across the globe to internet infrastructure, financial services, and large enterprises.

Also, It includes the world’s largest companies and banks. Their services include cybercrime disruption, vulnerability scanning, and application security testing.

the best articles of Netcraft


On the contrary to other websites, Macworld is solely for Apple products. The site will provide you with essential buying tips and bits of advice, hardware and software reviews, and analysis provided by the best Apple experts in the back end. Moreover, the site has covered every Apple product, including Mobile phones, watches, computers, TV, and software updates.

the best articles of Macworld


IGI-Global is an educational platform that works closely with expert researchers from top institutions to provide as much facility and knowledge to the . The website covers ten subjects, including business, IT, and even medicine. The website provides books, journals, articles, reference books, and even instructors.

the best articles of IGI-Global


SiliconANGLE is a digital media platform that creates engaging social media experiences for their community with the help of research and social data in real-time to create an interaction between people and brands.

SiliconANGLE covers cloud, Ai, security, infra, blockchain, IoT, and apps. Moreover, the site covers a whole section for emerging technology.

the best articles of SiliconANGLE


TorrentFreak is dedicated to news about copyright and privacy policies and reaches on Facebook. This website covers everything related to filing sharing, and it provides information about piracy, laws related to filesharing, and technology related to the same field. The website also brings a yearly review of VPN services.

the best articles of TorrentFreak

Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia is a media platform that is dedicated to building tech in and enlightening the region on how to improve its lifestyle. The website not only covers the latest news in the tech world but also gives information about upcoming events and also organizes tech conferences across Asia. Moreover, the platform gives details about job opportunities that almost no other website offers. The website also has a mobile app.

the best articles of Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia

InformationWeek is dedicated to digital business and to connecting the business technology community. It offers insights and advice to help the audience in identifying the best strategies that are reliable to their business and are also up to date with the fast-changing technology. It offers help in various fields, including IT, cloud and infrastructure, development, government, etc.

the best articles of InformationWeek

University of Houston

The University of Houston is one of the best colleges in , with a Tier one campus having an award-winning faculty, research centers, and alumni who have become leaders in every field of life. With its cutting-edge programs, the University of Houston, e.g., undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and educational studies, empowers their student with the best learning abilities and the ability to change the world. The university has a student body of more than 47000 and a very prestigious and one of the most diverse alumni in the nation.

the best resources


CIO council is home to Federal Chief Information Officers who work to improve government offices’ IT departments and protect their websites. A website is a place for them to share their technology, news, and programs started by the council. They offer cyber security, cloud services, IT, and business management implementation.

the best articles of HTTP CIO

Tech. EU

Tech. Eu is a European-based digital publication website covering the tech industry in and the startup ecosystems. They offer data, market intelligence, and European projects and events. Furthermore, the site also partners up with new startups, investors, or journalists through newsletters and advertises them or sponsors them on social media.

the best articles of

Kim Komando

The website is tech updates from a radio host Kim Komando. The radio host provides breaking tech news, tips to get the most out of your device, hardware and software development, online privacy tips, and scam alerts. The website also has a video section to watch clips from the show plus DIY. Moreover, the site also recommends trusted sponsors, including T-Mobile, Epson, Dell, express VPN, etc.

the best articles of Kim Komando


TechNewsWorld is one of the most competent websites that provide technology news and insightful analysis and reviews. It has separate sections for different types of news, for instance.

TechNewsWorld has a separate section for developers’ news and a separate one for gaming and apps. It provides information about hardware, software, IT, science, virtual reality, cyber security, data management, etc.

the best articles of TechNewsWorld

Stackoverflow Blog

Stackoverflow is a massive platform with more than 100 million visitors per month. It provides you with essays, opinions, and advice on computer programming and helps the audience build their careers by utilizing the latest knowledge. The website is helping many businesses to undergo digital transformation. Moreover, the site has a weekly podcast about software development, coding, art, , and culture.

the best articles of Stackoverflow Blog


Statistica is a statistic website dedicated to providing business data to its audience. This website provides statistics in almost every business field, whether trade, sports, or technology. The website provides you with trend reports, consumer reports, industry reports, and political reports so that you can adjust yourself and your business according to the changing world. You also get a business plan that you may want to grow your business and analyze through the site’s researched statistics. The website is paid.

Think with Google

Think with Google is another statistical website that shares data, analysis, and insights with you so that you can prosper in the digital marketing industry. The site provides everything from consumer insights, including trends and data, to valuable tools to grow your business. In addition to that, the website also provides you with the marketing strategies to give your brand. In the meantime, they keep an eye on the change in cultural interests and habits worldwide so that you know when and how you have to change your business strategies according to the outside world.

the best articles of Think with Google


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The world around us is advancing each day in every field of life, and technology today has caused it to double the pace of this advancement. It is challenging for ordinary people to keep up with the world in such situations. So the internet is full of blogs and statistics sites that help a commoner who much the world has progressed. Here is a list of 21 blog and statistic sites that will keep you up to date with the modern world. Some of these are specific to a particular niche, yet others are more general. If you are a tech enthusiast or want to be one, this article will help you get somewhere.

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