Top 15 WooCommerce Plugins for Loyalty Points and Rewards

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugins is born to entertain by offering points to your desired customer to feel free, happy, and tied up with your store. You can operate these values by giving them scores on working like buying, sign in, referrals, and so forth. And your buyers will use these scores by buying goods from your shop. Or else, they can use these scores to join your membership plan by a WooCommerce loyalty scheme plugin.

With the help of these kinds of plugins, you can boost your sales higher from the past. For example, when buyers learn that buying products from your store will get him/her rewards, they fall to buy. And when buyers receive rewards from your shop, they trust you and come again to buy.

So, you can say that these kinds of plugins build to drive your sales more and let your buyers say, “.”

What is the WooCommerce points and Rewards plugin?

WooCommerce points and rewards is a loyalty management plugin based on customers’ store activity used by granting loyalty. And it’s a tool that benefits both an owner and buyer. For example, we can say it feeds help, like:

Benefits for an Owner – It comes to boost your sales increase up. Meaning when an owner applies it, his/her has the best chance to grow the store sales.

Benefits for Buyer – Buyers will get points per one or fixed dollar spent. And per hundred (100) points could be gained at a $1 value. With these values, they can buy more they desire.

Thus, the above info tells us, it comes with some great features with specific goals. Which can be stated as follows:

  1. Benefits for Both Owners and Buyers.
  2. Easy to Get, Install, and Apply.
  3. Simple to Customize on Cart, Product Level, and/or Category.
  4. Offering values through Buying, Sign in, Referrals, etc.
  5. Displays Earned Points On Product Page.
  6. Encourages Customers to Buy more.
  7. And so on.

In a word, it’s a tool or system that makes an owner happy, and buyers can enjoy it.

What is the WooCommerce Customer Point System Plugin?

A WooCommerce customer point system plugin is a model born to make loyal customers for the long term. You can reward buyers for excerpts and make WooCommerce RCE loyalty schemes for Sign up, referrals, and more. But customer loyalty plans come to boost your store sales in numbers and revenue.

Besides, you’ll have the power to redeem points, report a point log for both admin and user, and build membership with exact email tidings. Also, you’ll be able to boost sales, , , , , etc.

So, in a word, it’s a solid tool to embrace and adherence buyers. Also, it enables you to save a dollar or take a reward after gaining a specific point gateway.

If you search online, you’ll get many plugins similar to it. And sad but true, all are not as good as helpful. So, to make your job easier, I’ve built a handy list of WooCommerce points and rewards which will serve you in a better way.

So, without more delay, let’s start the listing:



Bravo will let you set awards for buyers with reward points they earned per purchase. You can place as many reward points to set a fixed amount of buys with it. And they will be able to redeem or release it on their next steps/buy with ease. Also, you’ll be able to put this gateway reward point for goods and category/globally.

Along with that, you’ll have the power to put what the value of each point will be. For example, you can place a point equal to 1$ or equal to 100 points, or else any diverse value you want to set. This way, buyers can earn rewards over time and choose how and when to redeem them for a discount.

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SuperCoins propose discounts, rewards, and many diverse notable incentives as a path to entice and hold buyers. Mainly, it builds to boost repeat business and offer shop/brand loyalty rewards. And, of course, it improves your sales and revenue. Also, it turns your buyers into loyal customers to spend more per deal.

However, you can settle the conversion rate to collect the number of buyers per buying. And the users can know or look at how many they earn so far on the “My Account” page, plus redeem them on checkout. You’llYou’ll also be able to rewrite awarding laws on a product level and set the end date.

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Ultimate Points

Ultimate Points

It’s the only extension that helps you retain your buyers and expands the conversion rate. It’ll also support you to boost brand loyalty and run repeated sales with ease. So, if you suffer from low sales but demand more, you can pick this solution plugin. It’ll allow you to devote your buyers by awarding them loyalty points.

Clients’ loyalty points as rewards can be relieved as discounts on purchases, coupons, or many different WooCommerce loyalty rewards. Also, it awards your buyers with Sign in, product purchase, reviews, referral, social share, and many diverse activities done on your store. So, make a contrast in your sales by using this best solution plugin.

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WooCommerce Reward Points

WooCommerce Reward Points

It could boost sales from loyal clients by informing an easy Reward Points loyalty System. Your buyers will gain points by many acts such as buying or registering. And after getting many points, they may release awards for their gathered points. So, through it, you can boost sales by expanding customer loyalty, SEO power, and knowing about your most loyal users.

Besides, it gives many ways to your customers to gain points. For example, it offers an amount of order, first order, Sign in, registration, share your website, and much more. Also, you can place your conversion rates, max/min spends, and many more.

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Reward System Plugin

Ultimate Points

It will employ shop users to boost sales by allocating reward points. It allows a point-based loyalty program that your nonstop guests can eminently earn points. Also, it boosts the scope of shifting the second sale from the earliest time shopper. And it’ll strike your existing shopper into the highest-paying brace.

Besides, you can apply it for new registration, product purchase, and review. Plus, an admin can place the limits of reward point usage and employ them manually to the buyer. At the checkout time, shoppers can go into the reward point. And they also can see the total sum of reward earned.

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weLaunch Points

weLaunch Points

WooCommerce Reward Points program is come to make sure your sales grow and change into loyal customers. It lets the buyer gain points by buying, registering, and more, but redeems them later on new or recent orders quickly. You can display the exact reward points when buyers want to buy one of your products.

Besides, you’ll have the ability to display their badge, current level, and needed points to meet another level. It also wraps with the built-in level system to climb and take the custom rewards you build with ease for buyers. Apart from that, you can alter its colors, texts, and grants all features one after another.

