The 10 Car Rental Booking System / Plugins for WordPress

Did you know that woo commerce for car rental plugins can help improve your car rental business? Yes!

Recently, there has been an outburst in online WordPress car rental systems as the internet is making it no issue to find a suitable ride for any occasion and location.

With the increase in the demand for car rental services, a good one will make your website attractive and make booking easy for customers.

Not all plugins have a good design for creating booking services. Here are the 12 car rental plugins in the recommendation that will work well for you. These, you can use without prior knowledge of coding to have a good-looking and functional car booking site.

1. Advance Car Rental Booking

Advance Car Rental Booking

It provides valuable tools for running a profitable car rental business.

Your customers can view all cars, compare them and book quickly. When using this plugin, you can design a user-friendly page to meet your visitors’ curiosity.

Notable features

  • It supports various forms of online payment methods such as PayPal, Payoneer, skill, etc. Just add as many as you want.
  • It provides pop-up notifications for any meaningful activities such as confirming orders.
  • It supports a limitless number of locations displaying their distance by calculating zipcodes.
  • You can add countless vehicle types all at once displaying their profile for visitors to select and make booking orders.
  • You can create pricing rules for different locations and cars.
  • It has flexible back-end administrative tools to view activities done by clients.
  • Also, it is useful for other transportation booking services such as motorbikes, bicycle rentals, etc.

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2. Car Rental Booking System

Car Rental Booking System

This easy-to-use and the customizable plugin creates an attractive and engaging web page. It has a responsive layout and features that adapt well to any screen size.

Notable features

  • It has multiple booking forms, and you can create unique settings for each form.
  • It supports numerous locations and displays them on a map. You can set up a contact address, rental rules( specifying the period ), and available cars for each location.
  • Users can add vehicles of different categories displaying their images and unique features for visitors to select according to taste.
  • It has a sticky sidebar that shows details of orders.
  • This engaging plugin can enable customers to make down payments for multiple orders.
  • You can set pricing rules that fit the location, car type, period of use, and seasons (holidays, celebration period, working days, etc.).
  • It supports multiple woo-commerce payment methods.
  • The integration creates pop-up notifications for customers and an engaging experience.

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3. RnB


This is one of the best available if you want a site to increase your booking and rental services. It is compatible with the up-to-date WordPress version, and it brings with it many powerful features that you can customize for a meaningful and supporting webpage. It is straightforward to understand and use without knowledge of coding.

Notable features

  • Its friendly user interface provides a system that supports customer experience.
  • The RnB has a responsive layout like , allowing cost with distance calculation.
  • It offers various online and offline payment gateways for full or partial payment.
  • Also, RnB has multiple management systems for order cancellation, the rate for vehicle re-availability, booking, and pricing.
  • Price can be set depending on the hour, date, day, month, or location distance.
  • With WPML integration, it allows multiple language translations.
  • Also, it has a customer profile and dashboard showing activities such as booking, payment, or cancellation done by customers.
  • It informs admins and clients of any order, query, or reservation by sending SMS or email notification.
  • Moreover, You can operate in online/ offline mode.

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4. Eclypse


The Eclypse has all the native WordPress features along with it. A booking becomes easier as you can feature all available cars on your online store.

Also, customers are manageable with its practical tools and powerful features.

Notable features

  • It offers one or multiple rental services per time.
  • It creates multiple pricing methods for every vehicle available for booking.
  • Eclypse has backend navigation that pops up a notification for booking or reservation.
  • It has login areas for customers, enabling a dashboard to view previous bookings and recent orders on reservations.
  • There is always an email notification for every booking date.
  • You can create multiple coupon discounts in no time.
  • It also supports multiple payment methods such as , , stripe, wire transfer, etc.
  • It has pdf generator tools to confirm transactions with pdf files.

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5. BRW


BRW has high functional car booking plugins, and it includes various options that make it fit any rental service site.

Notable features

  • Support numerous options to set pricing plans by hours, days, seasons, distance, several guests, etc.
  • Coupon discount settings depend on ideal options.
  • Readymade availability calendar and booking form. that helps customers know the available and unavailable dates for booking a particular vehicle.
  • Powerful search tool to help customers filter services they desire.
  • Order management tools for admins to filter orders with available options such as check-in or out the date, order status, drop-off location, etc.
  • Supports order cancellation and email notification.
  • Compatible with WPML and polylang plugin for multiple language translation.
  • Customers can make partial or complete payments with the multiple payment methods it supports.

