The 10 Best WordPress Media Manager Plugins to Organize Media Library

It is not so easy to run and maintain a WordPress site. You can face uncertainty regarding media management while operating your website. In that case, you will need WordPress media manager plugins to insert files such as images, audio, charts, gifs, and more. Those wp media folders surely will help you to import, export, filter, or sort documents.

A file manager replaces the default wp media folder. You necessarily did not need a plugin, but it will be almost impossible to control everything of your media files when your site starts growing. So, these addons make your life easier by letting you add features, create or delete folders, choose multiple files within no time.

In this article, I have tried to come up with every useful addon that will help you organize WordPress media library. Let’s dive into the list of the ten best WordPress Media Manager plugins to organize content:



MediaLibraryFolders builds files to organize WordPress media library by reducing server burden. You can add and label items based on month or date. Here, using the drag and drop interface, you will copy, move, delete, rename files if you want. Anyone can regenerate thumbnails here, and the SEO images can define ALT and TITLE attributes while uploading.

Besides, it automatically syncs documents when you move or upload content via FTP. Also, it creates a MaxGalleria gallery for connecting to sources as Image, Video, or more. Besides, people can use it for websites having custom post types, documents, and more. And the pro version lets you select and add images to your page or posts from the editor via MLFs integration. Also, you can have NextGEN Galleries from MLF folders. It will support multi-site, and you can add images to the WooCommerce product gallery using it.

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The RealMediaLibrary lets you organize and manage hundreds of uploaded items, galleries, and collections. With this, you can arrange pictures, videos, or more items in WordPress. Anyone can create, rename, move and delete data within it. Its Drag & Drop interface helps you to do that. Here a modal appears while uploading files, and it displays the current status and remaining time of the upload. You can Bulk select data here and delete many documents at the same time.

However, it supports WordPress Multisite, all essential themes, page builders, and many plugins. Plus, it does not handle your data if you do not want that. Plus, it is translatable to many languages. The RealMediaLibrary imports categories from addons like FileBird, FileBase, Enhanced MediaLibrary, and more. Also, it works with Gutenberg, Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Divi Builder, and Beaver Builder.

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Enhanced MediaLibrary

It is a handy plugin specially made for managing many folders, documents, and content together. It provides categories & tags for media items, custom, and third-party taxonomies. The captions are visible through title, filename, or more. People can add or remove content, allow or disallow uploading using it.

Here, all the plugin features are combined into WordPress UI. It is a developer-friendly addon supporting taxonomies and media items, and all items remain after deactivation. You can select which options will be available to admins using Network activation. In the PRO version, you will get the licensed key activated for everything. Enhanced MediaLibrary can translate different languages quickly. Plus, it is compatible with WooCommerce, Jetpack Carousel, MetaSlider, Meow Lightbox, and more.

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FileBird helps you organize your files in the library of your website. You can manage all your images, videos, audio together. It provides you latest icons, buttons, labels, sections, and draggable elements. With drag and drop, you can upload or move items. However, FileBird helps you upload content to your preferred WPfolder with ease. YOu can display the image gallery in the list view or thumbnail view. The sidebar is resizable, so you can edit its height and width as you want.

Also, you can choose a particular folder from the dropdown menu in ‘Upload New Media.’ It will help you to save a lot of time and effort. Here if you delete an item, then it will move to the ‘Uncategorized‘ folder. And later you can use it. FireBird supports multi-languages. And it is compatible with WooCommerce, WPBakery, Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Slider Revolution, and more.

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MediaFolders Pro


It is a handly and useful plugin by which you can maintain hundreds of folders. You can use the drag and drop interface to move items or enable the “Bulk Select” mode for choosing many files simultaneously. People can open folders and type texts in the search field, and then the plugin automatically searches files. Using the Shift key, you can select all items; in that case, the slider/carousel addon can help you.

Moreover, you can create documents here and upload them to a specific location from your computer directly. This addon is compatible with WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, Visual composer, and more. Also, changing the default thumbnail sizes applies to the existing images. But, you can regenerate them at once from the whole library.

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Mediabay helps you to organize thousands of content in your library within a short time. It can keep all documents like photos, videos, and music in folders or subfolders. Also, organizing content by topics, categories, or dates is much easier with Mediabay. Here, its URL will not change if you add anything to the existing folder.

What’s more, it is ready to use after the installation. A content creator can upload images, audio, videos, and text by clicking on a button. Then you can organize everything you upload into neat subfolders. Here sorting content is easy into subfolders by creating images, videos, or any folder. After that, you will get them organized by their date. Its drag and drop interface makes it easy to use, and you will feel like you have your library.

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FileBase is an elegant yer powerful addon to organize your library. This particular addon comes with a price of only $9, and you can save $25 if you purchase it now. You can create single or multiple folders in your library. Its native WordPress management system manages all the existing documents such as Audio, Images, and PDFs.

Developed and released by Envato Elite Author, it features a drag and drop system by which you can rearrange data as per your needs. Also, the sidebars here are resizable, and you can fit your content by resizing them. There are breadcrumb folders so that you can see items within folders. It is compatible with Elementor, WooCommerce, WPML, and more. The process of adding, deleting, or editing is super easy using FileBase.

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Cloudfiles is a clean and modern plugin to create, rename, delete, and move content. Also, you will see here features to synchronize photos, videos from Google Drive, AWS S3, Dropbox, or One Drive for saving Hosting space. It is highly flexible with creating, renaming, deleting, and moving folders. You will get resizable sidebars here to change and modify the sidebars as per your need.

Plus, Cloudfiles has compatibility with Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, and more. Also, it supports WooCommerce and many 3rd party addons. It is translation-ready and supports WPML. It works on WordPress 5.x, and you will get free lifetime updates after installing it.

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WP Media Manager


This addon is a trendy and superb WordPress media manager plugin to organize WordPress media library. WP MediaManager gives you options to manage your library in the fastest way with ease. You can drag, drop, order, filter, create documents of the gallery with this addon. Here, inserting content into folders or subfolders is simple, and you can drag and drop to perform the insert functions.

However, it contains amazing features with Drag and Drop Media Files, Ordering & Filtering Options, Responsive Gallery Themes in Grid or Masonry style, and more. People can duplicate the content and enable or disable single pdf layouts. It is translation-ready and gives you free supports for a long time.

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MediaLibrary Assistant

The MediaLibrary Assistant is a powerful WordPress media manager plugin that gives many features for organizing the library with ease. Also, it helps you manage your content, collections, and galleries. Here you can reorder columns with a drag & drop interface. And Re-size sliders, remove and add columns. In the PRO version, the Admin Columns joins support for ACF fields.

Moreover, it supports WPML and Polylang multi-language CMS plugins. Also, it unites with Photonic Gallery and jet packs to help you add a thumbnail, slideshows, and more. You will have control over Post MIME Types, File Upload extensions, and file type icon images using it. Plus, it has Fifty-four additional upload types, 112 icon images, and a searchable list of more than 1,500 file extensions.

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The above addons are the handiest plugins to help you maintain your library easily. They all make it simple to organize images, videos, and audio files. They could be an ideal solution for running sites with lots of photos, videos, downloads, and more. All of them are beneficial in specific tasks such as adding, deleting, editing, or more. And if you are interested to know about some sharing addons, then you can read the article about WordPress file sharing plugin.

I hope you can find the suitable addon from this list, your favorite that will make the admin’s work easy and enjoyable. If I have missed any essential addon, then please share it in the comments below.

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