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Points And Rewards For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Points And Rewards support traders to build a loyalty program based on points. It includes gaining and redeeming store or shop credits as points and discounts labels based on the buyer’s activity. It also promotes raising brand loyalty, conversion rate, and shopper retention for your store. And it comes intending to involve shopper by presenting their points.

And the buyers will collect points through purchases, referrals, login, and so on activities. In addition, these awards qualify buyers for discounts on purchases and participation in the membership program. On a quick note, this extension works appropriately with the Wallet system for WooCommerce and full feature available on .


It develops to built to transform your customer into loyal guests. With it, you can award buyers for buying and make a WooCommerce loyalty program to award with referral, login, and many more. Also, users and an admin enable redeeming points and log reports. Plus, you can build membership with official email notifications with it.

Besides, you’ll be able to change the total order point value and cart redemption. It also wraps with unique features such as a reward for product on purchase, order in a set range, the total amount spent, WPML, and many more.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

YITH Plugins builds you to loyalize your buyers with a WooCommerce loyalty scheme based on points. And it also provides your customer instant rewards. Plus, you can inspire repeated purchases to gain points to redeem. So, in a word, it’s a very powerful tool to engage, loyalize, and let your buyers save a dollar or receive rewards by reaching points thresholds.

Besides, it’s very easy to set up, operate, and points applied to user carts are automatically redeemed via discount coupons. Apart from that, it has some extraordinary features like Customer Retention, Increases Conversions, Uses Gamification, Enables Referral Systems, Builds Relationships, and more.

SUMO Reward Points

SUMO is a plugin that is exercised for giving reward scores to the buyers by Product Purchases, Reviews, Referrals, Sign in, Social share, and more. And to obtain discounts on upcoming purchases, earned reward scores can redeem. So, it’s the most magnificent top-selling Customer Points / Loyalty Systems points plugin that works perfectly with any WooCommerce supported theme.

To clarify, it’s a one-stop solution for your unique store to boost sales. And to provide the best solution, it wraps with so many unbelievable rich features. For example, it includes Points with Expiry, Maximum Reward Balance, Automatic Redeeming, Product Review Reward, Daily Login and Buying Reward, and more.


myCred is a smart, quick, and pure points management system that enables you to create and operate endless digital rewards. And it includes rewards like badges, ranks, and points for your powered WP/WooCommerce website. You can also grow your brand loyalty through the reward system for your buyers. For example, systems like community leaderboards, store reward systems, monetize site content, and many more endless possibilities.

However, you can provide the power to the user to earn rewards through its brilliant rewards system. You’ll reward your buyers with points instead of providing cash which will be encashed at no time. Besides, it has many more classic features like Points Management, Open Badge Search Filter, Convert Points to Cash, Currency Code, Translation Ready, and more.

Easy Loyalty Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Easy Loyalty Points and Rewards is a simple, lightweight, and easy to exercise WooCommerce loyalty system plugin. You can grow your customer loyalty higher by giving them scores on purchase. And these scores may be redeemed on discounts for an upcoming purchase order. You can also set a conversion ratio to earn points.

Apart from that, it involves so many unique features such as Customer dashboard, Custom notices, Customer balances, Tax/VAT mode, Point rounding, and more. It also has Product/category point overrides, Points expiration, Bonus for registering, Technical support, and so on.


If you want to keep money in a digital wallet system, TeraWallet will be your top and only friend. This digital wallet system will help you buy goods from the shop. And it also supports the buyers to add their dollars on various payment modes using their wallets. And you or the admin will set this method.

Besides, an admin can formulate cashback laws similar to cart price or product. And the shoppers will accept cashback amounts on the wallet account. It has some unique features like working with other payment methods, refund methods, low wallet balance news, and more. And it also supports , WooCommerce Subscriptions, Dokan Multivendor, Many Languages Translations, and more.

XT Points & Rewards for WooCommerce

XT Points and Rewards is an extension that allows you to provide rewards per purchase to the buyers. And these prizes will be redeemed for discounts. You can easily place as many as scores shoppers will earn for spending their per dollar. And these scores will be awarded in product, global level, or category. Also, you can manage maximum discounts when redeeming points.

Apart from that, an admin can view the user’s list and scores gathered for purchase. Also, an admin can place the conversion rate of how many scores buyers can gain per product. And users can see the scores they gained on the “My Account” page. Plus, they will redeem their scores on the cart and checkout page.Also, a pro version is available with a more significant feature and functionality.

Gamification for WooCommerce

If you want to gamify stores to reward your buyers with ranks, badges, points, and discount coupons, this extension will be your best friend and helper. You’ll have the power to operate revenue by automating the marketing strives with it. And it’ll introduce the best plan to get new buyers and boost the sales efficiency.

Besides, it’ll give you the power to gain loyalty marketing automation to the highest level. It lets you inspire action and raise engagement with hopes, sharer, buyers, sales, and more. So that you can attract new buyers as well as build brand loyalty.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

An extension comes to reward your buyers for shop and other actions with scores that will redeem on discounts. You can easily organize the number of scores the buyers should earn on their per dollar spent. Also, be able to set scores for a specific discount amount to be redeemed.

Plus, the scores will be awarded by goods, global level, or category and also can manage the max discount when redeeming scores. You can also apply the scores earned on all previous orders. In this way, the buyers can begin redeeming scores for discounts instantly.


So, if you want to reconnect your previous buyers and gain new? Also, if you desire to boost your store sale from the past, you can choose any plugin described above. These are the top best WooCommerce points and rewards plugins as of now.

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