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6. Car Rental System Native

Car Rental System Native

Car Rental System Native for WordPress is a valuable plugin that you can use for the rental service of your car. Besides, you will get customizable user interface templates that fit into any screen size. So that customers will be able to view available vehicles and make bookings without difficulty.

It also includes other services such as motorcycle rental, taxis, etc. The car profile will help customers select pick-up locations, etc. Then customers add products to the cart and complete their order. The information will show on the cart page and the complete order page.

Notable features

  • Four security layers integration that allows only legal requests.
  • Bootstrap supports site resizing according to customers’ mobile type.
  • Google e-commerce integration for tracking reservations.
  • Compatibility with WordPress multisite and WPML for multiple language setup.
  • Incorporates images with manufacturers grid, location, and car list.
  • Can create different pricing rules that
  • Invoice notification is sent after the customer makes a reservation.
  • Support multi-payment method.

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7. Yacht


This provides all the necessary equipment and features that you need to operate your yacht and boat rental services or a car. The yacht provides step-by-step processing of orders with an email service and an online system of payments. Here visitors can easily browse yacht and Boat business rental services. It also shows a list of all the bookings or orders in the system.

Notable features

  • yacht has a robust admin panel system.
  • It’s user-friendly, allowing new users to search for yacht and Boat business easily.
  • It suits visual composers well.
  • Email pattern programming for booking or reservation notification.
  • Programmable price and payment arrangement and days of rest for each yacht and boat
  • Clean design that is fully active.
  • Multiple online systems of payments.
  • You can search out all the bookings, boat name, date, customers’ email, means of payment, booking level. Current status, etc.
  • Support WPML and keep up multilingual websites

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8. InkThemes’s car booking

InkThemes's car booking

InkThemes’s car booking WordPress plugin provides an online reservation system that is highly customizable and manages your fleet using a new-panel control system. Moreover, customers will see vehicle availability and make online reservations with just a few clicks. It is a very responsive WordPress plugin for car rental systems.

Also, The Car booking WordPress Plugin is entirely available for high-volume traffic sites and works excellent with meaningful reports.

Notable features

  • it ascertains email service along with an account.
  • It can provide any search or customers service file
  • Conceal and need any search or customer field
  • Tracking of events
  • Customer assessment and grading.
  • CustomerMapsorm with Google Maps.
  • It shows the cost per season, day, hour, or all at a time.

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9. VikRentalCar


It helps to build customers’ or users’ first WordPress websites. It is a powerful tool suitable for building fast, beautiful, secure, engaging, and easy to access. Besides, It will excite your customers and enhance user usage of your site. The wp car booking plugin is a very active web component framework that implies using it for mobile and desktop devices. This formal plugin from the AMP work enables AMP content production with WordPress fully and has a coherent connection with the correct mechanisms of the platform.

Notable features

  • WordPress developers can quickly build AMP that suits the environment ecosystem components.
  • It provides functional tools to assist customers in dealing with AMP that is not compatible in case it occurs and for recognizing and solving any issues caused by the error of confirmation.
  • It provides end-to-end remedy divisions of WordPress builders to produce AMP pages a few times, even without technical expertise.
  • It helps automate the steps of generating AMP- valid markup as much as possible, allowing customers to use the standard workflows they know how to use in WordPress.

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10. WordPress booking plugin

Amelia WordPress booking plugin

version has a responsive admin and customer interface. Its back and front-end designs fit any mobile screen type. Also, It is Straightforward to install and use without coding or design knowledge. Customizing this plugin to suit your design is just a few minutes of stress.

Notable features

  • Customizable multiple booking form with excellent user interface
  • Calendar admin view to see all bookings and reservations.
  • Customizable pop-up email and SMS notifications for admins and clients.
  • Displays limitless numbers of vehicles available for rent alongside their features and necessary information.
  • It has options for numerous payment gateways for full or partial payment.
  • It has currency options depending on the client’s country.
  • Excellent customer support system with different pricing rules.
  • Powerful management tools for managing inventory such as orders, deliveries, etc.


Designing a webpage that engages and increasingly keeps clients is now possible. Thanks to the worldwide trusted developers, there are many plugins to choose from. Because of them, there has been an outburst in car rental services.

You, too, can improve and maximize your business ROI by using those WordPress car rental plugins. They have limitless functionalities to give your users incredible experiences.

If you’re looking for the best, pick from our selections. Cost is never a problem as you can find the best one that suits your budget.

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