The 6+ Best Google AMP WordPress Plugins

stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and could only change the whole website’s knowledge for you and your site’s visitors. It’s an HTML component framework that is lightweight and stripped down. The Accelerated helps website owners to say goodbye to mobile pages that were non-optimized, dull and disordered.

AMP is a website publishing technology developed by Google. More than 30 news publishers and different technology organizations (counting Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WordPress) were at first declared as partners in the .

How AMP works ?

This plugin AMP consists of Accelerated HTML, the AMP JS library, and the Google AMP Cache. Accelerated Mobile Pages uses its personal components, like as, link rel=”amphtml” href=”” tag. AMP also works, like as:

  • Web Server –> <– Google Accelerated Server –> Visitor’s
  • It is to define the header rel-tag to know the AMP HTML page on the main webpage.

Google announced that AMP pages served in Google search, commonly load in less than one second. An academic paper about AMP discloses that the AMP version is nearly nine times faster than the non-AMP version with the pre-rendering.

It is to state that, 30% of users leave a page if, any page did not load into 3 seconds.

Now in the present article, I’ll let you know about Plugins, WordPress and AMP, WP-AMP-ACF-Beta ADDON, and AMP for WordPress. AMP plugin for WordPress helps entirely mobilized AMP publishing for WordPress sites. We have executed AMP for the Shop page, Category page and most importantly, the Product page for WooCommerce. So, except for suspension let’s run into the narration.

AMP Plugin for WordPress

AMP Plugin for WordPress

This Plugin is an open-source movement wanting to raise online for everybody. The plugins empowers online experiences, that are dependably speedy, brilliant and high-performing crosswise over service stages. The Plugins represented Accelerated Mobile Pages, yet at this point runs absolutely diagonally the desktop and mobile.

This plugin is designed to pursue one of three unique modes, similar to Standard, Transitional and Reader. In Standard mode, apply AMP as the structural framework for your site. At the point, whenever configured to work in Reader and Transitional modes, a given page will have a standard URL just as a relating (combined) AMP URL.

The WordPress biological system is given the capacities and instruments it a requirement to set up world-class AMP expertise without detached off from its standard, adaptable, and prominent the content invention work process.

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AMP Plugin for WooCommerce

AMP Plugin for WooCommerce

The Plugins prime goal to significantly enhance the performance of the mobile online by diminishing the online page loading time. And consequently keeping the client flawless to the online store. Regardless of no matter what kind of telephone, tablet or cell phone device the client is utilizing.

AMP accompanies the pre-rendering capacity and renders the page the extent that it is obvious to the clients at a moment. AMP permits just asynchronous Javascript which causes the page to execute and render quick.

  • Instant and Lightning Fast Loading
  • Decrease Bounce Rate
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Better User Experience
  • Increase Sales & Revenue
  • Increase Visibility in Search Result
  • Creates Dedicated AMP Pages
  • AMP Pages can be customized
  • Google Analytics Id
  • Hide/Show AMP Icon

So in the event that these pages load up quickly immediately, then doubtlessly it will keep the client loved by the online store. And likewise, this will be very useful to the storekeeper, as the additional time a client spends on your web store, the more will be the odds of a client to buy a few merchandise.

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WP — Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce


It is to state that, it is a premium WordPress that includes assisting for AMP WooCommerce. Firstly, all that’s needed is a few clicks to cause your site to run with mobile. To clarify, AMP HTML is an open-source activity & provided by, “Google”. Most importantly, it intends to give advanced mobile-optimized content that may load immediately all over the place.

However, this specific plugin runs including the WooCommerce plugin and permits you to display products on your AMP site. For example: (a) The shop page (b) Product pages (c) Product categories and tags pages (d) Cart page.

  • Add every content genres and archives on your personal mobile online site.
  • Completely modify the quality design or else built an entirely fresh one. In addition, embedding images, videos, audios, and iframes.
  • Identify visitors with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex. Metrika and .
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, The SEO Framework, SEO Ultimate.
  • Income additional cash by connecting and DoubleClick ads to AMP pages.

Essentially, AdSense enables you to establish ad blocks promotion on your site. Firstly, pays cash for each guest who taps on the advertisement. Most importantly, you may incorporate AdSense within your AMP site. Consequently, be able to pick where to place the ad-block.

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AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP

To clarify, AMP for WP comes for automatically generate Accelerated Mobile Pages activity to your personal online site. Furthermore, this specific plugin runs compatibility with Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, The SEO Framework, SEO Ultimate. It is to state that AMP”s birth happens for Fastest Mobile Website. But, dramatically it’s also running for Desktop too. Most importantly, this plugin includes some surprising features;

  • Just Arrived – Gutenberg Support, Divi and Elementor Support More Info, & Improved CSS Optimization (Tree Shaking).
  • Sharing Support, AMP Infinity Scroll Support, & Revolution Slider plugin Support are also just arrived.
  • Latest Upgrade – Photo Gallery by 10Web Support.
  • New Update – MEWE social network Support
  • Just Arrived – Compliance

Approximately, 60% of your traffic is coming from mobile. If you are doing nothing to having their quality user experience, that means falling behind on SEO and outcome may lower in SERPs. Lightning-fast mobile version means quality full and fastest User experience. Therefore, heavy involvement with visitors outcomes directly to the lower bounce rate.

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ACF (Add-on)

ACF Add-on

First of all, the WP-AMP plugin doesn’t run the ACF. Furthermore, this plugin empowers you to show Advanced Custom fields data into the AMP version of your online site. So, to an outcome, the data demands mini integrations rather than customized the entire code. Most importantly, this add-on for the WP AMP plugin enables you to established your fields speedily. Because of the advantageous and user-friendly interface.

  • Built your personal fields effortless
  • Bulk templates edition
  • Display the field anywhere on your Accelerated version of the website
  • Take future functions or actions

ACF is a heavily built instrument and recent can use on WP AMP with the support of WP AMP ACF (Add-on). It’s fundamentally a modern system to work for super-fast, lightweight assemble versions of an online page to Mobile users.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

AMP for WordPress

Since the online site that chooses this framework gets rewards from speed advancement. As a result, leading to a 15 to 85% performance progress as a claim by Google.

  • Establish an AMP theme for your WordPress site
  • Automated Direction, no coding needed
  • Boost your Web Site Performance
  • Increase your Mobile SEO
  • Get Leads

Built your individual online WordPress mobile page based on modern Google standards and progress your site Performance, SEO and Marketing.

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Finally, I guarantee you will love this plugin and use it for your upcoming mobile online site or page. All the above plugins and add-ons have awesome features that will customize your website in a delightful direction.

Most importantly, I believe this article is going to help you. Learn from the above-discussed and send us your review on our page. When we receive all your problems, we take it seriously and will come back to your solution soon. Keep your eyes open to our website for the furthermore interesting, engaging and informative article.

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