Top 10 Freelance Business Ideas for the New Normal

The world has changed significantly in the last two years. The new normal has meant that there are some interesting new freelance business opportunities—or at least some new takes on them. Almost everything that can be done online is being done online these days. From school to shopping, people are turning to the internet to get things accomplished.

If you’re a WordPress website designer, this is a great advantage. You don’t necessarily need to start a freelance business in web design, but you can use those skills to give your new business the online portal it’ll no doubt need.

Let’s take a look at the top freelance business ideas you should be considering in 2022:

1. Web Design

We’ll start with the most obvious and possibly the most lucrative if you are already clued up on WordPress web design.

So many businesses are looking to create their online home or update it thanks to the changes in consumer behavior in the last two years.

Make sure you know how to integrate things like ecommerce, appointment booking and scheduling, and live chat functions into WordPress. These are incredibly important in the new normal.

2. Consulting

A consulting business is great because you are being paid for your knowledge and experience in a particular industry or on a particular topic. Essentially, your clients pay you to look at what they’re doing and provide insights into how they can improve.

You can operate your consulting business completely online through Zoom meetings. This means you can consult with clients all over the country and even the world.

3. Online teaching

is huge in the new normal. Schools are looking for tutors to help their children. Adults are also looking to upgrade their skills through online courses. Night school has now moved into the digital realm.

There are plenty of platforms like Udemy, where you can create your own courses around what you specialize in. Remember, topics like web design are very popular as more and more people want to operate in the digital sector.

4. Dropshipping

Getting into e-commerce doesn’t mean you need to have a massive warehouse full of items to sell, nor do you have to have a manufacturing setup to make any products.

Dropshipping is the ideal way to get into e-commerce because you are essentially the middleman. You connect your supplier with the customer and organize the sales, taking the markup on the product as your income. The key is to make sure that you have a good relationship with your supplier, as well as having backups in case something goes wrong.

5. Pet or House Sitting

Now that traveling is back on the cards, there will be plenty of people looking for house or pet sitters. This is a great side business to run if you have other remote work you can do from anywhere. It’s extra income that you can earn while you keep your day job or work on other business ideas that you’re starting up.

Just make sure that the home you’re moving into has a decent Wi-Fi connection so that you can stay connected to your other job. Most people will be happy to ensure you’re connected as long as their homes and pets are being well taken care of.

6. Selling eBooks

There is a wide range of platforms for self-publishing these days—Amazon Kindle, and Kobo are just a few examples. It’s now easier than ever to become a published author and get your books in front of people.

You no longer need to worry about printing costs and getting shops to put your books on their shelves. You could even create ebooks and sell them on your own website if you wanted to.

Most people also think you need to be a fiction writer or spend years of your life researching a novel before you can publish it. That simply isn’t the case. You can write short how-to books based on your area of expertise. Team up with a graphic designer and you can include infographics and diagrams to expand the ebook.

The key is to find your niche and create a plan for how long the books will be and what topics you’ll cover with each. Then you need to advertise them and put a bit of time, effort and money into the marketing.

7. Virtual Assistant

Your freelance business can be a major help to other small businesses and entrepreneurs when you provide virtual assistant (VA) services.

Essentially, you would be tackling the day-to-day tasks of another business, such as scheduling, making phone calls, making travel plans, and managing emails. If you know how to or have other specialized skills, this is an added bonus, as you can offer an increased range of services.

All of these tasks can be handled remotely so that your clients don’t need to have office space for you. It’s a great freelance business if you’re highly organized and are good at administrative tasks.

8. SEO Services

If you’re into web design, it’s highly likely that you know something about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With so many businesses turning to online sales and services, you’ll find plenty of clients to provide SEO services for—they all need to get found online.

A bonus here would be to get some kind of accreditation to help you stand out from the crowd. Google runs various courses, and you can find SEO courses on the same platforms where you could potentially run your own courses. Just make sure you get accreditation; that means something and gives you hands-on knowledge to help you provide a high-quality service to your clients.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around almost as long as the internet. All you need is a great looking, engaging website or blog, as well as a social media presence, and you can make decent money through the practice. It’s considered a passive income strategy because you place links to products or services on your website and social media, and make money every time someone purchases through that link.

However, it’s not as passive as it may seem because you need to work to make your blog and social media following well engaged. You also need to pick the affiliate links you place in your content well, and the brands and items need to complement your content and appeal to your target market, otherwise you won’t make any sales.

10. Errand Services

The once again, as are third-party service providers like Uber, DoorDash, and HubSpot. Providing errand services took a hit during the pandemic, as people didn’t want to engage with others outside of their lockdown bubbles.

Although, those who offered services that reduced the need for those at risk to leave their homes did alright throughout the pandemic. Now, in the new normal, things are definitely picking up in all spheres.

Working on a gig-based freelance business can be difficult, but it works well if you have a niche and a particular set of skills. The important thing is to define what you’re good at and make sure you promote that well.

You should spend time getting references from happy clients because that will go a long way towards cementing your reputation as trustworthy. You should also look at having a website with an automated system for booking, as well as plenty of contactless payment methods that are safe for you and your customers.

The new normal may have brought with it plenty of challenges, but for freelancers, it offers an abundance of new opportunities. If you’re looking for a way to generate income or a side hustle, these 10 tips are a great place to start.

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